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Book Your Ticket to "Girls Chase Island"

Chase Amante

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girls chase island
Ready to beat approach anxiety once and for all and enjoy the experience of a lifetime? Book your vacation TODAY to Girls Chase Island, where the girls chase YOU.

With all the lockdown craziness we have going on now, I'm very excited to announce the general public opening of Girls Chase Island.

Girls Chase Island is the first vacation destination in the world where you are guaranteed to have hot girls chasing you.

If you're well traveled you might know about spots like the Philippines where the women are much easier than usual. However, even in the Philippines the women won't actually approach you very often (and the Philippines is not nearly as good or easy now as it was 10 years ago).

The question we had at GC though was "Where can a guy go in the West to experience an actual full on 'better than spring break' experience with the opposite sex?"

We wanted to use it both for training purposes to help some of the 'hard case' guys with really bad approach anxiety... and just in general as a really fun resort.

Because honestly, what guy doesn't want to fly to an island where, for once, desirable women chase him?

So, in 2018, we set to work to bring Girls Chase Island into being.

And now, a few years later, as we're opening it to the public, you can at last get your ticket to the island.


Anonymous's picture

bro this has to be a April fools joke. One it's April 1st and you guys always have a gag article every year. And the title itself seems so far fetched. "Girlschase island"? You guys won't get me this year lol

BT Harrison's picture

In my role as Anti-Chaperone, if I catch anyone white knighting, simping, or failing to close in a timely manner, they'll be unceremoniously thrown into The Dungeon for the night.  I therefore advise a bold, direct-game strategy during your stay on the Island.  However, if you wish to practice slower types of game for educational purposes, you can apply for a "Slow Game Pass" at my office, located between Hector’s Kama Cabana and Daniel's Apothecary Stall.

See you on the Island!




sejin's picture

Are there any packaged deals for staying longer than 1 week?

stefxxxwww's picture

april 1 :)

Risenin2019's picture

His April Fool's jokes are better :P

Housecards's picture

Just did taxes today and ended up owing daddy government a few grants. Should've not written the check and sent it straight to Girls Chase island instead.

Anyway, jokes aside, I had not even realized it is April first until about a third into the article, so this is a good one Chase. Still good fun to read through. Expecting to see how many guys you will totally have. Mind sharing with us when "bookings" come in?

I read through you simp article, which is a good one (e.g., doing pushups to failure, so simple and helpful), and I'd like to ask you a few things on the music part. Since I am not a native English speaker (I couldn't even get half of what the Phantom of Opera is singing about!) , when I was out to bars and clubs, I found these loud, trendy pop music a little annoying because 1) it is distracting, and 2) it compounds my nervousness that I might not fit in the environment, which I am probably not. Since you were a music writer once, I am curious as to when native speakers listen to these fast hip-hop music, how many of the words can you get without looking at the lyrics? And aside opera, what kind of music with lyrics that you think is healthful/non-simping to our mind? Or what kind specifically to avoid? It's hard to tell the good and bad ones apart when someone like me has no musical talents whatsoever.

Thanks and stay well!

1984's picture

I'll break out of travel lockdown in my country to just to attend this.

And 8997 is too cheap... you can charge 19997 and we'll still pay to come. LOL

Levent's picture

You actually got me there for a second :D but it definitely is a good business idea to launch after doing the calculations I actually believed it before I saw the first picture :D

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