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How to Develop a Sexy Voice That Captivates Women

how to get your sexy voice
Seduction is like music, where the instrument is your voice. Here’s how to develop a deeper, seductive voice that strikes a sexy chord with the ladies.

Ah, the voice. It’s one of the most powerfully seductive tools available to men. It’s extremely important for every seducer to develop his voice. Because when it’s used correctly, your voice will take your ability to lead, arouse, and even persuade women to astronomical heights.

You’ll even gain the ability to draw women in – right from the moment you open your mouth. This is an essential tool for dating success to ensure that you’re on the way to developing air-tight fundamentals, and it is especially important if you want to become a better conversationalist or use sex talk.

With a great voice, everything you say becomes inherently more interesting and emotionally stimulating. What’s more, this tool makes it much easier for you to ignite the flames of her sexual desire, filling her with lust just off the strength of your voice.

Women will more closely listen to what you have to say and be intrigued by it. And yet this key aspect of seduction is often overlooked by aspiring students of the game and experienced seducers alike – even though it’s one of the fundamentals for getting girls.

That’s why in this article we’re going to take a closer look at the voice. We’ll discuss what makes a good voice and detail steps you can start taking today to develop your voice to make sure that you’re on the way to getting this fundamental aspect of seduction down pat.

What Makes a Good Voice?

What makes a good, compelling voice in regards to meeting and seducing women actually varies. There are a few different but effective ways to use your voice that you could work on. On the other hand, there are many more ways to use your voice that are downright counterproductive when seducing women.

In this article, we’ll be focusing specifically on one brand of voice – the type of voice that exudes power and sex appeal. Because in my experience, this voice brings the most benefits when meeting women, and is still straightforward enough for seducers at any level to learn how to use effectively.

But first we must point out different kinds of voices and ways of speaking that are counterproductive, ranging from basic voice types that can disqualify you from being memorable as well as manners of speech that are the seducer’s equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot when making first impressions and carrying the seduction toward the finish line. Unfortunately, some of these voices are very common among students of the game. But don’t worry if you notice that one of these voices is similar to yours – because I’ll tell you how to develop the good aspects of your voice and inject it with elements of power and sexiness.

So, what are the generally unattractive aspects of a voice?

how to get your sexy voice
  • Nasally high-pitched tonality. Think Steve Urkel as the extreme example here. This is the kind of voice that gives off a shrill, geeky, or somewhat whiny impression. It’s what happens when you project your voice out of your nasal cavity (or your nose) which gives it that nasally effect. It’s unattractive to women and often gives off unnervingly annoying vibes; similar to nails on a chalkboard. It makes it far more likely that you'll end up in the friend zone. So, unless you need to hit the high notes for karaoke, there’s no reason for you to use this type of voice.

  • Motormouth. This one is very common, even among students of the game. It’s basically talking way too quickly – much too fast for anyone to fully take in what you are saying. This makes it hard for your words to have any noticeable or profound effect on women. It’s usually a reflexive reaction when you think women might not pay as much attention your words as you like, so you decide to squeeze as many words into each breath as possible. It gives off an anxious and insecure impression which is the opposite of what you want.

  • Throat-based tonality. This type of voice is also common; I’d even say the majority of guys speak this way. This is projecting your voice out from the back of your throat. Unfortunately, speaking with a throat-based voice doesn’t help with creating powerful, sexy first impressions. There’s no resonance to this type of voice, and because of that, there’s no power. It’s just your run of the mill, undeveloped, and completely ordinary brand of voice. When you sound like this, you’ll be relying heavily on your other fundamentals, like body language, fashion sense, and facial expressions to make a solid first impression. And unless these other fundamentals are already at the exceptional level, then you’re doing yourself no favors, and missing out on the benefits of a compelling and seductive voice.

  • Talking too slowly. Just as speaking too fast is a generally unproductive way of using your voice, so is talking far too slowly. It tends to make aspiring seducers sound confused, or uncertain about what they’re saying. It makes the women they meet less likely to take them seriously, or even develop feelings of attraction.

Keys to a Compelling, Seductive Voice

Now that we’ve discussed various types of voices which are unhelpful and counterproductive when meeting and seducing women, we can start looking at the keys to a compelling and seductive voice. Let’s break it down into smaller steps so you can understand what it takes and how you can start incorporating great vocal qualities into the way you speak to women – an in every other aspect of social life.

When it comes to speaking compellingly and seductively and developing your voice into one that exudes power and sex appeal, you need to focus on these two important qualities:

  • A deep tonality
  • A deliberate pace

These two main ingredients are crucial when it comes to developing a compelling and seductive voice. With a deep tonality, you automatically command the attention of the women you speak to – right from the moment you begin talking. Deep voices are also closely linked to and associated with virility, meaning this makes it easier for women to view you in a sexual light.

Here, just listen to Chris Hemsworth reading from a dictionary. It’s not just his looks that got him cast as the God of Thunder. Listen to the deepness in his voice, how he speaks from the chest in a very relaxed, natural way. You probably won’t reach Chris’ level of vocal prowess without professional voice and acting lessons, but putting in some effort and becoming aware of how you speak will go a long way.

