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How to Get Laid by Creating “Backup” Logistics

Chase Amante

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get laid with backup logistics
Are you good at snagging girls' numbers at bars and clubs but can’t turn them into anything? Here’s the perfect technique to turn those numbers into sex – tonight!

Hey, guys. Welcome back. I hope you are all doing great!

Today we will discuss logistics! Ah yes, logistics – a subject of such great importance that so many of you find boring.

I will share one of my techniques that is nearly 100% based on logistics – it has given me tons of lays. In fact, the first time I got 8 lays in one month (years ago) was by using this technique.

This is a simple logistical technique that is EASY TO PULL OFF yet very powerful on many levels. You will need some basic pickup skills to pull it off, so knowing a decent level of fundamentals may be a prerequisite for the full effect. But even if you don’t know the basics yet, this can still work (but the better your fundamentals, the better it will work).

FYI, this post is about night game.

Let's get to it!

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. You can learn from Alek, the master and originator of sex talk himself, by booking a 1-hour phone consultation with him.



ovejeroxp's picture

Hi Alek!

I´m a sort of classic guy. I don´t buy the use of social media.


(Remember the final scene of The Devil´s Advocate: vanity, definitely my favorite sin) Yes, many time being on social media can make more damage than good


As an independent successful entrepreneur, I rely on real guys and real potential interested women. On my best understanding, I don´t want to recall the attention of my enemies (that´s why I prefer to keep a low profile) to avoid being motive of gossip  

Besides, I discontinued the use of Facebook according to Chase´s advice, therefore I don´t have Instagram. I only rely on WhatsApp.

Chase once said that one must refuse to take a girl´s Facebook contact if she is not willing to give her number as she clearly is not interested in you but only wants orbiters and followers.

Since I abandoned social media I started getting laid more often, so social media give in most cases a false sense of girls interested in you (There´s an old cliché: when you like a girls´ post: clearly shows you want to fuck her, but the other way around she is only a flirt so you will give like on her future posts, and that way the wheel never stops, but you are left sexless using social media)

So I think that for those classic guys like me shouldn´t be so easy what you say here Alek unless you gave a very strong impression as many girls could be reluctant on giving away their numbers, even to a guy like me that has iron fundamentals.

Any suggestions?



On the other hand, It would be great if you can write an article on 1) how to start from scratch an account on Instagram  2) how to do it if you are a reserved person that don't want to make his private life public but still has followers. Best way to stay away from trouble and avoid those enemies each successful man has is not to be on social media.

Waiting for your comments, my best to you.

Alek Rolstad's picture

Hey there. I only use facebook, on which i never post. My profile picture is a picture of my hair from behind and the about me section only covers where I live. I do use facebook for the messenger function, which works somewhat like SMS. So  it would be wrong that I use social media to get laid as I only use messenger. I do not use instagram. 

Back to this post, just add them on facebook or take their number. It does not matter how much of an impression you did, although it will help. The key here is to propose them FUN - i.e. a cool afterter party with boose, girls, men, games, big flat, cool sound system, not far away from the club. 


That is what gets you the compliance. 



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