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How to Have Sex with Latinas

latinasI have something to admit.

I love Latinas.

From the first time I set my sights on meeting women of any kind, I loved Latinas; they are my favorites.

Latinas are exotic and beautiful bar none; they have bodies that ooze sexiness from every pore… they’re spirited lovers, of personalities emblazoned with fiery fervor… they’re loyal beyond compare… they’re a challenging segment of women with well-worth-the-trouble rewards.

But, who are these women?

And how can you get your hands on one?

Richard WendellAbout the Author: Richard Wendell

Richard is a member of the Girls Chase Forums and an occasional contributor to Girls Chase. He practices direct day game with a strong sexual element, and makes liberal use of cold reads and innuendo. He is a psychology major at university.

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Anonymous's picture

By far this is the dumbest article I've read in my life! You generalize like if you were an expert by just going out with one Latin girl a couple of weeks? It really shows your lack of experience with women and Latinas in general.

Chase your stuff is awesome, but I don't know about this guy he does not sound like he has the experience or knowledge to be giving out advice, just because he is active on the boards does not make him an expert or experienced.

Richard's picture

Thanks for the feedback, Anon ;)

Or should I just call you by your name, Estate?

South american girl's picture

I couldn't agree more. I'm from South America and articles like this one reinforce the stereotypes presented on mainstream movies and TV shows.

I have had guys approach me and ask me to confirm that I am a good cook and a good dancer. The latter may be funny, but what's not so funny is when they label you as a horny sex beast who is ready to go down on you right now ('cause we are submissive and we only live to please men, right?).

My piece of advice: try to read the body language. Seriously, if you are openly asking for a BJ (or any other sexual intimacy) using ethnicity as your criterion and cannot realize if the girl is uncomfortable (as I have felt)...then you're not making a connection, you're actually imposing!

My intention with this comment isn't to criticize you guys trying to have sex with a "latina", just to stand out that women are not defined solely by culture. Every woman is a different universe waiting to be explored, not conquered (no historical references intended on this last word ;)).

xcrunner's picture

Hey Zphix, nice article. Since you mention a lot that your girl is watching you write this, how did you tell her that you learned your stuff from a "pickup" site? Obviously I think this is more than that, but girls might not. Most girls I know wouldn't think less of a relationship if they found out that their guy learned all of his stuff from something else. How'd you frame it to work?

Richard's picture


Didn't frame it to work, and didn't even frame it at all.

I got an email from someone sending me a PM, showed up as, I told her to open it for me and see what it was about, and her curiosity was piqued. So, I gave up small pieces of information and she put those pieces together.

From there, I explained my story, and she knows I'm exclusive to her, despite me having practiced PU and such.

So, I didn't frame it, just happened to understand the levels of trust in the relationship, and was comfortable letting that bit of information out. It hasn't changed anything, and I doubt it will, but even so, I don't recommend exposing it outright to a gf.


Nicholas's picture

Some unconventional tips in this here article.

I noticed that understanding a little bit of a girl's language helps in ways others won't compensate for - mystery, charm, and a feeling of understanding (like you two are the "insiders").

Anyways, fantastic article!


Edward Walve's picture

Hey Richard,
First of all excuse me as I'm getting off track of the topic here. I have read your articles and I believe that you're capable of handling every situation.
Keeping in mind-moving fast strategy how to deal with a girl Richard who actually likes you but takes deliberately long time to reply text messages and the texting is currently only way of contacting?
What one should do to make her reply normally (without deliberately giving late reply).
I believe you know the solution man & that you'll share with me so
Thanks in advance.

Richard's picture


I'll split this response up into two parts for ya.
Generally, if a girl isn't texting you back sporadically, 5 minute responses here, and 2 hour replies there then she’s not that interested (usually). Nobody is perfect, so nobody is going to text like clockwork. Nobody is going to text back consistently in the same time frame (ie 1 hour per reply, or such and such), people just text back in their leisure through the day.

Now, in a situation like this, it’s usually best to drop it altogether because she’s deliberately playing hard to get, or being stubborn, and it won’t change, so dropping her altogether is an option.

But, you said she’s definitely interested in you, so I’ll offer you this.

