How Physical and Mental Health Impact Your Dating Life | Girls Chase

How Physical and Mental Health Impact Your Dating Life

Chase Amante

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health is attractive to women
Do looks matter? Yes! One reason for this is because women know that a healthy man – in body and mind – equates to better sex and a more fulfilling relationship.

As part of mastering the art of picking up women, you must master yourself. Taking care of yourself should be a high priority. The mind, body, and soul are the trinity that completes a person. When these three are in alignment, the results can be extraordinary depending on what your aim is. If you’re reading Girls Chase, your aim is probably to attract women.

You’re the one venturing through life, taking in experiences and grooming yourself into the man you want to be. When thinking about your life and health, it’s not only you who notices the improvements and changes. Women pay close attention to your lifestyle as well, because the decisions you make are a vote for who you will be in the future. Your life choices showcase your dominant and attractive qualities.

Really, combining health and life habits kill two birds with one stone. By taking care of yourself and your wellbeing, you are meticulously molding and crafting yourself for the better, which helps attract the women you desire. In a sense, this is a modicum of the Law of Attraction, right?

Darwin NiwradAbout the Author: Darwin Niwrad

Darwin Niwrad was raised by 3 beautiful women on the mean streets of Detroit. After high school in D.C. he moved to Romania where he met Girls Chase author and now wingman, Hector Castillo. He specializes in social circle game and Instagram game.


Breeze's picture

You say “When your morals, ideologies, and desires are fueled by negative thoughts and emotions, you’re inviting the same energy that you’re emitting.”

What energy would you say the woman with the size of Africa was emitting when she said to you “The only reason that I want to screw you is because you last long.”


Your response to her abusive comment is “The credit really goes to the treadmill, wrestling, and breathing techniques.” There’s always subtext (she could have been flirting in a warped manner), but words matter.

My question to you is why do you still want to shag a woman who basically says she’s doesn’t give a F about your life, sans your ability to last long? Why give her any attention. To me, and this is my philosophy, us men should strive to get to a level of game that is the byproduct of spirituality and healing where we come to believe our worth and lovability as men. Once we reach this level of zen, we only seek out only those who elevate us, and immediately get turned off and delete people like her who make such crass, unloving statements. Where is your self respect if you allow a woman like that to basically treat you like dirt and you still get hard and wanna shag vs getting turned off and deleting that weird bitch from your life? There’s just so many any people around who don’t play games that I just don’t understand why you’d continue to entertain her. 

Niwrad's picture

Hey Breeze I understand where your point of view is coming from. Personally I don't see it as her treating me like dirt, moreso I'm feeding her ego, and in return I get some good pussy. She's not my girlfriend and I certainly don't text her frequently, in fact she texts me when she wants a dick appointment, which means the ball is in my court. I agree with you on some parts regarding your level of Zen, but I've found that this is a special energy that actually invites likeminded individuals in or brings them together. Youre going to deal with crazy girls and people in general, so get some practice in and see how you handle it.

Journey for sure's picture

Watch the company you keep, you completely left that out.

Women look down on men with a lack of a social life or men who lack friends. Same with men that have low quality friends because it speaks poorly of their tribe and their status. You leave all of this out and make it seem like pussy is the only socializing a man would ever have to do.

It frustrates me how this site and many others like it leave out socializing and leave men to be sociopaths who prey on women instead of learning how to function in a social setting. I am losing faith tbh,

Lover's picture

This site leaves out socializing?


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