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Approaching Girls Sitting Down

Chase Amante

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One of the finer points of approaching it's easy to get jumbled up on is approaching women who are already seated.

approach girls sitting down

The typical seated approach looks something like this:

  1. Girl is sitting down
  2. Guy walks up to girl
  3. Guy opens girl enthusiastically while standing in front of her
  4. Guy asks if he can sit

... or, sometimes, like this:

  1. Girl is sitting down
  2. Guy plops down next to girl
  3. Guy opens girl with a standard opener

... and while these two methods can work, they both are flawed: because both make the man appear to be investing a great deal more to meet the girl than the girl is investing to meet him. You'll get a pass for that from the girls who are very interested - but other girls won't be so kind.

There is, however, a better way to do each of these sitting girl approaches (where you open standing, or where you sit next to her first), but these require a bit more of an eye toward effort.

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