When texting, it’s best to keep your texting to a minimum anyway, maybe only 3 or 4 to establish a date (give or take a few texts), and not too much texting outside of establishing a date. So, if she’s still complying with you (agreeing to dates and meetings) then keep doing what you’re doing because results are what matter…

But, if she’s not complying with you, and not agreeing to dates or meetings or whatever, then you’ve got to get her chasing you. To do that, you need to follow these principles:
-Law of Least Effort

So, if you’ve been texting her pretty quickly after she finallllyyy texts you, then stop rewarding her with a quick response. Rewarding her with immediate texting ensures that her deliberately long texting will continue. If she’s taking a long time to text you back, then when she finally does, take longer than her to text back, or do what I do, don’t even reply that day.

Give her radio silence for a couple days and see if she decides to text you first during that silence. If she’s interested in you, she will definitely wonder why you’re not texting her, and will wonder what happened to you (that’s her chasing you). ;)

Hope this helped,


Edward Walve's picture

Hey Richard,
I did decide to reply you after implementing your advice to let you know "current conditions are the desire ones".
Thank you so much. I didn't text her back. I knew was getting desperate and will reply me anytime. And after a week she finally did reply.
Now I'm not going to reply her but wait for her to text me again.
Waiting for your next article;)

Anonymous's picture

Dated a super hot Peruvian and your comments about Caucasians (yes I am), blacks, dominant, bored, multi venue, loyal, dancing, and bedroom are all spot on.

One very big one you missed is hot temper. Be very careful where you tread or you unleash the fire and passion in a whole new way that you do not want to be on the receiving end of.

Richard's picture

Veeerrryyyy true, sorta.

My first girlfriend was a hot-blooded Puerto Rican... made for great sex, but really bad fights, and her being a controlling hedenist. But man, I loved that girl, haha!

And most of my pick-ups after that have been Latinas across the spectrum, from Mexican to Puerto Rican to to Chilean, and only about half of them had the typical "temper."

Either way, it makes for great sex, and I just generally avoid fights, and handle drama properly as it comes and goes ;).


Anonymous's picture

I agree! I have dated a few Latinas and these are the most passionate women available in my opinion. Strong, passionate, confident, and like to do interesting, cultural things. I also met a couple Italian women that were just as alluring. I lived in New York for 6 months and the puerto ricans and dominicans there had the wildest attitudes of all Latinas in my opinion tho, when pissed off. But I think in general that might be a New York/New Jersey thing :) you just gotta be strong dude to deal with some of those chicks...

To those aspiring young black seducers out there, some Latinas do like blacks and some don't. Sometimes the issue is that a woman has to deal with her parents and her family and their prejudices, so alot of times even though they might be attracted to a black man, they know they have to suppress it because they know what will happen (with their families) if things with them and a black guy got serious. But if you're a confident black dude and you don't mind trying to mack on a woman who thinks your race is the scum of the earth then it won't be too bad. You just have to have a thicker skin than's one thing if a woman doesn't like you as a man, but it's another thing if you come to learn she doesn't even like your race. But whatever there's billions of women available.

I'm black, and real-talk, most women of other races/nationalities that I've ever taken as lovers have told me that they feel much stronger raw hot sexual passion with me (or black men) than they ever have with white men. But likely those were guys who didn't read this site! Women sometimes ask me, so is the rumor true. There's so much ways to respond to that!

I've spent some time in Rio and Sao Paulo and I've met some very beautiful women in Lapa in Rio. I reccomend to any man on this planet, especially a seducer, to spend at least 1 week in Rio de Janeiro. And Brazilieras are bolder in my opinion than North American women. Like if a Brazilian woman likes you, she will stare at you dead in your eyes. Basically she tells you without telling you to approach now dummy! And all you gotta do is smile and go talk to her and be warm with her. No need to be aloof and call her names and all of that bullshit.

