Can Pickup and Seduction Have a Higher Purpose than Just Hedonism? | Girls Chase

Can Pickup and Seduction Have a Higher Purpose than Just Hedonism?

Chase Amante

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seduction higher purpose
If you could no longer pick up chicks and put your dick in them, would you have a reason to live? Well, that happened to me (for two weeks), and here’s what I discovered.

Hey guys, and welcome back. Last week I discussed hedonism as it relates to pickup and seduction.

Here's a link to that article if you haven't had a chance to read it yet:

Pickup and seduction are often seen as a hedonistic activity (which I do not disagree with) since they focus on the short-term and superficial pursuit of pleasure. Hedonism is often seen as the desire to acquire initial satisfaction with a lack of long-term satisfaction.

Some criticize hedonism when considering these points.

In my previous article, we discussed whether this hedonistic aspect of seduction was harmful and whether it was morally wrong. We concluded that it was not wrong if you considered it a hobby or a leisure activity.

Everyone in well-functioning societies has incorporated hedonistic activities into their daily lives. It could be drinking with friends, eating unhealthy food occasionally, going bowling, playing pool, or something else.

We separate work and leisure. We work hard, then get some time off to enjoy fun spare-time activities. We need to see pickup and seduction as just that, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But some have been into this for a long time, and others get so obsessed that it becomes central to their identity. Some see pickup and seduction as a lifestyle choice. If this sounds like you, this post is for you.


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In my eyes, sexuality has 2 purposes:

• Fertility
• Creativity

As I am currently studying and writing about paleolithic life, I come to the conclusion that humans always have been highly sexual beings. This not only for the obvious purpose of procreation, but also for creating emotional bonds between the group individuals.

When you emotionally and sexually bond with someone, you develop a much higher awareness for their needs. You become able to look beyond your horizon and get new inspirations and ideas - like co-creation arising from the consciousness of interconnected beings. Expanded awareness -> new creativity -> better survival rate.

In my opinion, the human race was so successful in survival, because they had just the right amount of sex. Sounds crazy, right?

Whereas I think, that sexually satsified beings are necessary for a thriving, peaceful society, I must highlight the difference between egocentrical lust-satisfaction (called masturbation) and true, heart-and-guts connecting sexuality.

The latter I call life-purpose itself. It either creates a baby (new corporeal life) or it creates an expanded consciousness, resulting in a drive for a higher life-goal beneficial for the human collective.

To become specific; In my eyes, the highest life purpose is either:
• To create and rise children
• To create something, that improves or inspires the life of others

And the latter point is where I locate true pickup artists; They inspire men and women to live out a more natural sexuality, they make women feel understood and satisfied, they contribute to a world where people can mutually enjoy each other instead of waging war.

So to refer to your title-question; If hedonism means to only care about egocentric needs, then pickup has no purpose at all. If it means to connect people, to connect heart and guts as it should be and to leave women better then they were found, then pickup itself can be a mans life-purpose. It's satisfying on the individual level and serving humanity on a collective level.

Btw. I'm currently writing an article series about paleolithic sexual dynamics and how it formed masculine roles over thousands of years and how these patterns heavily influence our lives. Could be quite interesting if we exchange some opinions since it's very relevant for pickup and we both seem to be deeply interested in expanding our knowledge.

Have a good day


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