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How to Have Sex with Girls in Bathrooms, Rooftops, and Fitting Rooms

bathroom sex
Want to bang her in the bathroom, fitting room, or on the roof? There are tricks to each of these places – but they’re all fun to do.

When I’m asked about the benefits of learning seduction, one of the most important answers, at least to me, is taking part in all the amazing adventures that happen as a result. Learning about women and seduction puts one in a position to live a pretty unique and exciting life – that is, if you’re doing it right.

Having crazy sex in unconventional places is one of those spices of life to which I’m referring. It’s something you can draw upon at any moment to remind yourself that “Yes, I DO live life to the fullest.”

This past year, I became single again with zero logistics (I couldn’t conveniently bring girls back to my place for sex), so this subject has been on my mind. In this post, I’ll be sharing everything I learned. Even though I currently focus more on girls who have logistics themselves, having a little spicy walk outside from time to time feels great (just had some more rooftop sex last week! More on that later. ;) ).

Chase and Colt already covered the psychological aspects and a bit about logistics in their articles:

... so I’ll focus about specific places, and go deeper into the practical aspects; plus, give you my own feedback about various locations.


Bathrooms! For the sake of anecdote, I was once in the bathroom of a club in Stockholm with my friend Pablo to freshen up before gaming, and he joked: “Should feel like home here now, Davi, doesn’t it? Haha.” Indeed, in my 100+ lays outside, most were in bathrooms of clubs, bars, restaurants, colleges (even high schools when I was younger), libraries, malls, train stations, etc.

One of the reasons bathrooms are my favorite is because you only have to deal with the entrance, extraction, and the lack of space. You’ll see that problems such as temperature, constant vigilance, etc. make it harder (and your dick softer – sorry for the bad joke).

Mixed Bathrooms: IN/OUT

In clubs and bars, sometimes you have MIXED bathrooms. Those are the best because there’s no suspicion about why a girl and a guy are walking in and out of the toilet area. To get into the toilet cubicle itself, better wait until you’re alone (you don’t say, Davi!).

If it’s not possible to be completely alone, there are two solutions. Whether it’s really crowded and bunch of people just hang out in the toilets to freshen up, talk etc., then just go in fast. This is usually okay in places where hooking up in toilets is not that shocking: in a club at 3am, for example.

If it’s not normal, you must use a little role play technique: your girl goes in first and acts like she’s checking on something (torn clothes, small injury, any other logistical/medical issue). Then you lean in and ask her out loud about the problem... she answers negatively and calls you in for assistance. It should look like this:

*girl walks in*

*guy leans in to the door*

Girl: Wait, so, hm *makes noise with clothes/bag*

Guy: Saw it? How bad is it?

Girl: Mmmh, worse than I thought, could you come in for 1 sec, please?

*guy walks in*


People in restaurants/bars/university won’t stay longer to see the end of the story, so keep on whispering until people have left. Of course, this requires a bit of planning (see Colt’s article), and it’s better suited for when you already share intimacy with the girl (she’s your girlfriend, lover, or you know she’s a freak).

Getting out is quite simple: wait until the most silent moment occurs, then go out ALONE. If it’s empty, tell her to go out fast; if not, you must have planned that she goes out few seconds after you.

The worst situation you can have is someone waiting to enter the specific cubicle you just left with your girl full of cum. The best thing to do is to close the door firmly behind you and tell them that “a problem” occurred in there and that no one should enter until you bring a staff member. Big lies are easily believed. It saves a bit of time until this person gets another cubicle or gets out and your girl is free to leave (text her). Again, all those scenarios should be planned with your girl beforehand.

Non-Mixed Bathrooms: IN/OUT

If you’ve got to choose between the men’s or women’s bathroom, always choose the men’s, except if you have an excellent lawyer and love to make him even wealthier than he already is. In the context of a bar/club, all you risk is a jealous look or a high five from another guy, as RSDMax used to say. If there’s a special one for disabled people, choose it, because you’ll have more room and fewer people wanting to get in, if any.

Usually the way you pull this off is by keeping your girl outside and telling her that if you’re not back in 5 seconds and if no other guy comes in just after you, she can rush into the bathroom where you’ll be waiting for her in a cubicle with the door open.

For getting out, it’s basically the same as above: wait until it’s quiet, get out first, take your girl quickly out or hold the door if someone tries to get in (Hodor! Hodor! Yes!).

