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How to Have Sex with Thai Girls

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If there is any place in the world that will play host to your desire for debauchery, thirst for intrigue, sense of adventure, and search for hospitality, it’s the country that lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. Forget about Vegas. What happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand.

I saw some pretty unspeakable things – both phenomenal and regrettable – while I was living there. But no matter what things were going down, the one truth that was always intact was the fact that there was no shortage of sex with Thai girls.

thai girls

Having sex with Thai girls isn’t very hard in terms of the act itself, but there are some things you’ll need to know in order to make it happen and maintain a positive rapport afterward. So today I’m going to break all of these steps down.

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.



Anonymous's picture

You've spoken about a variety of women.

In terms of the sexual experience which category of girl you prefer and why? American, Brazilian, Filipina, or Thai?

Anonymous's picture

You sounded surprised at the directness of Thai women that asked questions such as "do you like me." Seems very different than what the norm is in America where women seem to treat men like commodities.

Why do you suppose the approach of "being cordial, nice, build her up as much as possible, and be very direct with your intentions and emotions" NOT work very well in America? Why is negging and aloofness the prevailing form of flirtation that is prevalent in the states? I mean women are attracted to dominance and sexiness (seems universal) but what is it that American women prefer as compared to Thai or even Brazilian women, in your opinion?

Like what is going on?

Andreas's picture

Just some quick tips for those who are planning to visit. I've been there 3 times.

1) Don't ever - EVER - give you real home number or work number to a Thai girl if you went there just to have fun and then back to the "real" world. And generally don't disclose too much personal and especially financial information about you or a friend of yours. People generally are indeed nice and friendly but there are some who take advantage of that and spoil the nice image of Thailand.

2) If you decide to marry a Thai girl. Congratulations!!!!! First things first.. head to your bank and withdraw as much as you have. The tradition in Thailand is that men have to carry the responsibility to pay for the marriage party. (yes, this even applies to Thai men too). The reason for this is because the parents and family of the women need to know that you can financially support the girl. (after the marriage you won't be able to but whatever :p)

3) There's this thing in Southeast Asia and generally in Asia which is called "saving face". This means that when a person does something shameful or generally negative he loses face and that it's very bad in Thailand. Thai people will start to receive you very negatively and their willingness to help you and being nice to you will suddenly disappear.
For example: Never shout or express negative emotions (like anger) to another person or an animal or even an object in public!!! The only person who get's to be the ass^ole is gonna be you. Always stay calm, excuse yourself nicely and politely and move on.

splooge's picture

i heard online the thais do not like muslims middle easterns and that true?

Cindy's picture

Not at all

Derek M's picture

Sorry mate, Thai's and their dislike for Muslims are some what true. Especially in the south.

This post states Thai's like Black people. Completely false. Black people or chocolate people as they are called are seen as the lowest of the low. Not for racist reasons. It's just that attractiveness is very much seen as per how white your skin is. ...and how much money you can earn. A Thai person is seen as poor, and uneducated if their skin is very dark and a lighter skinned person more attractive and intelligent. Logic is ...well must be poor skin is dark because they are working outside all the time or Must be rich, work in an office as their skin is white.

Source: Lived in Thailand for 10 years now..and counting!

I do remember a local girl in the village turning up with a rather lovely african american, well to do young chap..but boy oh boy boy she was the talk of the village are everyone talking in disgust about her being with a black man! Top it off..her skin tone was not all that much lighter than her boyfriends. The family accepted him based predomiantly on his finances and ability to "look after the family".

I do remember a memorable quote used by the family to save face, "black man same same farang man (white man, western descent) .. have money!"

milgrim's picture

Can you make a guide for how to get with british girls for relationships long term

lucifer's picture

Hey Colt,

I had this very shy thai girl at home and the situation was a bit strange for me as she almost never spoke.

She just sat there and the dynamics were about me "forcing" a bit the hand, but not too much, and her just standing there half smiling, with her legs one over the other, the coat on and a very closed body language.

She even said "it takes time with Thai girls" and remembering you saying "taught to make intentions overt and hard pulls don't work" I didn't push too hard.

I wonder if I should have though... ?

Anonymous's picture

almost everything in this article is not true, i live in thailand almoust 5 years now. And they are stunning, i never see a ugly thai woman here and they dont like black people and indian people actually they hate them alot... and you say they dont play games with you, that is not true, they are masters of that, they say many good things to you and take care of you but when you dont have money they go away. and many of my friends and me who lived here many years say is the land of one million fake smiles..