You can compliment her on her beauty, body, and it's not the kiss of death like here in North America. Here in North America some girls like to pretend like they don't see you, or they can't hold eye contact with you (look away when you look at them), or they don't smile at you when you smile at them. I'm not from North America so I didn't grow up learning game here, but after learning and mastering game in North America, generally I think you'll be confident enough to deal with women elsewhere on the planet. Brazilians are warm though, and if a woman likes you, she will charm you, make you feel like a king! Emotionally expressive, she tells you how you make her feel! This is what seduction is all about, feeling like a fucking KING when you get the girl. Most North American women I've met I've never really felt all that special with not that I need them to validate me but after my first Brazilian it was like night and day in terms of how they convey their feelings and emotions and how they let you know they appreciate you... all done with confidence and feminine charm. Delicious!

Anyways guys, great article. Continue the good work!!

Richard's picture

Anon -

Man, oh man! Talk about nostalgia, haha!

My first GF was a Puerto Rican with real fire, and I've been hooked ever since. Like you said, approaching women in the United States just doesn't have the appeal that Latinas or Brazilians have.

What I love most is they are playful too, in addition to that passion and bold personality, Latinas love a good laugh and make things really easygoing (when they like you anyway ;)), and that really gets to me =P.

Other than that, they're personalities and "traditional" morals really compliment my own personality/ approach to life, and that's actually why I love them so much!

Simply perfect for me, and I've picked up all cultures and types of women, Latinas firmly stand out for me!