As you can see, role-plays are really efficient when you do them seriously. Another one I always keep in mind but never had to use is pretending to be from the security/cleaning staff.

In both cases, you might face toilet attendants. If it’s a guy, try to see if he’d be cool with it or not; usually young ones working in clubs are fine with it. Depending on the accommodations, sometimes it’s possible to sneakily slide from one room to another after having passed the attendant, but risks are high to get noticed. Up to you for this one. ;)

Having Ins and Outs between the IN and OUT

Having sex in a bathroom is quite easy compared to some other places.

To get started, close the lid – now you have a chair! Put your coat/bag (if any) on the back corner for a clean place to put clothes if you get naked.

As in any outside/public situation, intercourse is the ideal goal, but it’s not always reached, so get what you can.

  • For fingering, just do it while standing. If she’s wearing jeans, taking those off could be a good idea: jeans are constrictive and will make your in and out movements harder, giving you cramps.

  • For a blowjob, if you stand and she goes on her knees, that can work. Don’t forget to put something on the floor for her knees, though. ;) If it’s a tiny stall, just take off YOUR trousers, sit and widen your legs. It’ll save her space to get down on you.

About sexual intercourse itself, it’s going to depend on her height. If she’s lighter and shorter than you, you can sit and take her on your lap with the Face-Off or Sitting-Reverse-Cowgirl positions.

bathroom sex
Shorter girls you will need to have sit on your lap.

If she’s your size, gently push her on the wall, bend her over and go from behind. You can adjust her height by asking her to bend her legs a bit, but if she’s taller than you or has longer legs, it’s hard to keep it that way. In this last case, use the toilet itself; either position her on it in a way to have access to her pussy (bend one knee/foot on the lid and the other foot on the ground, or two knees on the lid if you’ve got a coat for her to kneel on).

If you’re muscular and she’s light despite being taller, go for the sitting-reverse-cowgirl or hold her while standing. One last thing... if she’s tall, you can try the following:

bathroom sex
You may be able to pull it off this way.

Once you guys are done, use the toilet tissues to clean yourself up (good thing to check before you start!). I wouldn’t advise flushing all the tissues and condom at the same time, ‘cause if things get stuck, you two will be screwed but in a less pleasurable way. Tissues are fine to flush, but you can wrap the condom in some tissues and toss it in the trash.

Be careful not to make tons of noise when having sex or when dressing again.

One final note about bathroom logistics: sometimes cubicle walls are cut 10-20 inches from the bottom. Those are dangerous situations I wouldn’t recommend getting into, so check for that first.

bathroom sex
You may not want to actually be on the floor in this case...

Get out before your girl joins in a non-mixed toilet scenario. If you two are freaks and just can’t stop yourselves, then you’ll have to go with doggy style with her knees on the lid!

You’ll usually notice if it’s her first time having bathroom sex. If it is and she’s a bit inexperienced, she’ll usually be a bit nervous. So yeah, just pull her in without much preparation and avoid leaving her alone for too long. You can even pull her in the bathroom with you and be aware of the tension she’s putting on your hand. Don’t insist too much if she’s giving resistance (refer to Chase’s article on how to lead properly in these situations).


Sex on a rooftop is one of the most memorable experiences you can have.

Personally, I’ve taken the time to get to know a few choice rooftops of buildings in strategic areas: close to clubs, universities, in the center of the city. The views are always amazing. Chances of getting caught are close to zero if you’re not in a city full of skyscrapers (sorry peeps from NYC!). Usually you only want to take girls to rooftops you already know how to access; being stuck somewhere in the middle of an unknown building is quite a frustrating feeling you want to avoid.

Last week I was on a first date with a girl from another city. I had family at my house, friends with student dorms all busy. I tried a hotel I knew: no rooms available. Checking on the Internet, I couldn’t find any rooms cheaper than $400/night nearby. This is a time when a good skyscraper bang saves the day, my friend! ;)

Although you have to be decisive and leading, rooftop sex is quite a big exception to what people are usually used to. Showing too much confidence here could make her believe that you’re a big player and that it’s not a big experience for you anymore. I usually try to pull her to a rooftop in order to “have fun” or to “see the view.” If the context is already sexual and she suspects that you want to have sex with her there, remain vague anyway: “Let’s see what will happen.” In case of resistance, tell her that you’ve never done it; she’ll think that it’s a mutual new discovery for both of you. Chick reassured, plans can go ahead.