Anonymous's picture

OMG!!! hahhaha can't stop laughing when i read this post. I am a girl from Thailand and happen to come across this forum. This forum is some part bullshit and some part true. By the way if you meet a thai girl that is only after your money then that mean that she is not from a proper "social class". Search it, its a big thing in Thailand

Lucas Mizell's picture

I do agree with his opinion on the attractiveness of Thai women. I have been looking at women on Asian Date, from Southeast Asia and China, and I totally agree with him that they are generally not as attractive as women from the Philippines, China and Viet Nam. Though there are a few 9's and 10's, you can find a lot more stunners in these other Asian countries. Which is unfortunate for me as I am planning a move to Thailand.

Nicole's picture

Their smiles are maybe fake but it's anyway pleasant. Would it be better to see women who are angry?
I am myself from Thailand and you should live in Thailand for a little while to understand our culture. I m sure you will have a better opinion then.
I know one who met a woman from my country and he lives here now. He is swedish. He says he will never come back to his country. Actually I know very many such couples.

Anonymous's picture

Hello Chase nd other folks,
I hear from diff people and from internet that Thai girls dont like Indians nd i am planning to gonl to South east asia.So comparative to Farangs and Thai where a nice and fit Indian stands. Does he has same chance of getting laid or cchancrs are dim. Give some tops

Anonymous's picture

To Respond to the question above...based on speaking to a few good looking Westernized Arab/Indian mates of mine,stay away from Thailand if ur not white.The girls are racist and prefer white dudes....this is unfortunately the case because all the bloody stinky FOBs from India ruined it for the rest of us.You want my advice,go somewhere in the world where Indians are scarce...I suggest Latin America,that's on my trip list and Im of Indian origin living in the US.

Rick's picture

A reply to the above post. If you are going to Latin America. Be damn careful. I traveled around Latin America for a year. They are more accepting of black guys and Indians than Thailand, however, the job of Latin women is to separate foreigners from their money. They are gorgeous and will love you as a human ATM machine. Even the ones who work or own businesses are the same. However, far more excepting of different races than Thy as long as you got money. It is that way in most of the world but Latin women I think hold the reward for being Champagne flies, especially the hotter and sexier they are.

Cecilia's picture

Just come to Thailand and be nice. You don't need to be white, just be respectful ... Speaking from a Thai girl

Hector's picture

Am puerto rican an am an American
And want to ask you ,does thai girls like Puerto Ricans men's?

Damon's picture

I live in Thailand and trust me, you need to be white to get a Thai girl---PERIOD. Thai people do not like dark skinned people even if they are Thai. Sorry but, that is the truth whether you want to admit it or not.

Ted's picture

I'm Thai myself(a guy) and I've hooked up with a lot of people from Thailand, the USA, and many other countries. I've had sex with a lot of women but more than that, I'm here to say or suppress my feelings about the semi bullshit you have composed in your thread/post. Whatever you call it.
Thai women are stunning. Amazing in fact. You just have to be at the right place. Boy, my sister looks amazing but it isn't right. I've met a lot of Thai actresses as I have connections in the film industry and they are amazing. Thai girls are indeed non casual judging by the majority of western girls I've slept with over any other nationality.
Live in my country for 5 years and tell me if you change your mind about anything. Being a tourist there or living there for a short period of time isn't going to make you a genius on interpreting what the nation and its people are really like.
There is a ring of truth in what you say though. ^_~. Keep up the work but with more quantitative information and not just a bunch of opinions. Cheers.

Anonymous's picture

based on what this article is talking about def related about thai girls in general,thai girls are very easy to have sex with,ive got few mates living in thailand and fuck loads of thai actresses,listen he is not handsome and rich in the west,but he told me thai models/actresses slept with foreigners very easily.sigh,everything becomes easy in when youve moved to thailand.indeed this is what we called the land of smiles.easy thai girls.

Wd's picture

I quite hate this guy

Anonymous's picture

Thai ladies same ladies in the world have good and bad, not all of Thai ladies easy. Use your brain for think!!!!

lux's picture

Oh well, I've finally been here a few days and can confirm how basically EVERY girl I've spoken to is strongly racially selective.

Even the ones that "judge by the souls", once asked, would rather not have a "black/indian/chinese and, very often, thai" guy (sure, doesn't mean they aren't curious or they not gonna bang one, but preferences might make it a bit harder or easier depending on your "race").

