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11 Ways Women Express Interest that Most Guys Miss

Chase Amante

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express interest
Women use subtle ways to express their interest. Keep an eye out for these 11 signs though, and women's subtle signals become clear as day.

Women express interest in men in all sorts of subtle ways. Much of the time, you may not even pick up on the signs... or you may have a vague sense she's interested, but not be sure.

It's a common thing for a guy to think maybe a girl's interested, but actually you're not sure, so you let her go... only to realize later on that, yep, she was definitely interested -- and you missed your shot.

In the list below, we'll lay out 11 of the more subtle ways women use to express interest in you. Once armed with these, you won't have to wonder if "maybe she is." You'll know when you've spotted one of the signs -- and can proceed with her accordingly.

Let's start with #1.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



BMontana's picture

Well I am not sure, I think most women do those things anyway, whether they are interested or not and many women just do it for attention. Some of the things in this list are also a little cliche, like the "bumping in" sign. I think eye contact, laughing and touching are the most legit ones, especially when done at the same time but even then it depends. I have seen women doing those things to other men and I could clearly tell that they weren't really interested in them.

Chase Amante's picture


Right. Every sign of interest a woman gives you can be used for attention, rather than actual interest.

I've tried to stress looking for multiple signs in the article: the sign, plus other behaviors, etc. If you want higher odds to tell if she's interested, look for multiple signs. If you want to know for sure if she's interested, ask for compliance (it's the only way to know for sure).

As far as bumping/clumsiness... the "girl running into guy in the hall" was the only good example I could find for this. Couldn't find pictures or GIFs of a girl knocking into a guy's table or dropping her pen right next to a guy. They might be cliché, but girls do them... they're cliché for a reason. Maybe because they're cliché, a lot of guys seem to think when it happens "Oh, that's a cliché. She wouldn't actually do that for real if she was interested." Which is... not the right takeaway. Women copy each other and do things they see other women do (they're also just clumsy in general, and clumsier around guys they like).

I have seen women doing those things to other men and I could clearly tell that they weren't really interested in them.

Yeah, maybe! Any sign of interest that gets a reaction out of someone else can be used for ulterior purposes. There are no 100% signs.

However, on the other hand, careful about being too certain in your readings. I've spent a lot of time in the field and am pretty good at reading things most times... however there have still been plenty of times I've seen a girl with a guy, said to myself, "She's just playing him. She's not interested in him at all," only to see the two of them leave the place later or start making out. Likewise, I've had my fair share of girls around me about whom I thought "Eh, she's not really interested", but followed good process and asked her to come along with me anyway, only for her to say yes. I've bedded a not-insignificant number of women like that too. One of my best girlfriends and longest relationships was with a girl about whom I was certain, right up to the moment we fell into bed, that she was not actually interested in me romantically.

Predictions are useful. But you always need to be wary of about assuming you've got it totally figured out. Sometimes the girls who seem like they're for real aren't, and the ones who seem like they're playing games are in fact legit.


Bruhaha's picture

Hey Chase, of recent I was in a heated debate with a religious friend of mine. He holds the view that there is only one girl for every guy in this world and vice versa. I argued that if that were the case, then every widower that remarries is doing a great injustice to the rest of his fellows. This is b'se he would be encroaching on other people's ones. And that the church should actually publicly denounce the holding of such ceremonies in order to be considerate to the rest of the population so that they can have a perfect shot at their ones also. That's when it struck me that you have never actually covered this issue before. I hope sometime to come, when you feel like it, it would really be cool to have your perspective on this issue. I would suggest you entitle it "Debunking the myth of the One", if you don't mind of course. Carpet diem!

Chase Amante's picture


Yeah, that's interesting, huh?

So far as I can tell there is nothing in Christian theology that says anything about there being only "one true soul mate"; the only place I can actually find it is in Judaism, with the concept of bashert. No other religion has this "there is only one soul mate for everyone" belief (I'm assuming your friend is Christian, not Jewish; if he's Jewish, then yeah, it's just a part of his belief system). Yet it seems to have entered popular culture regardless, and formed its own kind of romantic religion.

I'll do an article on it!


ray's picture

Welp this is frustrating because I have never once in my damned life got any of these signs from women ( and believe me, I've always looked for signs when im out)... here I am that I've made myself into a great catch( in best shape of my life, hired an image consultant,ect.) and still get no friggin interest whatsoever... it's like there's only so much a guy can do.

Chase Amante's picture


Are you sure? I would say this then:

Take a week and look for as many signs of interest as you can directed at other men. See if you can pick up on these.

My guess is once you start seeing them aimed at other men, you'll begin to notice them aimed at you too.

I've taken a lot of guys into the field, including a lot of guys who are not remotely conventionally attractive... often these signs are invisible to them, and they insist they don't get them. But I am still able to find girls who signal them anyway (not always the cutest girls, though, especially for the really out-of-shape, schlubby guys... but I do find them), and send them in.

If you never, ever get signs of interest, I've yet to meet a guy that's the case for -- it is always, in my experience, 100%, down to the guy not seeing them.

Hard to say for certain without going out with you in person, but IME it's always down to "guy doesn't recognize the signs", rather than "guy gets no signs whatsoever."


Neal's picture

But my question is, what do women do if men did these tactics on them? Do women presume the men roles? Well then, aren't they inclined to go "Wow, he really knows how to act like woman! On the inside." Heh.

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