Appreciate you sharing your stuff man,


Anonymous's picture

I am multiracial. A lot of people tell me that I am black. I think that has more to do with their desire to feel one up, when they are feeling two steps behind. I have very rarely experienced racism in Latin America. When it does occur, the person who behaves in a racist fashion is typically of a darker complexion than myself, and it is a test to see how I respond to their stupidity. That said, there is far more racism in the community of foreign tourist, as one would suspect. Probably somewhat less than 20% of that crowd, and they do tend to stick together with other tourist, are going to be racist. The rest of the group are going to be seriously put off with their attitude. I don't agree with Latin women and Latin culture being racist. In fact, if you look at the photos of the Latina, (mestizo), women accompanying the article, then you should realize, if you are honest with yourself, that there are black women in the USA, Europe and Africa, who could pass for their body doubles. The natives of Latin America were not fair skinned people. And relatively very few Spaniards arrived to colonize. There are a few white guys who will all up openly declare themselves as the prize to be won, and you will notice that they are often paired with the darkest skinned girls. Latin guys will compete with one another for fairly chunky white girls, whom they regard as easy conquests. When I am eyeballing slender, tan and attractive Latinas and then I see a woman with a very light complexion walk by, the woman with the light complexion will barely receive a passing glimpse from me. Though, she may give me a prolong glance and a smile. Her hamster can keep spinning it's wheel. Light complexions are found to be attractive in Latin America, probably because it is relatively different. A lot of the dominant economic and political actors in Latin America actually are of Middle Eastern origin, and they tend to have swarthy complexions. Carlos Slim comes readily to mind. There is a generally positive perception of fair skinned individuals, though. As far as hatred of blacks, that is odd, because a significant number of Latinas have all but proposed to me. I can readily recall having lunch with a Caucasian from the States, who told me, in a spellbound tone, that the waitress who had just served our meal, was staring at me as if she were offering me her whole heart and soul. He was likely correct in his perception, but I tried not to notice. I could easily pull hundreds of women if that were my objective. Why don't I? That's a good question, and the answer is fairly complex. I will tell you this, though. The women who are going to look at you as if you are the scum of the earth are women who are in auto reject, they are full of spite and contempt in their bitterness. These are typically physically unattractive women. You cannot return their nastiness with any sign of disgust, because everyone understands that these are bitter women, and they would view any hostility you displayed towards these women as unnecessary cruelty. And yes, attractive women in the States can flare up at you when you approach them, as if they were all tooth and claw. And it is a test to weed out weak men. But if she is attractive enough, then there is nothing to keep you from going at her like a honey badger, and simply deflecting her superficial hostility, with your eyes towards the prize. I would say that women the world over are basically the same; but women in the States, perhaps in any major metro area in the country, are a bit off upstairs. And when they go into auto reject, they can really fly off the handle. I have also noticed that fashion on a man can lead to women disqualifying themselves and hiding their interests, whereas the same women would show piqued interest in you when you are less well made up. I was surprised to learn that through experience a long time ago. If you go out in mismatched clothing and look like you just rolled out of bed, women view you as more accessible. Not so far out of reach, but just within their grasp. Also, if you feign to be less intelligent than you are women are not so intimidated. It really was weird when I realized that very attractive women were intimidated by me, in a good way. Sometimes a friend would lie to me and tell me that a woman had asked me to come over and dance with her. And I'd think of it as a challenge, because she was typically the hottest girl in the place. And she would all but melt on my body. No, if you are going to be concerned about racism, it is generally coming from guys who are afraid that black men are getting all of the women. If you don't believe me, you can visit some of the white supremacist websites for kicks. It is a dominant theme, black guys getting all of the highly attractive white women while white men starve go starving for kitty. I have met guys who think that way. They will tell you about the one blonde girlfriend who dropped them for a black guy, and apparently it was a traumatic experience which scarred them for life and drove them to hate all black men. I dated an Asian woman who asked me why black men seemed to like blonde women so much. I asked her why blonde women seemed to like black men so much. She replied that I had given her a good answer. All of that said, I have been introduced to Western racist on more than one occasion by young, attractive and naïve Latin American women, who were dismissed contemptuously as "genetic freaks" by the guys they looked up to and thought were their friends. I can only imagine that these guys were going into auto reject and feeling bitter and resentful once they saw me accompanying the girl. It is strange, but sometimes when I see a super hot looking girl, and I have to get a look at the guy she is with, the guy feels like his relationship is in immediate peril. It's all over his face and in his body language. It always strikes me as surreal, because I grew up being put down by a bunch of guys in my neighborhood, who were bitter about the fact that all the girls in the neighborhood found me attractive. I couldn't understand why all of the girls found me attractive when I had no social proof among my male peers. Did I ever have it ass backwards. You will have a very long road to travel attaining social proof from people who envy you maliciously. An English professor offered me a reading assignment, which he intended to open my eyes, "The Count of Monte Cristo". Another teacher held me in detention in order to open my eyes; there were four girls she was holding in detention as well. She had us sit down at the same small table, and then she excused herself from the room. In less than five minutes, one of the girls began staring at me and she would not take her eyes off of me for the longest time. She then turned to her friend and began to complain that she was suddenly feeling so horny and she didn't know what she was going to do about it... That teacher had recently suffered a devastating miscarriage, and she was trying to tell me to open up my eyes to the fact that girls and women found me very attractive and that I should reach out and pluck from the tree of life. Don't believe all of the racist nonsense. There are always going to be a handful of racist here and there, and they are going to try to discourage you any way they can, dampen your spirits and your esteem and speak as if you are unfit for association, anything they can in order to try to eliminate you as a competitor. My suggestion is that you walk right past them, and over to the cutest hot young thing you can find. And if the imbeciles start trying to cock block you, that is the perfect reason to take her off to somewhere private. The nasty people tend to have alcohol abuse or drug abuse problems, or family origins with substance abuse issues. Those are problems they have to solve on their own, or with professional help. Typically, though, it is more common to receive nasty looks from nasty looking women, and there are thousands in auto reject mode. Try not to notice them. There are also hopped up women who are probably high on diet pills, these will come up to you with lust filled beady eyes and ask you the time of day. Though I often feel like telling them that it is time they got a grip, the truth is that these women may have fine ass hell looking 20 plus year old daughters. If you don't intend on marrying her daughter, then you shouldn't let family genetics scare you away. There are also very attractive middle aged women, and women approaching middle age. There are also attractive older women. Some women do keep themselves up. Not everyone lets themselves go to the dogs. I sometimes think that women who let themselves go actually want to become sexually repugnant. Just like in the States, a new wave of hotties comes onto the mating market every year, and then there are the bitter hags and nags who glare and scowl at men all day when they aren't licking donut crumbs off the table. The long and short of it, young Latina women are hot, hot, hot. And just like everywhere else, men may age like wine, but women most often age like milk.

