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5 Stiff-Dick Tips that'll Let You Last All Night in Bed

Chase Amante

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how to last longer in bedYou've finally gotten that beautiful girl you'd been dreaming about being with in bed. Her clothes are off; she's wet, and she's ready. You drop your jeans, lower yourself over her, and go in.

You begin to thrust - in and out, out and in. She feels great; and she moans - you know it feels good for her too.

Then, the unspeakable happens: you'd been hoping to give her an incredible performance...

But instead, your body doesn't listen, and you ejaculate into her inside of minutes... maybe sometimes even seconds.

She's obviously disappointed; you're obviously humiliated. Why does this happen to you? Why can't you just make it stop... and be like one of those stallion-like men in the movies who go for hours and hours?

You know she's rethinking her decision to go to bed with you; even as she tells you it's okay, it's fine, not to worry about it, you know what she's really thinking: He didn't seem like the kind of guy who was going to have this problem... what a let down.

Why does early ejaculation happen - and what can you do to stop it, and how do you learn how to last longer in bed?

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

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