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Choose Your Battlefield: Day Game, Night Game, or Cross Game

Chase Amante

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types of pickup
Which pickup style should you specialize in, day game or night game? Or both? Each has its own skill set and takes considerable effort to learn. Here’s what to consider.

We all know cold approach is the best way to meet women.

But when you’re new to seduction, it can be difficult to decide. Day game or night game? Where should you focus your efforts? And where should you apply the advice you read here on Girls Chase?

While there are distinct strengths you will develop while making progress on each path, as well as specific weaknesses that students of each often struggle with, most seducers who get really good at socializing become adept at just half of the full cold approach experience.

So it’s quite natural even for experienced players to feel curious about the other side of seduction.

Now, just like the age-old debate on whether night game or day game is better, the answer to whether or not you should train yourself in the full cold approach experience will vary from person to person.

There are indisputable benefits to cross gaming, and if you’ve read my primer on this subject, you already have a clear picture of where I stand and why I arrived at this decision. It’s not required reading for today’s discussion, so if you haven’t read the primer, worry not.


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