Diane's picture

I'm latina & I can say many latinas prefer caucausians, but I think africans are damn gorgeous.
I find this race thing in latinoamerica is very stupid, but there's also smart girls that love africans as well.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Richard,
Great article! I have a couple questions just to clarify some things you talked about in the part about flaking. How do you handle this without it looking like you're chasing?

For instance, last night at about 9:30 I texted a girl asking about her schedule this week so we could meet up. She didn't get back to me until 10 this morning and while the text was very friendly she said that she doesn't think she can this week because she's busy with finals. We know each other through mutual friends and I'm pretty sure she likes me. She said in the same text that maybe we'll see each other around new years when everyone gets together.

So what do you suggest I do here? Should I be more persistent and try to pin her down for a day this week? Or should I just not respond like you mentioned in a comment above? Thanks!

Jackie Gonzalez's picture

I'm surprised of how well you know us Latin Women everything you wrote is 100% Accurate. I want Man like you as my husband.. Maybe one day. Great blog though.

Richard's picture


I was linking this article to the discussion boards and just saw your comment.

Thanks for the comment ;)

My knowledge of you Latina women has only increased since I first wrote this piece.


Anonymous's picture


I was wondering if you had a moment to chat offline? I'm currently dating a beautiful Latina and I have some questions I'd like to ask if you have time?

white male So-Cal's picture

I am currently dating a Mexican - American woman. She has known me for over a year and always flirted very hard with me saying, "she wants her next child to have my eyes", constantly telling me I look cute or handsome, so on. I never thought much of it because she is very flirty with many other guys until I kept hearing from mutual friends how often she talks about me and loves my eyes and thinks I'm super sweet. I finally got the courage to ask her for her number and we hit it off texting and talking nearly every day. She finally agreed to meet for drinks and it went great besides the date getting cut a bit short (long story). It took three weeks for her to finally commit to a second date still flirting talking and texting during this period. I even told her she's lucky because most guy's would have given up by now, she just smiled with a seductive devilish grin. I then told her she is worth the chase a real catch. She loves when I talk to her this way and never pushes me away. She also will delay hours even a day to reply, but the always answers my calls and talks for a long time with great friendly flirty conversation. She Always Replies Faster when I flirt in Spanish via text. I think I may have bored her a little the first date. Thanks for the insight on the second date. I do plan on taking her to a nice dinner, dancing, maybe go cart racing, keeping it action packed through out. Thanks!

Fresh's picture


Great post. I have a similar post to Anonymous above re Persistence vs Chasing. I've hung out with this Mexican girl 3 times now (always a group setting or double-date). Tried to build some rapport over text but she's been slow-texting me the entire time. Last time we went out on a double-date, and she was showing major signs of interest, repeatedly touching my arm, putting both of her legs on top of mine, touching my face while we were eating dinner, sharing her drinks with me and asking me to share mine with her, feeding me bites of her food during dinner in front of the other "couple," and she even gave me a little dance show/lap dance during a couple of her favorite songs at a lounge. I didn't really grasp all the general concepts of attraction until after meetup #3, and am slowly realizing all my major mistakes in meetups 1 thru 3 (playing it safe, not trying to close the deal, etc.). I should've tried to close the deal on meetings 1-3. But now I'm trying to setup a 1-on-1 date to try to "fix" the situation, and she is slow-texting and flaking on me big time. So far I've managed to keep some semblance of balance, with a slip-up here and there (I texted her twice in a row this past weekend, but then she reciprocated later when I didn't respond to her next text). Can't get her pinned down for a 1-on-1 date. What do I do now? Wait it out like Chase's article on "What to Do When Girls Flake?" Have I already blown it (3 in person group meetings, no kissing and no solid attempts to get her to my place)?

Fresh's picture

Nevermind. She agreed to go on a date with me. Disregard my earlier confusion and blatant AFCness in the post above.

