Girls Who Seek Attention, Part I: What Are "Attention Seekers"? | Girls Chase

Girls Who Seek Attention, Part I: What Are "Attention Seekers"?

Chase Amante

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girls seek attention
Women love to get attention from men. Why girls become attention seekers, and how to interpret what they want, is key to getting somewhere with them.

Hey, guys. I hope you are ready for a theoretical post regarding female psychology.

Today I will share some in-field observations I have made recently concerning attention-seeking behavior in females. Now, this phenomenon is nothing new to me; however, it wasn’t until recently that it became clear to me how to deal with it. Yes, I have had encounters with attention seekers before and have managed to have sex with them, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized a post about the subject would be highly valuable to many of you guys, as you will inevitably meet attention seekers in your seduction adventures – it is more or less impossible not to.

All women seek attention; some more than others. We will discuss why they do and which parameters affect their behavior. The idea here is for you to understand how the process works and its impact on your interactions with women. I believe that by covering this subject, many lightbulbs will illuminate and a lot of things you are experiencing when interacting with women will make more sense.

As mentioned, this post will cover the phenomenon, the causes, and the impacts. Next week, however, in Part II of this series, we will cover the solutions to the problem.


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