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8 Mustache Styles Girls Go Nuts For

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Mustaches are back in styles. But what mustache style looks best? In this article, we review 8 of the sexiest mustache styles men rock.

Mustaches used to be the epitome of a tasteless image. Men with mustaches were considered cheap, vulgar, and sometimes lewd. But with the renaissance of interest in facial hair, mustaches are once again coming to be seen a mark of the refined, sophisticated, and polished man.

But be careful, because simply allowing a tuft of hair to grow somewhere on the upper lip will not do the trick. A good looking mustache that will be a hit with women requires dedication and commitment to grooming, styling, and maintenance. You will also want to do your homework on which style of mustache goes well with your facial type and your overall demeanor.

In this article, we will look at some biological and evolutionary reasons that women might find the mustache to be desirable, why the mustache is once again flourishing in modern day society, and the eight (8) mustache styles that can best help you score.

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Squidward's picture

April Fools is still a few months away...

Hunt's picture

That article must be a joke....

Jimbo's picture

Chicks dig facial hair for sure. Though men with strong or chiseled jawlines can still look pretty handsome without them.

Mine has always been sideburns with a day-old stubble.

King Aries's picture

Some interesting speculation here but you keep claiming to know what "many women" feel about this and that. Without citing any source for your supposed insight into women's preferences, the discerning reader can only conclude that you are in fact just telling us what you 'reckon' girls think. And as far as insights into the female mind, what some guy 'reckons' is about 5 rungs down from worthless.

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