About the specific spot:

Avoid edges. Chances of being seen are high unless the building is high. A good spot is always the middle of the surface of the roof.

bathroom sex
Apparently this guy went into hiding after his image was plastered all over Gawker.

Usually you get at least a cube of walls on top of the stairs or lift (elevator), and using those walls to stabilize yourself for a position is usually one of your only options here besides taking her flat on the roof itself, which will for sure feel uncomfortable and perhaps too exposed.

One great tip about roof sex is to do it not on the roof itself, but at the top of the staircase. Especially if there’s a lift available, it should be free for you to have fun in after a little exciting walk on the roof. This is especially useful when there are security cameras watching the roof and no way of finding a blind spot. Speaking of escalation, one word about climbing: often to get to the top, you won’t have stairs... but LADDERS, which can be tricky if you both have bags or other stuff, so travel light.

Some advice for when it’s cold outside:

Kiss her a lot and go for the tongue passionately with caressing over the clothes, because not much skin touch is actually going to happen. Taking off clothes will be quite difficult. I’d say be happy if you can get a blowjob. Considering the temperature, risks of losing your boner are too high, so put it in her mouth fast.

If you want to have sex anyway, start by fingering her a lot to get her really aroused, then take her jeans and panties down, but just as much as you need to be able to penetrate her. Keep your hands on her pubic area and upper thighs. By still sticking your bodies against each other, keep things as warm as you can!

And don’t forget to enjoy the view! ;)

Fitting Rooms

Another fantasy people usually have but never fulfill is slipping into their girl in fitting rooms with a bunch of strangers around slipping into their new clothes.

The biggest difficulty here is that store staff expects people to only be a few minutes in fitting rooms – and ALONE. Of course, it depends on the level of vigilance of the staff, the size of the store, and how crowded it is.

Taking into account these three factors, you’ll have to assess the situation by yourself and decide if you two decide to screw there or not, and if you do, how long.

A few typical settings are:

  • A big empty store with 2-3 employees paying no attention to the fitting rooms. You can easily go lock yourself in there and spend a good 10 minutes humping.

  • A moderate sized store, whether it’s empty or with some clients here and there. Staff usually pays moderate attention here. To get into the fitting room, first take clothes for your girl and stay on the side talking to her about how it’s going. Then at some point, she asks you to come in for a sec to examine the fit. Enter the room and keep on talking while you start touching each other and enjoying yourselves. Don’t spend more than five minutes.

  • Another setting is a moderate store, so full that there’s no room for an apple to fall, and staff is NOT paying attention, just slide in a fitting room in the bustle and be quick. Also recommend you to take more outfits “to try” in this context to blend in the surroundings.

  • In the same situation as above with staff paying attention, or in any tiny clothing stores, I just wouldn’t advise you to try the thing, risks are really high and stress is up, no good ingredients for an enjoyable experience to live.

Tips and Tricks: the more intimate the outfits she takes in, the more acceptable it will seem that she doesn’t want to go out of the room to show you, and the more natural your role play will be – usually things like underwear, tights, bras, or even swimwear will do the trick.

As for what you can DO in these settings, it’s really everything from masturbation to sex. But only in the settings where you have more than 5 minutes should you go for sex, and only in fitting rooms with DOORS. Curtains are not so great.

bathroom sex
Customers at this UNIQLO store quintupled for a week once this sex video filmed in its fitting room hit the Chinese web.

ALWAYS carry tissues with you, especially if your girl doesn’t want to swallow. Imagine that it’s a shower... without water. I remember this time I was with a blonde bombshell who never swallowed. She finished me with both her hands and ended up with cum all over them. This is a nightmare situation, because without tissues all you can do is clean her on your own clothes... or the ones you took from the store to try on, which is quite gross for the staff when they discover it afterwards. So bring tissues!

Wrapping Up

If you guys want more details about specific areas, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

As you can see, managing logistics are way more complicated outside and in public. You often have to deal with tiny spaces, security cameras, temperature, not making any noise, cleaning issues, and mostly social sneaking. Good coordination and a little planning goes a long way. Explain to your girl what’s going to happen and plan for different possible outcomes so she’s prepared. Very STRONG LEADERSHIP is essential here as also mentioned in the articles linked to at the beginning, so be sure to stay in control of the situation.

Text a girl of yours, go out, and have fun! ;)

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