Of course Europeans find this place funny :D

Anonymous's picture

I must agree on most of what you said, I did not go there for the girls.
It was just by chance that I went there at all, you see my son went on holiday to Phuket with his mate, but they first stayed in Bangkok, his mate did not like it in Bangkok and thought it would all be the same, so he flew back leaving my son there, my wife got very upset, him being there on his own, she made me go out to keep him company.
Well I am a 50 year old skinny guy but quite fit & I love clubbing.
Phuket was GREAT, I think I enjoyed it more than my son, my son met a Thai girl which sort of became his girlfriend the whole time we were there.
Me I went clubbing every night & beach all day ( when not seeing the sights), got to say the girls would not leave me alone, I kept telling them I am not interested that I am a happily married man and not there for girls, even my sons girlfriends friend kept trying to sleep with me, well that lasted just over a week, until the night a very beautiful young girl in a club got chatting & dancing with me until 7 in the morning, well I was abit hyper and enjoying the company that I fell from grace, we ended up in bed all day, and by evening I think I worn her out poor thing (found out she was only 17, not proud of that), after that night, the devil within me was let loose, I gave up saying no and just danced all night pumped all day ( with some sleep in-between), the same girls would come to the beach if I weren’t in the hotel to pamper me (just to have some fun, not sex but fun i.e. chatting & playing on the beach & in the water).
I also gave in to the son’s girlfriend’s friend, because she was always pampering me on the beach and got jealous of the other girls when they told her I had sex with them.
We all had a great time (including the girls) while there, it was a sad affair when we were leaving for the airport, sons girlfriend was in tears and didn’t want to let him go, (he is good looking), and there was me with five girls all crying & hugging me, even I was in tears, two them was so intent of holding on to me that they came with us all the way to Bangkok, so I had another two nights banging away but this time with two of them in my bed, for where else could they stay.
You know me or my son never paid a penny (to the girls), yes I would buy them drinks but I think they bought me more, plus if we ate out they insisted they went half’s. Oh and I did pay for a taxi to take the young girl home because I couldn’t bear to see her go home in those high heels.
Yes I would really like to go back there, the people are so friendly and fun loving, but I don’t think I would be able to afford it now.
My son kept in touch with the girl for over a year but time apart soon faded.
Me I would have liked to have kept in touch but my wife would not have been happy.

Absolutman's picture

nice story, but suspect that it is just a story! 50 something and you have 4-5 Thai girls your sons’s age giving it for free and crying when you leave. Ha ha ha!

David Christensen's picture

"nice story, but suspect that it is just a story! 50 something and you have 4-5 Thai girls your sons’s age giving it for free and crying when you leave. Ha ha ha!"
I'm over 50 myself and had a similar experience in the Philippines, when I was 50. I can confirm that if you are a white male and not butt ugly, then young women mostly 25 and under (as low as ~18) will be all over you in the Philippines. It's like the world's largest candy store where all the candy is free. If I still had the energy, I could have slept with 3 or 4 women a day, not one of them over 25 and every single one of them GORGEOUS. I've never paid for sex in my life, and never would. But I've had dozens of young ladies in the Philippines gladly surrender to all my desires. Yes, sometimes two at a time. Some of my fondest memories are of a couple of girls from Cebu. It was the 18 year old who approached me (yes, she approached me). She later introduced me to her even cuter 20 year old sister, and I wasn't asked to choose. Only problem is, some of these girls do tend to get very attached, even crying when my vacation time is over and I have to leave.
My point?
If it can happen in the Philippines, I have ZERO doubt that a man similar to me could have the same experience in Thailand. It's believable. I totally believe the story of the dad who flew to Thailand and had free sex with lots of women his son's age. I've never been to Thailand (yet), and I believe I could repeat that experience, quite easily.

tuk's picture

the above girls are dark skinned, ugly with african look that rich thai men do not want. they are all thaitifed, not thai women by blood. they are physically different from women of the same blood as that of the thai king.

mikeaus's picture

I've been to thailand 5 times (I'm 24 years old).

Don't bother with over-thinking gaming thai girls.

Most of them earn $10-$15 a day and are on the hunt for a cute farang guy.

It's gotten to the stage where most of the Thai girls you'll meet don't date thai guys anymore.

Dress well, look halfway decent, approach with a smile, buy her a few drinks, bed her.

It's far simpler than any other country I've been too.

Anonymous's picture

I've lived in Thailand for 10 - 1/2 years and been married for 10 years. I was 60 years old when my wife died of a brain tumor and the last thing I wanted was a relationship with anyone.

I had a 27-year-old Thai girlfriend briefly...just long enough to learn she was all about money. While she stayed with me in my Jomtien Beach condo, I hired another Thai girl to be my live in masseuse, house keeper and cook. My girlfriend loved it because she was, by nature, lazy.

