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Tactics Tuesdays: Telling Girls "You're Such a Girl"

Chase Amante

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you're such a
Escape women's traps and make things fun with "You're so demanding!" or "You're such a girl!" and other variants of this playful, off-balancing tease.

Here's a little tactic/tease you may use, but perhaps not enough.

When women test you or do something silly or unexpected, or when you need to put the heat back onto them, use this line:

"You're so [BLANK]!" or "You're such a [BLANK]!"

For example... at some point, a girl you've recently met asks you a super serious question about cheating in a relationship. A question there's no way to answer seriously without either qualifying or disqualifying yourself. A question seemingly designed to suck all the fun right out of the courtship. How do you proceed?

One excellent way is with "You're so [BLANK]!" Like so:

Her: So. If you were married, would you ever cheat?

You: Wow. You're such a downer! We were having fun, then all of a sudden you're assessing my value as a long-term mate.

Use a bemused, slightly endeared delivery when you use lines like this. Show her you find the situation funny and unusual, though also that she's somewhat endeared herself to you (even if she is a little weird or uncalibrated) with her silly/cute behavior.

"You're so" or "You're such a" can spin around all sorts of uncomfortable conversational situations. Questions about whether or not you're a cheater are just the start.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Niram's picture

Chase, I have two courses laid out before me right now. One is electrical engineering and the other is telecommunications engineering. You are a pretty knowledgeable guy, and honestly am confused as to which path i shud venture onto. Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated. Danke schon!

Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

An early merry christmas to you!

Thanks for this article!

What if they say "You're such an X" Jerk, demanding, asshole, daddy

Re: Concede but not surrender

I read the article and let me get this straight:

1. If she is challenging you verbally, not necessarily emotionally charged, we do the bored look or so. (When she challenges you article) or Question etc.

2. When she is in our face in an HEATED situation and is either pouring their whining about her day at us (but not directed at us), we can't let them pour negative emotions at us or else it will associate with us. Address it, and move on to positive emotions (that are not comforting her from her negative emotions).

And if she is really emotional and brings it up, tell her to "get over it"

3. When she is emotional but is in a "distraught and speechless" state, meaning she is severely depressed, give her a hug, some warmth.

4. When she is pouting and making a noise to get your attention at her being pissed, address it but be firm and somewhat annoyed at her pouting and noises. "Out with it, what is it". Being firm until she spits it out because she obviously wanted to tell you otherwise she wouldn't make such a show.

5. If she is HEATED with YOU, and directing it at you, see if it is related directly to lack of security (auto rejection) or if it is just her pissed at a mistake from you. 

5a. Auto rejection. If she is verbal, address it, show understanding, tell her it isn't what you meant, then olive branch.

5b. if she is just fussing over a mistake you make for example the car drive in your article, we're not perfect and neither is anyone. Tell her that. You make mistakes too and I'm not up your ass. It's not helping. Don't yell, but be firm in an authoritative attitude, this is not helping. Then olive branch given that "only if you claim down". Basically saying, you behave and we can make this lemon into lemonade.

6. If she is outright rude in PUBLIC, or in a group situation, leave her. It is done.

If it is in private, we can address it and fix it. If it is in public, it is an outright attack.

When behaviour is so atrocious, it mandates a stronger response and that is leave.

Or make her leave your place if it is done in private but to the point you can't bear it.

This is if she did something rude, or annoying, and you tried addressing it but she won't concede and continues.

"We can talk when we are both calm again. For now, please leave" as we open the door for her to leave.

Let me know if my understanding is right chase! I still need to calibrate, learning as I go :)



The item that hasn't been covered yet.

So with that said, if she isn't sulking and not talking (number 3), but she is complaining and crying about being alone or not having that warm (which potentially implies you, but she doesn't explicit say it), how do we handle this situation?

A. Do we pop up and say "Alright, I'm here for you babe" (I cringe at this)

But that sets unrealistic expectations and boyfriend zone. Also, very reactive.

B. Do we address her sadness? (This violates the don't associate yourself as bad emotion but instead turn it to positive).

Since it is something genuinely bothering her, and it somehow connects to you, so I guess it should be addressed?


C. Suggest solutions to make her happy such as "let's go do something together" Eat icecream or so.

Which is good. I think it is this one. She says she's lonely but doesn't connect it to you. This addresses the issue without associating ourselves to bad emotions and I personally feel like getting an ice cream too. Avoid sex or she'll be like this whenever she's horny... ugh

D. Yes..D. To make it harder for us to juggle, what if she's studying abroad AT THIS MOMENT of unloading her emotions on you.

No physical comfort because you're not there, so how would you handle this then?

Love to hear your thoughts Chase!


SZ's picture

1. Can you say "don't be such a downer/ don't be such a girl" ? Is that good ?

2. Should you say, "you're so cute/adorable!" ? Is it worth it?



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