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Recommended Reading 2018: Lubbock's List and More

Chase Amante

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recommended reading
A collection of books across many genres Chase recommends. History, business, biography, psychology, spirituality, self-defense… there’s much to read.

I wrote a post in 2012 about books I’d read and would recommend to readers. It’s been six years since then, and I’ve had numerous folks over the years ask me for an updated list. This is that updated list.

I won’t include books already on my 2012 list, but I still recommend them all. The books on that list by Jared Diamond have come under academic scrutiny more recently, and have not necessarily stood the test of time. Still, even those books were fun reads... and everything else on my 2012 list I’d continue to heartily recommend. You can see that list here.

Full disclosure: there are Amazon affiliate links for these books in this post. I almost left them out, since Amazon affiliate pays such trinkets, but if we’re going to send them traffic I guess if you buy through those links some of it might as well come back here rather than all stay with Amazon. Note however that many of these books are available free online (especially the ones written prior 1950, most of which are no longer covered under copyright), so if you want to pick them up that way, you can likely find them with a quick search engine query.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Anonym's picture

Hi Chase,

thanks for recommendations. Based on my humble opinion, I can also recommend you a book to read. It is this one:

I have not read it yet, but I read interview with the author. It might by an interesting complement to your studying of relations between society and sexuality in the post-war West. One interesting example from the book: Czechoslovakian sexuologists did continual research of female orgasm since 1952 - at the time, when no other country in the world actually did it!


Anonym's picture

One another reading tip, maybe you know this book:

The author is a prominent and highly original German sociologist. I believe his perspective is close to yours in many points.

Chase Amante's picture

Thanks for these, Anonym. Both look interesting. Particularly fascinating how sexual liberation in Eastern Europe moved in a different direction from that in the West (away from family development in the West; toward family development in the East). I will check them out!


Will Ho's picture

great list! I will have to go back and read the plutarchs lives I missed. I had already started reading plutarch by your initial recommendations years ago, but only read the bigger names like Phocion, Pompey, Lycurgus, Alexander. I will have to read Marius and Philopoemen.
I also took down your recommendations on the roman empire in my reading list.

I also highly recommend to anybody the rest of the Confucian great works: Mencius (who taught that by rectifying oneself, one rectifies others), The Great Learning (spreading virtue through the kingdom can only be done by improving yourself and your thoughts and knowledge), Doctrine of the Mean.

Agent's picture

Hey Chase,

Did you read The Alabaster Girl by Zan Perrion?
Would you recommend that one too?

Chase Amante's picture


I haven't read it, though I have always been a fan of Zan.

Hector read it -- he has a review up on it you may want to check out if you haven't yet here: 5 Secrets from The Alabaster Girl.


Martian's picture

On spirituality, I stumbled across a controversial guy a few weeks back. He is a spiritual teacher by the names of Andrew Wommack. He has your same intuitive style of teaching complex concepts in an easy to understand way. Am just done with a book of his entitled "spirit, soul & body". He's ideas totally fly against the mainstream. He also has YouTube channel called " Andrew Wommack" where all his books and teachings are available in video format with him teaching in 20 minute segments. Check him out chase. I think I'll love him! Delve into his teachings by first reading or watching "spirit, soul & body" since it forms the framework of his philosophy... sort of like your VAC or SAC model. Cheers!

Tony Depp's picture

Great list Chase. I'm currently reading the Elon Musk bio. I've read four or five on this list, but now I'll definitely come back to this for new reads.

Philos's picture

For anyone interested in international power politics, these 4 books are a must-read. They provide unparalleled density of knowledge and breadth of perspective!

1.When China Rules

2.Kissinger On China

3.China's Secret Strategy To Replace America As The Global Superpower

4.The Writing On The Wall China And The West (Will Hutton)

If you want to know how the rise of China to overtake America as the world’s largest economy & military power will impact on global peace & its existing governance institutions, these are the best two books to read: analytically deep, intellectually sophisticated and gripping!

1. Destined For War
2. The Tragedy Of Great Power Politics


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