- Fresh
Current AFC/Non-AFC Wanna-be

James Moler's picture

I'm treading thin ice with this girl I met. It was totally an example of being in the right place at the right time that day. I was out running a few errands on this Sunday morning, when I noticed a what looked like a cute hispanic girl walking down the side walk. The weather was cold and overcast, and it was lightly raining. I turned the car around and got up beside her, offering her a ride. She agreed, and told me she was going just a little further down the road. I asked her for her name, and introduced myself. When we got to her house, nobody was home, and she was locked out. She asked if I minded to give her a ride to her aunt's house, where she could wait until somebody got home. I agreed, and mostly just had small talk, while driving to her aunts house. When we got there, their was one car in the drive way, but no one answered the door. She then asked me again if I would take her back to her house, and she could wait on the front porch until somebody got home. I told her it would be no problem, but I just had to stop by the gas station to fill up my car. Once at the gas station, I offered to by her a soda or something, and we both got drinks. Meanwhile, I have still just be having small conversation with her. I did complement her at one point, and said how her boyfriend must be a pretty lucky guy. She was very cute, quite a bit younger than I was. She told me she wasn't with anyone at the moment, and how the last guy kinda sucked. I pulled into her driveway, and as she started to get out of the car, thanking me for the ride, I couldn't help myself. She seemed very cool, and receptive in the conversation we had, so I just asked her. "Have you ever been with an older guy before?" Her first response was, "what do you mean?" Then I elaborated a little more, not openly saying "sex", but putting the suggestion out there. She did say anything, for what felt liked an eternity, and then she asked if I had a condom. I told her "No", but I could get one. We ended up have some pretty awesome sex in the backseat of my car, in a secluded area. It was awesome. I didn't get her number or anything, and went on my way. I do have a girl at home, but I really have a thing for hispanic girls, and she was pretty hot, with a smokin body. About a week later, I ran into her again walking home. I offered her a ride, which she agreed, and found out she was on her way home from work. I did get her number that day, and asked if she wanted to hang out again sometime? She's told me on more than one occasion,how good I supposedly was, but every time we were supposed to get together, she had an excuse or was a no show. Before hand, she say stuff like, "I can't wait", "you're so good", but it would never actually happen. First it was, she was on her period, then it was she unexpectedly had to babysit her cousins kid, and the third time she just disappeared. She wouldn't answer my texts or anything. A couple of days went by, and I ran into her again walking home from work. It was that day I found out that she has a boyfriend, but they seem to fight a lot. The day I first met her, and when had sex, they had a big fight. He left the house, she left the house, and I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. She said she really enjoyed the sex, but she was feeling guilty about what she had done. I told her no pressure on my part, but I am still interested. Last week I didn't overly text her, but we did talk. I asked more questions about where she was from, she's mexican, and about her. We had some pretty cool text conversations, and she seemed to be opening up to me. I told her how I had been to Mexico twice as a kid, and said it was a very beautiful country. Gave her a few sweet complements about her eyes, and sweet personality. It seem to be going well. The last time I heard from her was Friday afternoon. I ended the conversation by saying that I hope she had a nice weekend, and that I would talk to her next week. Her response was, " I'll definitely talk to you later". I thought we were cool. So I tried to be a little more dominant today, which I was definitely more of the alpha male when we had sex that day, and told her I would like to go down on her, just let me please her. Well I've gotten no response? I don't want to do? I don't want to blow this, but I definitely don't want to be put into the "friend" category. I obviously did something right that day we had sex, she has mentioned it several times, but I don't know what to do next? The last thing I told her a few hours ago was that I apologized if I was being too forward, that she just seemed so sure before, and I was interested. I said she possessed natural beauty, with raw passion, with seductively beautiful eyes. Told her I was curious? I was going to wait a couple of days before texting her again, unless she was to text me first, but now what?????? Any suggestions would be nice.

Jimbo's picture

I know this is too late, but the sex was probably a one-off, a sort of thank you for the ride.

If she isn't very receptive to (re-)escalation -- in this case, meeting you again -- then don't insist too much or it would start to look like desperate chasing and that would chase her away. You should just drop it. If she contacts you again, cool; if not, move on.

Esme's picture

I am a native-born Peruana. The Spanish in this article is atrocious. If a man said anything on that list to me during love-making, I would laugh off my ass.
Want to know something we the Latinas hate the most? These gringos treating us all like clones of Sofia Vergara. All of us do not have bodies that ooze sex from each pore. We are humans. Very bad article. Sorry for the bad English.

