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The Man Who Refused to Learn to Talk to Women

Chase Amante

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don't learn game
A story about a guy who never bothers to develop his social skill set. How does life unfold for a man who chooses not to learn to socialize and date?

Lucien was always a bit of an outsider. Though he wasn’t one of the nerds in school. Sometimes he joined in on making fun of them, just to prove the point. Mostly he just ignored those kids though. He had his own loose group of friends he rolled with: Elliot among them.

After high school, they mostly went separate ways. One friend went to a community college, and another went to work in his father’s construction business. Elliot and Lucien both went to a state university.

The two friends had heard stories about how easy the women were at Trent State. They anticipated a bountiful stream of willing coeds in school. Their long years of high school dry spells – they thought – were done.

They arrived on campus and looked around. Hot young girls in tight pants and mini skirts everywhere. The girls sat on park benches. Walked down campus sidewalks. Laughed with friends and hung out alone. “Geez,” said Elliot. “This place is a gold mine!” He looked at Lucien. “Come on, we’ve got to talk to these girls!”

Lucien went with Elliot, and Elliot chatted up a pair of girls seated on the grass. The girls seemed to like Elliot – they laughed at his jokes and brushed at their hair. But Lucien didn’t know what to do. Elliot seemed like he suddenly knew all the right things to say; Lucien just felt adrift.

Elliot tried to include Lucien – “This is my best friend Lucien. He’s one of the most awesome people I know” – but all Lucien could do was spit out a few boring lines of conversation and both girls would return their focus to Elliot again. Eventually Lucien gave up his attempts to talk. He watched Elliot for a while, but began to envy him. So he stopped watching, tuned out Elliot and the girls, and stared off into the campus.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



stefxxx's picture

now Elliot recomends to Lucien a girls Chase product or gives him a link to this webpage and let us see what happen? that would be a interesting read!

SZ's picture

Nice story. I know Lucien became a pussy slayer ;)

1.Would you say it's really worth it to join a frat Chase?

I know in one of your articles you said when you're a lot older than the frat guys and they try to boss you around, it makes you look very uncool. Do you feel the same about joining a frat?

2. Do you think I'll miss out on great opportunities to pick up a lot of lays if I go to night school, incase I work during the day ? How could I still meet people and sleep with many girls at the college, if I go during night?


JW's picture

This story gave me so many feelings, I am going to cry ;( ahaha

Pedro's picture

Amazing! You could possibly write a book out of this!

Motiv's picture

Poor guy… He really needs Why You Absolutely Need to Assume Attraction with Women

Just re-read that article myself (before this one), and it changed my last three nights out at the bars! Got a few phone numbers and possible threesome incoming (fingers mega-crossed, but they are roommates and both responded positively to my suggestion of the three of us being together). If it works, it'll be my first!

I imagine these articles are really fun for you to write. They are my favorite type on this site: narratives like the Pete, Jerry, and Sue story. Most of us can relate to the experiences portrayed and the simple, powerful mindset that is so easy to lose track of in all the details of pick-up.


She enters your world… not the other way around.
Tweak your way to the top ;)

Motiv's picture

Wow…! I will second guess approaching a lot less now because I know I already have the second part pretty well down :)

She enters your world… not the other way around.
Tweak your way to the top ;)

Mickey's picture

Well, Lucien's getting married was an obvious, big ass mistake. Sigh...

Roman's picture

You need to post the rest of the story. Now it's getting really interesting. What are the first steps you would take advising that Lucien fella?

Neal's picture

1. Regarding the beginning part of the article where Lucien sucked at approaching women, how do people not see this as the evolutionary evils of women? (That if you suck at women, women won't be there to help you.).

2. Regarding the part of Livia approaching Lucien and he works at Goldman, this sounds a little fictitious to me. Well, I know I won't have that problem, as I only work part-time at $12/hour. Also, if she knew he sucked at women, why would she worry he'll cheat. ;-) She could be cheating on richer guys behind him too.

My Dad's been divorced 6 times. Each wife got more money than the previous.

Flynn's picture

I am a 28 year man old from england.

Back in my teens and early 20s I had the same mindset as Lucian.

The same defeatist negative attitude.

It's a shame that I am only just figuring it out now my prime years are behind me.

I could relate to Lucian's mindset so well.

I never had an elliot or stan to be my wingman thought, so I am only just beginning to figure it out.

Time to make a change!

Mario's picture

Great story, i feel that Lucian's character and mindsets resonate with me. I was wondering how someone could get rid of or shift those mindsets that held Lucian back.

Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

I remember reading one of your articles that had referenced a study finding of "Beautiful Women tend to hook up less." Which proves how ugly women make sex more accessible as a bargaining chip for fighting over men with beautiful women.

Which article(s) is it? I tried looking everywhere. maybe it was one of your emails?

And would you personally approach these "genuinely beautiful" girls differently than the "hot" or "average girls"?

In your newsletter, you had an email saying "Attainability is most of guys problems".
Given that we work on our fundamentals and they're pretty good, would attainability still be an issue for specifically the "genuinely beautiful girls" or would value be more of a concern for especially them?

Not sure why, but average girls are easier in my experience, maybe I don't see their signs of beautiful girls, or maybe most beautiful girls already have boyfriends? Idk...

Re: Condom Use
A friend of mine just got "accidental pregnanted" by a girl he was hooking up with.
He pushed out the air before putting it on. It was the right side.
How on earth did it happen?

Some friends say you have to put it on the moment you start.
Does that mean during foreplay ? Your penis will get soft as you eat her pussy.
Or BJ before sex with condom on (herpes)?

But then putting it on ONLY when you penetrate, what about all those fingers you poked into her, and then you touch your penis to put on the condom...STD alert

Even so, would that be the reason why conception happened? Because of not putting it on first thing...


SZ's picture

Is there an article on here addressing this? I know this one is a good story about it, but is there an article that describes why learning how to get good with men is important?

I've realized that this is an extremely important skill to have, it can help your sanity immensely knowing you can get women any age.

But the rest of the world doesn't think like us, we would be referred to as childish horndogs, who don't want to grow up, and pretend we can settle down when we're old with a young hot woman ready to have our seed.

I hear this from men and women, like if you're single at 30, 40, etc. You're a lost Person Who has To Settle for scraps. I know you even said yourself people look at you weird at a certain age if you aren't married or have kids.

But I realize we aren't normal people, I've realized that this site is about becoming a man than a pua. Society wants men to make women their mission at a young age.

Life isn't a straight path tho, not everyone wants to settle down.

My point of writing this is that society has effected me too with getting girls. I'm at the point right now that I feel people would look at me like I'm a immature child trying to be young again and date around. Instead of building something with a woman.

It actually is one of the reasons why I haven't taken this extremely seriously like a skill instead of something on the side.

My mind was wrapped around what social labels getting girls; wasting time, being young and dumb, immature.

I treated it as such, as fun, not a seious skill.

You know how people always tell you don't chase women and such-and-such, chase your work, make money, let women come to you.

So it puts you in that mindstate that this isn't a skill, just a hobby a horn dog that doesn't Want to settle down does.

So idk if it's worth an article, but I'd like it if you made one about how getting good with women is a very important skill, that needs to be taken seriously, not a hobby. And I'm mostly directing this to the men who want to be good at this. Some don't care, but I know a lot want to have this skill for life.

Society has made me fear of getting young fine women as I become an older man, they seem to bash men past a certain age.

That's why I write all this depressing stuff because I don't want to be that ouster chasing pussy, while everyone is having families. But I want to fuck many women for a long time past where they expect me to settle dkwn.

Shit, I wouldn't even settle down for a little while, but I want to be in the game fuckin new women.


Anonymous's picture

Fucking SZ,

Stop sucking everyone’s dick already.

How many comments of yours has Chase responded to? At least more than a hundred right?

How many pieces of golden advice did he give you? Again, probably more than a hundred no?

And here’s the money question: did you ever actually go and do what he told you to do?


I thought so.

If you don’t want to do anything, then stop whining and complaining here like a little pussy, and go cry to your mom instead.

If you are genuinely unhappy, stop overthinking, and just go take action and change your reality that way.

You’ve already lost several years commenting on here and doing nothing. What’s the point of it?

Either start taking action, or stop commenting on this site, otherwise I’ll ask the mods to ban you.

I can’t take your toxicity anymore.

We all know you can do it, we were all like you. Just start, we’ll be there to support you.



SZ's picture

Fuck you for coming at me like that. You stop sucking dick. That's all I'll say to your first comment.

2nd thanks for the advice. I have my moments with wild post I do. And if you couldn't tell I'm going through shit emotionally and have been for years and it's more than just girls.

You really don't need to come at me like that on some real shit. I understand I ask a lot I do, and I do try it do what I say, I just keep getting in emotions.

And you threaten to get me banned? Are you fuckin serious ? I do nothing, but show love to everyone. I'm emotionally fucked up, ok? Are you that mad? Really? You can state your point, but cmon.

