The Failings of Natural Game – Why Technical Game Is Better | Girls Chase

The Failings of Natural Game – Why Technical Game Is Better

Chase Amante

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natural game and getting girls
Many seduction newbies get sold on “natural game” because it seems so appealing and, well, natural. But its shortcomings vastly outweigh its value for getting girls.

Since we have been discussing the trends of inner game and debunking certain misconceptions, I decided to write a follow-up on a closely related subject that took the seduction community by storm.

The subject we will discuss is natural game – the idea that pickup and seduction has to happen naturally, depending on who you are, your vibe, and your personality.

Sounds appealing right? It surely does to many, but there are some flaws to this system. I see pickup and seduction as a skillset, with tools to use. Sure, long term it will affect you and how you see women and the world, but initially, pickup and seduction is – a skill.

Natural game looks very appealing to many newer guys for some reason. But there is a reason for why most advanced or skilled guys laugh at it.

In this post, we will try to understand its limitations but also why it became popular in the first place, to truly understand its roots.

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. You can learn from Alek, the master and originator of sex talk himself, by booking a 1-hour phone consultation with him.



Ben's picture

Hey Alex, the 'natural' game you've described here has major faults- but when I hear natural game, it paints the picture of a guy who takes care of himself, is friendly, socializes with people in general, and gets good at socializing because he spends time with them, aware of what he is doing and noticing how others feel. When he wants a girl, he is careful not to embarrass her socially,  but otherwise just gives in to his instincts (which we all have, we just need to listen to them and temper them with social experience) and takes her.

The picture you paint is one of 'just believe in yourself!' natural game, which i doubt is what really attracts anyone who reads this site.


This is like talking about how 'natural' fighting styles suck because you don't build on experience and it's just believing in yourself inner game.

A natural fighting style would be one a thug or bouncer develops from getting into hundreds of fights, assuming he is aware of how he is fighting.


The second example being the equivalent of what I think is meant by natural game. The first being the equivalent of what you called natural game here.

Let me know if I missed something, but this article seems like filler at best, dumping on a term without good reason at worst.

-an admirer of your tech


Alek Rolstad's picture

Hey Ben. Thank you for your comment. We are open to criticism, so no hard feelings. 

I disagree with your comment for two reasons. First one is: 

1) I based my comment not on what natural game is. You are right that natural game usually involves better oneself socially - i.e. career, looks and health. All these are good things and we recommend them here at GC. However they are not descriptive for what natural game is. The reason being is that they make up fundamentals of almost all (if not all) schools of thougth within the seduction community. Even very technical forms of old shool seduction, such as Mystery Method was advocating this. 

Historically, what has identified nautral game are the following criteria:

- Strong focus on inner game (assumptions, "outcome independence", beliefs and realities, as well as mindsets) - was discussing last game, as well as a special post on outcome independence (which got its own post)
- Strong focus on state and state control - we have discussed this to death here. It is a key subject which I actually like to discuss. I believe state control to be key in pick up and seduction, but I disagree with natural games use of affirmations to gain state control. Additionally I am skeptical about the use of mindsets, although they can work to some extent.
- Strong focus on direct game - I am no fan of that on a later occasion.

-Strong focus on screening

The definition of natural game is not someone focusing on lifestyle and going out and gaining experience. My definition is based on the many discussions regarding the subject since 2007. Maybe natural game has been reduced to even less now... that could be and that is not a good thing. 

2) Although going and gaining experience is a good thing - it just is insufficient for many of the people we coach. If all you had to do was work out, fix your career and so just go out a lot, we wouldn't be here writing 1000's of articles on how to get girls. 

Some of our students are guys who have 0 clue on how to do things, and even though it is great to go out a lot, if you always practice the wrong things you will not get anywhere. Guidance on how things are done are key, and here get back to a technical outer game focus. 

And at the end of the day, there are no good players who uses natural game, who hasn't either a) been into technical game for 5+ years, b) are naturals or c) semi naturals. 

That is my experience with the matter. 

Let me know if you disagree. 



Kol's picture

Hey Alek,

Quick question here. I need an experienced guy's opinion so I hit you up ;)

Well, it's concerning penis size. Is the female equivalent of a small penis a loose vagina? If that's the case, then bigger penises should feel better for women same as tight vaginas feel better for us. Am I right here?

I'd like your opinion.


Alek Rolstad's picture



Sorry not an expert on this. I never really bothered thinking about it. 

Vagina size depends on:

- Biological reasons - how she is born

- How much work out her pc-muscle gets

- How aroused she is (if a girl is loose with you, it mostly like mean you turn her on - although some girls are looser than others). Even the tighest of girls can lube up and widen up enough to let in the biggest of dicks.



Gumiki's picture

Hey Alek, i absolutely love this article, as it is disscussing a topic i have been mulling over myself for the past few weeks.

I was hoping to get some clarification on how much you should be preparing for when it comes to going out and meeting women. I haven't typically believed in using scripted lines, as some of the stuff i've read feels like just out right lying, or just uncalibrated. When they are good, i do feel i end up using them as a crutch, and find it hard to move on to using anything else. I feel however, that you are implying i should have something prepared more than just some basic goals within a set or interaction. goals like "Build attraction, build comfort, build rapport, Vibe".

should i be keeping scripts of memorized lines/routines from some given source, should i be writing my own, or should i be trying to make stuff up on the spot? by that i mean just focusing on the concepts i need to achieve for a situation, like chase framming. 

As of lately, i feel my game has been too soft, and that i have been practicing interactions without seeing any real improvement or success, and i would really appreciate your opinion on this concept. Maybe some idea of how much structure i should prepare and practice, as well as someplace where i can find good examples if am to prepare routines. 

At this point, i'm thinking i need to write out the structure for my game, and then write down tools that can carry me throughout the set, and then prepare to improvise for when the plan goes wrong. In which case i should come back and either revise or expand my original plan.

Either way, i would appreciate some confirmation. And would like to thank you for taking the time in reading/ answering my post.

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