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Give More Control to Your Dick... and Win!

Chase Amante

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When I was a wee horny teenager, there was this girl who would come to my school to play volleyball. I’ll call her Bam Bam. I was smitten by Bam Bam. I literally heard the song “Why do birds suddenly appear…” every time she was near. But I didn’t have the balls to approach her.

Then I changed schools and there she was standing before me. Her friends had become my friends. In a state of shock, I asked her if she wanted to “go out” with me. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Sure!” Easy enough, right? It wasn’t a technique. I was just so horny, I thought I’d explode. I had no clue what else to do but ask her out.

After that, it took years for me to have the balls to ask another girl out. Approach anxiety and the fear of rejection were overwhelming. But eventually, there was an underlying motivation that forced me to just go for it and to learn game. It was the same drive that forced me to ask Bam Bam out.

And what was that driver of action?

My dick.

Tony DeppAbout the Author: Tony Depp

Tony is one of the most veteran day game experts around. He began to pick up women in the mid-2000s, when he posted on the famed seduction forum mASF... alongside other old hands like Chase Amante and Alek Rolstad. Over the last 10 years Tony has coached hundreds of students to meet women during the day. He has two published books out on seduction: one on his journey, and one on doing awesome at day game.



Sam2-'s picture

Amazing article, Tony!

I implement most of it and I can confirm that the results are extraordinary.

It is also funny how most men will not do even half of it. It is then that you become a sort of a demigod.

Garry Weyl's picture

Motivational article, reminds me a bit on Hector's series becoming the beast. Like him I would also add to the list listening to wild, violent music, taking cold showers and challenging yourself. Do every day something that scares the shit out of you and watch your libido skyrocket when you conquered it. When in the gym push yourself until you are literally crying.

Another point: Fingers off from marihuana. I smoked weed for too much years and it has the effect of moving your consciousness away from your desires. But desires are what drive you. Without desires you are nothing, you would apatheticly sitting in a corner and literally wouldn't find the power to even move.

An adding to meditation: combine it with hatha-yoga moves. Those movements are designed to activate you body energy. You will begin to feel more energetic and powerful if done regularly.

Also: abstinence from most media. Stop watching movies and video games where you are projecting your aggressive drive or sexual desires instead of living it out. Those work like cheap substitutions. Once you stop such habits, your natural drive to live those desires out in real life will strengthen.

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