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How to Achieve Your Goals for 2014

We’ve all heard that most New Year’s Resolutions get ditched quicker than a guy expressing his undying devotion on a first date.

People tend to make glorious life-changing plans, then quickly settle into the same old routine they engaged in the year before. Of course, this leads to frustration, self-doubt and can even feed into a sense of perpetual helplessness as our goals crumble right before our very eyes.

Since nobody wants to live that way, and would rather see their goals met to build a sense of success and purpose, I thought I’d share a few, somewhat esoteric pieces of advice on how to make and set goals. While I won’t be delving deep into mysticism and magic, the advice I’m about to share comes from the latest cutting-edge research in schools of thought such as neuro-linguistic programming, the Hawaiian style of Huna, and from the Law of Attraction camp.

As I mentioned in my first article here on GirlsChase, you need a goal — even a destination — in order to calibrate whether you're moving closer to attaining it, stagnating, or moving farther away. So, consider this article a brief workshop on how to create proper goals, as well as an expansion of my earlier writings on the topic.

There are basically three steps involved in order to create attainable goals and do the inner work that is necessary to see them successfully blossom into reality:

Drexel ScottAbout the Author: Drexel Scott

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Oh yeah!


Affirming actually gives these results and more. It's how come affirming that "Jesus is the son of God and that he died for me and was raised to life for me" gives one a union with Deity. Feel free to do it.

All in all great article to start the year.!

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Excellent article. My life coach has me doing a lot of these things. When I first started, I had to admit it was very "woo-woo" as you put it. I thought it was a bunch of New Age mumble-jumble nonsense. Yet, I was not having and living the life I wanted. So, I decided to go along with it. After all, what did I really have to lose? My old way of doing things was not working for me. I might as well try something new.

I am happy to say a year later that this method really works. Being specific in goal-setting is paramount. It allows you to break things down into a series of accomplishable and achievable steps. Having a life coach or someone to which you are accountable is another important step. Personally, I prefer a coach or someone that has been there before and done it. That way, I know that if I keep modeling this person and keep following his guidance that I will eventually get there.

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Im sorry if it sounds too pesimistic, but my question is:

What if we do all the steps right and on the deadline we don't meet our goal?
For example,-i do everything to reach 15 pounds more ,but in the end,i dont get more than 2-3 pounds more or no more pounds at all.

Best Wishes,


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Hi there,

As Drexel has mentioned "Your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination."

And as such upon the due date for your goal, you will still have trained your brain to believe and adopt the qualities of success and progress will have been made with no detriment to your mindset EVEN THOUGH you in fact have not achieved your goal.

The worst thing you can do at this point is begin telling yourself you have not achieved your goal.
The correct course of action would be to simply forward the date of the goal on-wards and continue with the visualization, progress will be made again and you will be yet closer to actually achieving your goal.

Many successes are the accumulation of a bunch of failures, progress to meet one end that is success.

- Dylan

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This is exactly what I was looking for!
I had already started using the SMART goals but had already heard somewhere of formulating my goals as affirmation.
Thanks for the great article I'm going to start writing them now.

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Just a little question about teh vislisation practice :
-Do you need to have an static image or a moving one?
-Do the image have to be the same , alwasy the same or little diifference could not harme?
-When the image of the goal dioesn't have to be clear, i don't say i have a goal who is no clear, but huis image is not a clear one, exemple: having(succeding) my current semester at university, it d'ont have an clear image, so many things could apply!!Sop how to deal with that?
-Dio you have to be assocaited or dissocaited from the image??

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