Unlike most of the people, I don't talk shit at all, I show everyone respect, so don't ever come at me like that. The advice you gave Is fine, but you talking like that to me makes no sense, I don't care if you're angry about what I write, but I hear everyone out, and show respect to everyone on here.

I don't attack people who give me advice, I don't lash out on the boards, but I do admit I go through things emotionally, so sometimes I write the same things over and over again because I lose myself in what emotion I'm thinking in at the moment I write the comment.

Anyway besides your first comment I appreciate the help.

SZ's picture

My biggest fear right now is being below average Or average , with everything. I deeply fear working a 9-5 for many years Making low money.
I dont want to work the same job over and over again without doing more than that.

I'm working on different things to achieve this. I'm taking courses, self studying, looking at different programs go buy to learn skills. I'm really trying out here. I'm thinking of so many ways to make a lot of money within this year, as of now it's fuck school, I'll go, but my plan is to be done with something I can make money with before I graduate. I will be Exceptional!!!!!!

I fear about being that average old man, I want to be exceptional, Extraordinary. I think about this day in and day out, I sleep and wake up with it in my head. My underachieving life has made me want to go over board to overachiever.

This isn't the mumbo Jumbo people say to feel cool. I actually dream of this, I feel this every waking moment. My problem was not believing in myself because I feel if that was true wouldn't it have happened already ?

It's that plus these other examples. I'm terrible at math so I feel I won't get a good career, I haven't achieved anything, I'm older, I hate putting myself out there, and I'm black.

I let these doubts get to me too much. And I'm depressed I let these emotions run me instead of changing myself.

This is more than being exceptional with women, I want to be that with everything from body, to finance, to life experiences, fighting, women, etc

I know these articles help us get there.

I'm mostly worrying about the financial aspect. I don't want to be the average guy in a cubicle. But my low success has made me felt that I can't achieve anything, I have negative view points because of this.

I mostly want to be exceptional financially despite my horrible math problems.

I'm not looking for some special advice. I just would like to know what I should focus on money wise to make sure I'm not that average guy. I don't know if your post

I'm looking up ways on Google to find ways to make money without college.

I'm just asking what work do I have to do right now at my age to not be average, and be exceptional at life.

I'm asking this because I don't know if being a programmer or copywriter is the exceptional path, is it?

I'm thinking of being an entertainer, actor, NBA player, Social Media influencer, fitness guru,etc. Would be what the women want that's not exceptional, but maybe the skills above would make you exceptional too.

I just fear being below average or average period. I want to be Exceptional!!!!!!

Fred's picture

Please stop trying to tell me I can attract women if I learn and do x, y, and z!  Fact: no women could be attracted to me and there is nothing I can do about it.  I am unattractive and there's no point in guys like me approaching any woman (by any definition of beauty) because rejection is guaranteed every time – and no woman ever approaches me either. There has never been one piece of evidence in my whole life that even one woman has been interested in me at all – women just aren’t attracted to me. Given that there is 100% chance that rejection (or worse) will happen if I so much as say hi, I don’t do it. The fact is, other guys are much more attractive than I ever could be – they can attract women but I can’t – so any woman will by default pick them and ignore me. This is how it is.

MT's picture

Replace "Fact" with "Decision".
Sorry to break it to ya but this is how it works.

You obviously want to see a little bit of proof.
So pick ONE thing from the fundamentals list and truly honor the process.
e.g. fashion. Dive into it.

Become very alert.
Notice how women receive you.
Is it 5% warmer than normally? 15%?
Great! That's enough for this experiment.

Now go maximize that fundamental or choose another one from the list.
Repeat process.

You wouldn't be reading Girlschase if deep down you didn't believe that growth is possible.

But I promise you this: you have to truly, deeply DECIDE on how things are going to be.
And then your whole body mind and soul will start driving that decision.

You are already carrying sources of power within yourself.
Now you have to find them and turn them ON.

Your ancestors are literally inside of you and you wouldn't be here if they hadn't gotten laid.
And a woman usually doesn't get pregnant with the first little shot, so..... let's just say they went at it.

You are the result of the love of thousands.

Prashant's picture

Well, the pickup industry sucks at the end of the day. They all preach the same way of seduction and mostly teach people to change themselves to something that they aren't comfortable with. Now, even if someone is successful in creating such attraction he can't sustain it because he can't do it always. The result is visible in society.

Point is that there many other ways of seduction that are out of the scope of the PUA. Everyone has seductive qualities that he must cherish. It's not only natural but the person is comfortable with it. Don't take PUA too seriously.

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