After a couple of unrewarding months, I sent the girlfriend packing. The girl I hired stayed because she'd become my best friend and she was honest. She never asked me for anything. It took me about 4 months before I felt I wanted to take our relationship to the next level.

We got legally married in Chon Buri, move to her village in Udon Thani where I built her a home and had our village ceremony a year later. There has never been a day that I've regretted being with her. She treats me like the most important person in her life and has even fallen out of favor with her family because she always puts me first.

I've had 3 other wives. My first was a 17-year-old from Tehran, Iran (lasted 13 years). My second was a Jewish Austrian ( last 9 months) and my third was from Bogota, Colombia (lasted 25 years). I have to say my Thai wife definitely treats me the best.

During our marriage, even though I'm an old man, I've been hit on by a dozen different girls, one as young as 17-years-old. It's flattering, but I'd never consider cheating on my wife. She's just too wonderful. When I first hired her, she spoke no English, but learned to speak English fluently in only 3 months,

Don't shy away from a lasting relationship with a Thai girl, but first become friends.


i marry thi lady she in charge in bed so the report not true whot i say is true she not shy off body never were underware VERY SHORT SKIRTS

Anonymous's picture

I am an Indian. My first visit to thailand involved Phuket and Bangkok. At both places, I had sex with many thai girls and some relationship extended to email and social media communication.
Your personality, behaviour, communication skills, politeness, respect etc. play more important role than look, color and dressing to woo thai girls. You just need to start off by small talk and you will be the winner.

Alexy's picture

It's my first time coming across this site and it's very interesting to learn about Thai girls. However, I wish to know if they can can faithfully settled in marriage, how do they protect themselves from STDs, and apart from sex and fun, what is their ability in business or entrepreneurship?

LuLu Bob's picture

I enjoyed very much the opinions stated in this article and the comments that followed. I'm a 50 year old white male and live in USA. I had good experiences with Thai women in dating situations in the USA. I also had a Thai roommate in college many years ago. Last year I met a Thai woman from Bangkok online She is very well educated and from a family that owns a successful business in Bangkok. I paid for her airline ticket to come visit me in USA and gave her a tour of my city for ten days. She appeared sincerely grateful and thrilled with the opportunity to visit. She was affectionate, kind, charming, sexy, and fun-loving. And, as stated in the article, she is very direct with regard to attraction and sex. She simply told me that she liked me and asked if I wanted sex with her on the first day of her visit. Following her first visit to USA she has made three subsequent visits and she did not request that I spend a dime for anything. Sex is something that she truly enjoys and she will take command and she will ask for it regularly. I found that it is possible to wake her at any time of night for purposes of sex and she is willing to sleep nude for easier, faster access if the mood strike me. Based upon my dating experiences with other Thai women living in USA this appears to be a consistent characteristic of Thai women if they like a man. "Saving face" is very important within a dating or romantic situation. If a Thai woman suspects that her companion lied or cheated to gain advantage then they will never forgive the offense. So it is important to always remain sincere and truthful with a Thai women if you wish to continue a physical relationship. If a Thai woman likes a man she will be very generous in every way. The Thai woman I met online brought gifts for me and my family during her second visit; she simply charmed their socks off. I am shocked by anyone that claims Thai women are less than beautiful. Thai women are beautiful and fun to look at anytime and anyplace.

Mario's picture

Where should you take a Thai girl for sex after you have paid the bar fee and shes all your for a couple hours or for the entire night

pattayastyl's picture


jeson's picture

Thai girls don't love black men. They hate black men , indian men, middle eastern men... any dark sinned men

Hajibee's picture

Hi guys I am Thai girl.

I like Farung but I'm not be easy girl.

Good girl in Thai have many more you can find her at Siam, Sopping mall, Parking or everywhere.

Good Thai girl very shy whet talk with Farung course she don't know how to talk with you.

Some girl looking Farung for LOVE not SEX or Money some girl met for learn English.

Please kindly looking Thai girl again.

We Kindly girl 

Bobo Belinsky's picture

My feeling about your comment that Thai women are shy and not very forward in bed might be true. But my general experience is that when (not saying you've done this) a foreigner is screwing a Thai bargirl or hooker and he's holding a video camera in one hand while fondling her with the other, she's naturally going to be fairly sedate. Plus...she's a sex worker--been there, done that so many times that while most farangs are on top pounding away, she's thinking about her laundry, the money she's going to make, and you're lucky if the woman shows ANY enthusiasm.

Paul Jacobsen's picture

It seems there used to be a Filipina version of this Thai page. But it seems to be gone now and using the Filipina URL takes you back to this page.  I wish there was the other article available.

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