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Brain Hacks: Meditation for the Stressed and Busy

Chase Amante

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Meditation: you’ve probably heard a bit about it.

It’s a mind-bendingly powerful activity, with benefits of stress reduction, clarity of vision and focus, and even increased (sometimes dramatically so) levels of happiness. It’s key to successful visualization, and once you’re good at it you gain a degree of conscious control over your thoughts and feelings that all but eradicates things like depression and anxiety.

But if you’re anything like me before I learned something of meditation, the wall of information greeting you at your first foray into the topic is a major obstacle to getting started.


I would ask myself, “What should I learn about? What meditations are best? What do I gain by the different types?” And so on and so forth... and, unable to accurately answer these questions buffeted about as I was by tidal waves of information in the meditation how-to sea, I’d end up not really getting much of anywhere with it.

It wasn’t till I met a man who simplified the process, directed me towards some Western literature on the topic and taught me of the most important facet of meditation, that I felt I knew where to go with my own meditation.

I’m going to pass that direction onto you today.

Now, what this article won’t do is lead you to nirvana-like enlightenment. It won’t lead you to an understanding of the different schools of meditation, their history and chief aims. Those are things you can explore yourself if interested as you get deeper in.

Rather, this article will equip you with enough knowledge to stimulate that most important facet of meditation, the “relaxation response”, which you can access immediately upon meditating.

Understanding how to elicit the “relaxation response” in yourself has all kind of benefits, from better health to a better ability able to get yourself prepped emotionally in ways that’ll help you get women... and we’ll go into all of these below.


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