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How Much Effort Does Life Take?

When I first read about the Law of Least Effort, it was as if everything suddenly made sense. I thought that learning about expending effort would put me leagues ahead of other men, as I knew that I didn’t have to act all crazy and get into these long-winded conversations to get with girls; I could just be like all those cool guys who had women chasing and crawling all over them.

effort for life

Unfortunately, I took the definition of the Law of Least Effort a bit too literally.

I started expending next to no effort in an attempt to not appear try-hard. However, when you expend hardly any effort, you aren’t going to get any results.

Rather than achieving what I was setting off to do, I became a closed off and virtual unknown to women. I’d go out and see attractive woman, thinking that things would be so much better if I had them chasing me and carrying the conversation all on their own. I thought that by sitting around and doing next to nothing women would flock to me and up my cool factor exponentially.

After all – I was effortless, wasn’t I?

But women rarely approached me. When you’re risk averse and don’t put forward any effort, you won’t gain anything.

It turns out that I was missing one vital point of the Law of Least Effort. You must expend as little effort as possible while still achieving what you’ve set out to do.

Ross LeonAbout the Author: Ross Leon

Ross Leon is a member of the Girls Chase Forums and an occasional contributor to Girls Chase. His focus is on body building, relationships, and personal self-development.

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shuaige's picture

Thanks for the article Ross. I know I am pretty guilty of forsaking sleep for social activities. Most of the time though, I end up staying up late because I procrastinated on an assignment (I'm in college) . So I'll have to work on time management.

Also, in the picture with the 5 people drinking coffee, the guy on the far right is wearing an EXTREMELY aesthetic shirt (various shades of blue and purple). Does anyone know where one might find a similar shirt? preferably long sleeved though.

David Riley's picture

Hey Shuaige,

I actually have a closet full of those shirts you mentioned. You find them anywhere, depending how you want to spend their pretty cheap. You can find them everywhere to Target to more high stores like Express. I normally buy them on sale either $10 a piece or two for $30 depending on the time of year. I go to college in town that has relatively good prices. Now my hometown everything is a lot more expensive.

As far as time management, I'm right there with you. I'm also wrapping end my college career. I remember a quote from one of my professors, "Successful people don't get much sleep." It's very a true statement, when you want to sleep you find yourself putting things off. One of the things I do, is try to schedule designated times for various activities. I would catch up on sleep in between classes. I would study all week and have my homework done before the weekend hit. I would go out Friday and Saturday night, and rest and study on Sunday. I also stopped letting people waste my time. Once I filtered out certain people, I discovered I had a lot more time on my hands.

Take care,

Just Dave

Victor's picture

Hey guys, i just wanna know if you could make a post on personality disorders and how to cure them, becuase supposidly i have a personaity disorder and thats soppose to be a phychiatric problem, i wanna know how to break free form those wierd behaviours, and i know that thats mostly what holds some of us back from progressing with women and living a life like we would want.. i know that they are underlying issues and we could probably gain some insight on an article about that. Thanks...

David Riley's picture

Hey Victor,

I will let Chase and the other author's know of your request.

Just Dave

yankeefan15's picture

I have a question on a different topic....I noticed there is nothing on this website about texting a girl after a date is set up and there's at least 5 days before the meet up. Evangelicals be ur advice? Play it cool or keep texting her occasionally

David Riley's picture

Hey Yankee,

Once you have a date set up with a girl, you don't want keep texting her just for the sake of texting her. Remember the purpose of texting is to set up dates, not to build rapport. You do that in person, you can actually text yourself out of a date by providing to many good feelings. Another rule of thumb is you want to make your dates for as close as possible, within two or three days if possible. Now if the girl initiates a conversation that fine, be warm but don't let the conversation get too lengthy.

You should not be the one starting conversation to build rapport prior to the date. Now texts a day before the date to further set up logistics are fine. However you want to avoid texting her "How's you day" or other nice guy stuff like that. She will assume you have nothing go on in your life and that you're a boring person. You set yourself apart from other guys if you're constantly not texting a girl. It show you to be a man of high value. Now sometimes girls will want to text, but you can tell them you're in the middle of something. Women love guys they feel they have to work for. Hope that clears things up.

Take care,

Just Dave

SkyLuke's picture

You know, after seducing quite a bit of women over the years, I feel a bit uncertain about my future. As I am getting older, I feel the increasing need and the increasing anxiety to actually get a lifelong partner and then produce children. But if I do that, I fear my seduction career would be over. Instead in its place, I would have to raise my children and take care of my wife. This is really disconcerting, I really want my seduction career to continue but I do eventually want to have kids, and I feel like my kids would not be happy if their father brought home women all the time nor would I want seduction to be discrete all the time. If it ain't too much, I would welcome any kind of help on this topic.


Anonymous's picture

I've struggled soooo much with understanding the law of least effort!
I used to expand low to no effort to get low to no results Makes sense to me now,
thanks man!

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