How to Master Pickup and Seduction as Fast as Humanly Possible | Girls Chase

How to Master Pickup and Seduction as Fast as Humanly Possible

Chase Amante

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Fastest Way to Master Pickup and Seduction
Life is short. If you want to spend as much of it as possible in bed with hot women, these 8 tips will send you off to seduction mastery at ludicrous speed.

Remember that scene from The Matrix where Neo plugs his brain into a computer, shudders for five seconds, and says “I know Kung Fu!” Don’t you wish you could learn pickup like that? Just take a pill or plug into a machine and download the skills necessary to become a master seducer?

Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work like that. There’s no five-second path to mastering seduction. However, there are strategies you can employ to speed up the process. It won’t be easy – but what good life doesn’t require a little struggle?

Here are eight tips to help you learn pickup – fast.

Tony DeppAbout the Author: Tony Depp

Tony is one of the most veteran day game experts around. He began to pick up women in the mid-2000s, when he posted on the famed seduction forum mASF... alongside other old hands like Chase Amante and Alek Rolstad. Over the last 10 years Tony has coached hundreds of students to meet women during the day. He has two published books out on seduction: one on his journey, and one on doing awesome at day game.



Anonymous  's picture

Hey Tony,

1. Do you think there's a certain age where a guy can't go out every single night or multiple nights solo? And I don't mean being an old man, but I mean old enough that you'll look like you're having a midlife crisis type. If there's no age limit let me know!

2. When you say it takes about 10 years to become a master, I'm guessing you mean even people older than 20 can do it? Because 10 years is a long time and I heard people look at people weird at a certain age still picking up women. Do you feel there a cutoff age where one should stop trying to achieve mastery?

3. What would be the levels of how much you have to go out to achieve mastery?


Beginner: 4-7 days of going out, Intermediate/Advanced: ......, Master: .........

4. How do you go solo to bars, clubs, lounges, dive bars, etc. All the time 4-7 times a week and not look and feel like a loner or weirdo loser?

That's all I gotta ask, thanks man!!

Tony Depp's picture

How old are you?

Anonymous 's picture

Mid 20s

Tony Depp's picture

You're super young. I didn't start until I was nearing thirty. Enjoy the trip and don't stress out about your age. It's pointless. Age will follow you wherever you go. He's your friend. 

Anonymous 's picture

You think that's young? That's close to where you started if you started late 20s. Unless u think both are young.

But I'm mostly talking about the 10 years it takes to become a master because once you get to your 30s I feel people  would look at you weird for going out all the time solo.

And how do you go out solo 7 nights a week and not feel like or look like a loser with no friends or other important things to do?

Thanks 4 the reply 

Tony Depp's picture

I honestly don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. 

So they look at me, or judge me. So what? Does that change my game? Am I not a man?

It's up to you how you live your life, and perceive your reality. 

Bill's picture

My god that motivated me more than it should 

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