Peruvian 's picture

I'm Peruvian as well and i have to agree that those phrases in Spanish are horrific!!!!. Those are mostly Mexican slang and very low class. Let me clarify:
“Yo te quiero que devorar tu chocha!” GROSSSSSS, disrespectful
“Yo te quiero que dame una mamada! Ahora mami chula!” GROSSSSSS, plus Mexican slang
“Me encanta como lo siento adentro de ti” I LIKE THIS ONE
“Tus labios son tan suaves y sexy” I LIKE THIS ONE ALSO
“Tu quieres mi leche en tu boca?” GROSSSSSS

PAPI is not used across the border in every Hispanic or Latin country. So don't expect all women using that word.

However, i must agree with the article, very well written, and shows a lot of understanding of Latin women.

Good job!!

Zoe's picture

And how do you know is Mexican? I guess you use it a lot, otherwise you can't make such a confirmation.

youngbuay's picture

Latina women are some of the most vain, narcissistic women in the world (especially Colombian women). This is coming from a Latino guy. imo they are not the best for long-term relationships. They also cheat a lot, so don't go thinking they'll be loyal to you in the long run.

Natalu's picture

I'm colombian and if you had bad luck with one then sorry but you can't say all Colombians are the same.
I'm loyal, I don't cheat ever, I committ, yes we do love looking good cuz we are WOMEN, I take good care of myself and I won't stop doing it just cuz you think we are vain.. we don't like going to the supermarket in sweatpants, that's just gross, women should look good all the time and we Latinas love that. So stop your generalization and think that just because you weren't lucky with one colombian then we are all the same. It's like saying that all American women are whores.

Diane's picture

I'm latina & just came to this website, I can say... fuck man, everything you are saying is true !!
Hahaha (for some things I feel ashamed, just like the thing with the race), I am not like that but I know plenty of latinas that prefer caucasians.

No offend to anyone, I find beauty everywhere, africans, asians, caucasians, for me beauty can be found everywhere.
Richard, your article is wonderful, a great guide for men interested in latinas.

The Tom's picture

Latinas are indeed racists against Asians. Quite ironic.

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I've been married to a latin woman from south america before and long ago. After we divorced, there was a plan to never get involved with another one, I live in California and like the article says, you find quite a variety here but mostly mexican woman. For years it never bothered but one day, on a phone call with a mexican lady, this trigger went off in my head and found myself f'n mesmerized byher, her voice just did it for me. Well, I saw a picture of her but it was black and white. She didn't look so hot in it, grainy picture, and weird eyes. If you ever tried to xerox a copy of a drivers license, you know what I mean. But after the second or third call with her, she stole my soul. I was ready to bang her sight unseen and live with her till the day i die, For once, a woman I did' t care what she really looked like, or that she was mexican (of all ethnics group to choose from I was least attracted to). Then one day, I get to see her. My mouth dropped and my brain stopped working. In my eyes, this woman was nothing like her picture. She was absolutely stunning, not the stereotype mexican woman that would be seen around the neighborhood. She has baggage that has made it complicated, but the point of this, what he says about latina's is true for the two I've really had some feelings for. They are flaky, they want you to chase them, they are loyal but when you have worn out your welcome and do them wrong, they can turn on you like the devil took them over.. This lady got so mad, or played hard ball with, that she wouldn't talk to me for over two months, but when I made the attempt to call her out and tell her where the relationship is, she took no time to hit me back up and take me up on my offer. And the caveat, she's married and completely loyal to the marriage (not necessarily to her husband). Knowing she won't stray when her husband is a complete douche, and her marriage is on the rocks, only makes her more attractive, if you know what i mean. And that for once, would make me do it all over again with a latina.

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Thank you for the guide. I am an Asian guy who met a very beautiful Colombian girl and had two nights to seal the deal before she was flying off to west coast. I invited her over to my place first night and second night she moved in with her baggage from the hotel.
I used this guide and took her out ( bounced between a pool hall and movie not very expensive ). I got just the tease on the first night, but on second night it was very good sex. She just took my definition of sex to a whole new level. I have been with white, asians a lot but I think Latin girls are the most awesome in bed.

