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Beauty Is the Reward of Valor

Chase Amante

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By: Chase Amante

beauty is the reward of valor
Women don't respond to timorous men. But they respond (in almost shocking ways) to strong, driven, valiant ones… with beauty as valor's reward.

Writing of the invasion in 396 A.D. of Alaric and the Goths into Greece (not long before the fall of Rome, and well after Greece had declined as a regional power and slid into decadence and decay), Edward Gibbon notes:

The troops which had been posted to defend the Straits of Thermopylae, retired, as they were directed, without attempting to disturb the secure and rapid passage of Alaric; and the fertile fields of Phocis and Boeotia were instantly covered by a deluge of Barbarians who massacred the males of an age to bear arms, and drove away the beautiful females, with the spoil and cattle of the flaming villages.


The vases and statues were distributed among the Barbarians, with more regard to the value of the materials, than to the elegance of the workmanship; the female captives submitted to the laws of war; the enjoyment of beauty was the reward of valor; and the Greeks could not reasonably complain of an abuse which was justified by the example of the heroic times.

The descendants of that extraordinary people, who had considered valor and discipline as the walls of Sparta, no longer remembered the generous reply of their ancestors to an invader more formidable than Alaric. "If thou art a god, thou wilt not hurt those who have never injured thee; if thou art a man, advance:—and thou wilt find men equal to thyself."

The Goths had finished sacking Asia Minor, yet, unable to breach the walls of Constantinople, had wheeled about, crossed back into Europe, and burned a path through Greece.

The Greeks, no longer the manly warriors of their forebears, retreated, leaving the pass of Thermopylae unguarded. 900 years earlier, the Spartan King Leonidas I had for three days resisted a 100,000-man Persian army with a force of 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians at Thermopylae. And even only 140 years earlier, circa 250 A.D., the Greeks halted an earlier Gothic invasion at Thermopylae. This time, however, the soft and timorous Greeks retreated from the pass, and the Goths carved through, slaughtered the young men like pigs, and took the females as their prizes.

You might at first pity the Greeks.

Poor soft, unwarrior-like, decadent Greeks, invaded by the savage Goths, the quivering young men of Greece murdered, the fair young women of Greece carried away as war brides.

Yet, the people and land of Greece were hers to lose. Her soldiers shrunk back in fear of the invading Goths, and the Goths claimed their spoils, of blood, gold, and women.

And as Gibbon says, the enjoyment of beauty is the reward of valor.

Beauty is not something enjoyed by the man too cowardly to earn it.

In your own life, too, if you wish to enjoy beauty, you must behave with valor.


Marvin 's picture

I love this article Chase! "If you are valiant, beauty is your reward", this is so true.

Brickle Aspiree's picture

If there are two groups of people I feel like did so much mixing with the beautiful women of those they conquered, I feel like those two are it. Like they did so much fucking with the women of the areas they conquered that they almost changed the entire bloodline to the point where you even see it to this day.

While only somewhat related to the Ottoman Empire due to being Islamic, I read that the Ummayad (prolly spelling error) Caliphate did so much fucking when they conquered local populations that it changed the entire genetic line which you can even see to this very day. Apparently, Spaniards and Sicilians (and Southern Italians) used to be indistinguishable for the large part from the Irish and Brits. Light hair and light eyes were extremely common in those days.

Then apparently the conquests by Muslims, especially to Spain which they held for hundreds of years, made dark hair and tanned skin more normal in the local population to where people think that is how Spaniards and Italians look like.

Even Quentin Tarantino mentioned it on his film True Romance where Dennis Hooper reads Chris Walken the story of Siclians before he is about to be killed, it angers Walken's character because he knows it is true. Arguably among the best scenes in movie history.

Same with the Ottomans, they conquered the Balkans so hard to where black hair is quite normal there. As someone who loves the women from the region I cannot complain but damn, the Sultan must have been quite "busy".

Stevey's picture

What about the women which have been captured and locked away by the modern man? Cases such as the Ariel Castro kidnappings where the woman who bared his child escaped to the police, the rapist Akku Yadav who was murdered by a mob of 200 women, the kidnapping victim Natascha Kampusch who escaped her kidnapper after 8 years of captivity. Even though the women were enslaved by them for many years the women thought escape was the best action and then they fought to seek justice on their captives. Many former kidnapped women went on to be a powerful voice for other women who were survivors of kidnappings. Also, the Korean women who had served the Japanese army as comfort women in WW2 are in protest to the Japanese government to apologize to them decades later. So despite in ancient times where the men kidnaps women and the women love their captors back, why is it so different when in today's men who capture the women face the opposite effect? Why is it that the women who were enslaved for many years want to seek out justice on their captors? Do they truly love them or is it they had no safe choice but to comply with them?

Boris G's picture

Well, there's two reasons for that:
a) not all women are the same obviously; Plenty of captured women chose suicide as a means of escape or were killed while trying to either kill or escape their captors.
b) there is nothing valorant about modern rapists or kidnappers, they are cowards.

AT's picture

Hey Chase, great stuff mate, this was a good and original read.

I wanted to ask you about something I read in another article of yours ("3 Steps to Help her Orgasm from Sex". You wrote:

"If she's a virgin when you meet her and you are her first lover, unless she's the extremely quiet, uncurious type, then yes - the sexual awakening you cause in her by leading her to explosive, powerful orgasms will probably eventually destroy your relationship. Death by curiosity... that'll be what goes on the autopsy report."

It had never occurred to me that this might happen actually, but it got me thinking. Obviously when you're dating or in a casual relationship situation it's simple to cut your losses and move on, but say you're in a serious LTR or even a marriage to an inexperienced virgin where that obviously isn't an option. How would you manage this sort of phenomenon then?

Anonym's picture

Hi chase,

thanks for an interesting article. I have one question. You wrote "Yet, to be with me, a woman must adapt herself to conditions most women will swear up and down they'd never be willing to adapt to. Most people peering in on a relationship of mine will call it unreasonable."

What are your conditions that women have to adapt and are considered as unreasonable?


lucio's picture

You don't make the rule with the exceptions.

SOME women emigrated to Japan and Korea to meet femininized men.

Similarly, SOME women who emigrated to be ISIS brides were few and in between.

ISIS "fighters" mostly masturbated.

Ben's picture

"When you cause someone to override her views for you, she becomes much more likely to bring her views into alignment with yours (link)."

The actual paper's summary:

Recently, Festinger (1957) has proposed a theory concerning cognitive dissonance. Two derivations from this theory are tested here. These are: 1. If a person is induced to do or say some- thing which is contrary to his private opinion, there will be a tendency for him to change his opinion so as to bring it into correspondence with what he has done or said. 2. The larger the pressure used to elicit theovert behavior (beyond the minimum needed to elicit it) the weaker will be the above- mentioned tendency. A laboratory experiment was designed to test these derivations. Subjects were subjected to a boring experience and then paid to tell someone that the experience had been interest- ing and enjoyable. The amount of money paid the subject was varied. The private opinions of the subjects concerning the experiences were then determined. The results strongly corroborate the theory that was tested.

Tl;dr theory (which the experiment provide s some evidence for) that when people present outwardly differently than their private views, they experience cognitive dissonance and change their private views to some degree in the direction of the view they expressed.

Your claim seems much broader than this.

"Women in general are much more compliant with demanding requests (link)"

The effect of demanding tone (which works well only with women) seems to be reached by gazing alone (with both men and women).
The authors of the article gave different interpretations to the data than you seem to give, namely that women would rather take a pamphlet than get into a confrontation, while the gaze makes them more amenable by making them engage with the experimenter as a person.

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