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7 Quick Tips to Help You Learn Seduction Faster

Chase Amante

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learn seduction
Seduction is a terrific skill to learn, yet it takes time. Note-taking, watching the best, and turning your phone off are 3 of 7 big wins that speed up the process.

I take the seduction of women very seriously. It is my life, you can say.

Over the years, I have acquired many different strategies and techniques to improve and sharpen my skills.

This week I decided to delve into a few things I do to keep sharp and on top of my craft. As such, I’ve written about seven (7) quick techniques I use to make sure I am at the top of my field... And which will help you learn seduction fast.

Here they are.

Denton FisherAbout the Author: Denton Fisher

Hailing from Las Vegas, Denton’s lived and breathed pickup in a quest to become the best. His focus is on bars, nightclubs, and other nightlife environs, and he’s taught numerous students in the field to get results with girls.


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