As for speaking deliberately, you encourage women to pay more attention to what you’re saying. Using a deliberate pace also allows your words to have a hypnotically seductive impression on women. It gives any form of flirtatious banter or frame control tactics, gambits, and routines you might use in your conversations with women a lot more persuasive power.

So, when you bring these two qualities together, you’ll have a sexy voice which commands the attention of the women you meet – compelling them to listen to you throughout the entire seduction. This boosts your odds of intriguing, attracting, and filling the women you meet with sexual desire as you talk and interact with them. Everything you say to her just sounds better.

And this is what makes a developed voice a valuable asset for seducers at any level.

When it comes to developing your voice and internalizing these two qualities so that they become your natural way of speaking, I recommend practicing one first and getting it down pat before moving on to incorporate the other quality.

Deepen Your Tonality

The secret sauce for deepening your tonality comes from an awareness of which cavity your voice is emanating from in each moment. As we discussed earlier, the nasal cavity and the throat cavity are some of the areas where your voice might emanate. However, those two areas are generally counterproductive for seducing women – but there is another place from where your voice could emerge.

This area is your chest. It’s speaking from deep within your chest and allowing your voice to resonate from this area so that you project a deep tonality. By speaking through your chest, you come across a lot more relaxed and comfortable when compared to other men she may meet who speak from their nose or throat. You’ll be much more memorable to her as a powerful man who is comfortable in his own skin.

Hearing a deep, chesty tonality automatically relaxes the listener – and even makes the person speaking feel relaxed and comfortable as they talk. Overall, deepening your tonality starts a positive feedback loop, and it’s a crucial step toward developing a compelling and seductive voice.

  • Practice speaking from your chest. Place your palm on your chest and read this paragraph out loud, while focusing on consciously deepening your tonality and opening your throat. Once you feel the vibrations peak in your chest, you’re on the right track. Notice the increased resonance you can hear from speaking this way, and how much more relaxing it feels to speak from your chest. Remember this feeling so you can talk this way as you meet and seduce women in your future interactions.

I recommend that you consciously remind yourself to speak from your chest right before you approach a new woman so you can see and experience the positive effects that come with deepening your tonality. This will motivate you to keep speaking this way, and the more you speak from your chest, the more you’ll experience the benefits of a deep tonality.

This professional voiceover guy gives some more important (and probably unexpected) tips on how to deepen your voice.

Another tip to remember – mentally review your interactions and try and remember if you spoke from your chest each time. Eventually, you’ll notice that you start doing this automatically. You’ll deepen your tonality in each ensuing interaction, and you won’t need to remind yourself to speak from your chest anymore – because it’s become a part of you.

Speak Deliberately

We know that speaking too fast is detrimental for seducers, and so is speaking too slowly. The ideal pace is somewhere in between – speaking at a deliberate pace. This is something that you can do by introducing pauses in your conversations with women. You pause before you answer a question, and pause for emphasis or dramatic effect as you speak.

It’s important that you speak slowly, but not in a confused way. Instead, by using pauses deliberately, you talk in a way that is unhurried and relaxed. You are in control of the conversation, and you know exactly what you are talking about. And you know that speaking this way will encourage the women you meet to pay extra attention. By speaking deliberately, you draw women in as you move comfortably through the conversation as a man who takes his time – because he knows she’s listening.

Pauses are something we’ve discussed on Girls Chase before, and since they’re a crucial part of speaking deliberately, I recommend going over these articles:

Take your time with your opener. Use pauses, and speak as if you’re confident that she’s going to hang on to every word that leaves your mouth. Because guess what? By speaking deliberately, people can’t help getting sucked into your space – and when you do this right, women will feel compelled to hang on to every word you say. Speaking deliberately is a powerful tool to control your conversations because it exudes confidence.


These are some great tools to develop a compelling, seductive voice.

You know what separates a great voice from a less-than-stellar one. Also, you know the steps you can take to put you on the path to developing your voice and allowing yourself to enjoy the benefits that come with this fundamental aspect of seduction.

You’ll be able to draw women in – from the moment you start speaking. They’ll be intrigued and impressed by what you have to say. Women will be relaxed in your presence because of your voice, and it will become easier for you to fan the flames of sexual desire in your interactions with them. More and more women will start responding positively when you ask them out or invite them home.

Just remember that it comes down to a deep tonality and a deliberate pace. Work on one, then the other, and start practicing it when you meet women. Practice until you do it automatically, and reach the point when you can go to a nightclub or have an active day game session and are completely comfortable speaking both deliberately and deeply with every woman you interact with. You’ll notice an improvement in your interactions right away.

Once you’ve mastered one of these steps, you can move on to the other. Repeat the learning process over and over, practicing the second step diligently until you’ve mastered it, too. Then you can enjoy all the benefits that come with a compelling and seductive voice.


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