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Thanks to an early start at age 15, Daniel had already mastered both forms of cold approach by his early 20s.

The question of whether or not it was possible to learn how to become smooth and charming women had been consuming him throughout the early years of his adolescence, so he quickly joined the seduction community after reading Neil Strauss' best-seller The Game. Choosing 'Casanova.Jr' as his pseudonym and later changing it to 'Bacchus', it didn't take long before the community took notice of this young seducer cub and his prodigious talents.

Studying the methods of community veterans catapulted his practical understanding of female psychology to new heights, and as he learned to decipher the secrets of female sub-communication, the more adept he became at applying seduction techniques in harmonious ways when interacting with girls.

These days Daniel is well-known for his strategic ability to build the unique connections with beautiful new women that they fantasize about having. As one of the pickup community's most creative and formidable innovators, he enjoys the thrill of finding himself face-to-face with scenarios that challenge his refined seduction skills. The many years spent developing this compelling combination of his magnetic non-verbal presence and his elite conversation skills enables Daniel to intrigue, spell-bind and arouse an abundance of gorgeous girls wherever he meets them, whether its during the day or at night.


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