Things that worked for me/You do have to be in control and at the same time treat her like a princess. You have to make the plans and make sure she is having a good time. By the end of the date she was more friendly open, feeding you her own food, communicative, responsive.
Before the date it was just her texting, endless selfies and listening to spanish music out loud on the phone and only acknowledging my presence by occasional talk and smile.

Complimenting her sincerely but casually. Acting like you are pre occupied with lot of important things but taking out time to be with her also was a good move.

As for sealing the deal. After initial kissing and caressing she said she is tired and needs to sleep. I replied in affirmation, I am tired and won't be good sex anyways when both are not in the mood. But in middle of night she creeped into my bed And it was one of the best sex of my life. ( I knew she wanted sex too when she agreed to spent the second night at my place and took up the offer that I will see her off at the airport. But if I pleaded for sex after initial rejection I knew it might drag onto wee hours of morning )
When initiating sex you have to make the move and if she says no or starts saying tense verses in spanish then you have to act like you live in pussy galore and act a bit relieved and also surprised that she is not up for sex. But also act like its a sigh of relief for yourself too, don't act like you haven't had a pussy in ages or don't turn on desperate mode by pleading for sex. Just take it casually and act like its no big deal even after all the kissing, caressing, massaging one another she is not up for sex. In my case I acted like I am tired and was trying to initiate sex just because the situation demanded so, like I don't have all my heart into it. Once she says no don't hang in there pleading your case just say something like we can do another time if we ever meet, it's no big deal kinda thing. And then don't hang there. Just act like you need to go or do your own thing, just try to act like you have better things to do. She will definitely be puzzled and intrigued, either you get lucky same night or you are ahead of the queue.

But if you do get to have sex then you initiate by eating her first and let her take the lead and let her set up the positions and things the way she wants first then you can have your way after she is satisfied, anal was on the plate too.
I look forward to meeting her soon maybe in a month or so from the looks of our chat on wechat.
In my case I did not have luxury of time, so I had to either act desperate and plead for sex relentlessly or act like its no big deal kinda thing. I opted for the latter as I am pretty sure if you give control of things to this lady she will have the man by the balls and at her mercy.
I didn't have anything to lose with so little time invested I was okay with no sex also to begin with.

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I'm a Latina girl, with a lot of latinas friends and some points are sooooo wrong! We love black guys! Everyone knows they're the best, so naturally dominant, chill and seductive. While white guys are so boring and they don't age well, if I had a dime for every time I cheated on a stupid, insecure weak ass white guy!

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While there are certainly Latina women who prefer Black guys, with you and your friends being a certain segment of those women, the statistics actually say otherwise:

What Percent Impact Does Race Have on Attractiveness?

Just keep in mind that preference probably varies by location and upbringing. I know plenty of Latina women who prefer White guys over anything else, but I also know many that prefer Latino/Black guys.

Also, a woman's personal relationship experience may influence her decisions in this area. For example, maybe you've dated a "weak" White guy or two and then dated a "dominant" Black guy and decided you liked Black men better. Or, maybe you dated a strong/dominant White guy or two and have always preferred them over anything else.

Everyone's personal experiences differ, and I can vouch for the author's success with Latina women -- likely the type of Latina women who prefer a strong, dominant White guy.

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I am southamerican woman... I have tl say, everybody arent the same girl...i think more warm yes but for example .. I was in love with europe man and we were so good together..but no just sex. He says i am very hot without or with sex maybe is because we are from different countries and this is special.. I love mando of other countries because... They are sweet, serious and they want share good all but i met them ...i like give attention and they likes time you can give them...and they know ,both...woman and man..are the same no different and i love i love the family toó ...i always dream with guy from this places x their culture ...i love this kind of thinking...thank u x ur article i liked!

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Interesting article.

One observation though. On the one hand you say they bore easy, and on the other that they like stability in a guy. How can you square these two together?

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Thumbs Up !!! You DO know Latinas. Your comments in regards to "being the flakiest" really made day. I would like to mention that I'm Mexican and LoVe black guys. Also, Mexicans born and raised in Mexico don't like penny pinchers. An alpha man must prove himself by being generous, Very important and be protective all the time but not possessive.

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