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The Three Brothers' Wives

Chase Amante

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three brothers wives
The parable of three brothers who choose different wives to fit different criteria (beauty, kindness), and lead different lives as a result.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Sam2's picture


This parable related to me in a big way.

While I am doing good with girls, I am not yet in the phase of absolute abundance, meaning I have yet to get a really beautiful girl by my own personal standards who will also be warm.

Is the message of this article that a man must keep looking and approaching until he finds this combination? Is it that such a synthesis is absolutely possible?

Varoon Rajah's picture

I'm not Chase, but I found two messages in this article which resonated with me strongly:

1. Don't settle for a girl until you find the one which has everything you want, and that means knowing what you want as a man, and knowing that women like that are out there.
2. Don't regret the girls whom you've passed on the way (whether it's a bad approach, or a bad date, or a girlfriend that didn't work out whom you see fondly), because there are still other women out there who may be better and you just have to find her.


stefxxx111's picture

nice parable, the happy ending was unexpected, in real life the 3° brother most likely will also find something to be miserable abou in his wifet :)

E4Excellence's picture

I thank you 1,000x over for this story. I am currently single and have the mindset of the 3rd brother and this story just confirmed that I aim on the right path to finding a wonderful wife. When I see how some of my married friends act from time to time, it leads me to believe that they are either the 1st or 2nd brother but won’t openly admit it. I so appreciate the wisdom you share on this site. Please keep up the excellent work!

Tally 's picture

Hello Chase,

I got my first ever girlfriend, being 19 years old. First girl I ever kissed. I've been following the site for quite a while and even though I didnt have many actual experiences, I did have the skills, it was me who never pushed it further with girls due to some psychological issues which I have now resolved.

But the girl I have is absolutely amazing. She is the third brothers wife. I was reading other articles of yours or Ricardus and one of them described the ideal girl (it was about relationships) and she fits every criterion.

She is exactly that person.

I would love it if I kept her.

Only downside is she is not very ambitious, just wants to be my girl, a future housewife.

Whats your take on that? I am afraid that having kids with such woman might lead to them being not as smart or ambitious as I would like them to be(talking a bit more generally here).

And also, since I have found an amazing girl, I am debating whether to go down the road of seduction. The lessons are many and I am really keen to learn them, but at the end, isnt the purpose getting that third brothers wife?

This is a bit of a general question, I dont know where things will lead with this girl.

Kevin Bogard's picture


I’m no Chase, but I would definitely advise you to meet more girls, and only settle once you really have the full package.
The first girlfriend I had, I also thought was perfect in every way. Beautiful, very kind, great girl.
But at the time I didn’t really have a life purpose, so she’s was the main thing in my life, and I had just started self-improving, so I thought this was the best I would ever get, and ever need.
One day we broke up, and I was really sad for a while, but then, as I discovered my life purpose and started going after it, and as I kept improving my fundamentals and skills with women and people in general, I started seeing that there were women much more beautiful, much sexier, much more ambitious and intelligent, with much more interesting and positive personalities than my first girlfriend.
At first, when I saw pictures of my ex, I felt regret, and still thought she was perfect. But with time, all of that faded, and now when I look at pictures of her I think, ‘Man, how could the old me think this girl was perfect and the best he could ever get?’

Firstly, remember that this is your very first girl, and you will never know, as Chase has said in his post about satisficing wether she is your best option until you’ve dated around some more.
Second, if you feel that you can get a better girl, then go get a better girl! As one can see from this article, ‘dream’ girls are more common than you would think, so never settle for less than what you expect from a girl, when it’s so easy to get a better option.
And lastly, it’s not so much about learning ‘seduction’. You don’t need to become a master Casanova seducer to get your dream girl. Of course, do work on your fundamentals and upgrading your looks, and do get more experience with women so you can become more comfortable and at ease around them, but, as Chase showed in this post, the girls that you really really like, will very often really really like you back.
Love at first sight!

As Ricardus would say, onwards and upwards!


Lawliet's picture

Thanks for another nice article Chase!

I have some questions with approaching lately.

Re: Unconventional Approach situations

Times when a girl seemingly gives an AI, and I couldn't approach because of logistic issues. and I hate that!

1. Bus, You are stuck!

She stares at me, and I catch her eye contact. But there aren't vacant seats next to her. The only way is standing NEXT while she sits facing forward (toward the front of the bus). That's really bad on the outset frame.

I waited until the person next to them got off (luckily) and that was 10 min? The girl had already given up looking around and goes on her phone by then.

I waited a few minutes after the seat was vacant so I don't come across reactive.
Then moved next to her.
I opened with SR, but immediately regret and could have used direct instead.

She didn't respond much and remain fixated on her phone. Didn't bite.

What did I do wrong?
And how would you handle situations similar to these?

Second pet peeve with transit...
What bugs me too is when you meet a girl on transit and you're stuck there until your stop.
Talk goes beyond 10 min and soon she loses interest since it's dragged out.

Any tips for this dilemma?
2. Girl is eating with her family / friends at a restaurant

To me: (And please correct me if I'm overlimiting myself)
If she was alone, it seem fine to approach
If she was with friends but looking around or not actively engaged, it's good.
If she's talking with her friends, approaching would interrupt and generally be not good if she's pretty engaged with her friends.

But this situation, she's with her family...
Mom, sister, dad and sitting there while I'm with friends and family at another table.
Is there a way to approach without coming off socially awkward (for crashing their family dinner/lunch/bf)?

Or maybe I'm thinking too much.

Any personal experiences you had where there's no apparent way to make it smooth (you standing and she's sitting) or without breaking social norms (breaking into their family dinnner and sit down)?

And special situations where approaching requires more finesse!

Please share!
I learn a lot from your stories!!


Sz's picture

Is thinking that getting laid isn't that hard a useful mindset to have?

Because in my mind it feels extremely hard because of all the flakes I had, and it makes me feel that I won't reach my goal of 100+ lays no time soon.

That's also the reason why I give up and go on streaks where I don't go out or approach at all.

I think about the aa before the approach, I think of what I have to say so I can get the girl, I think of how I'm going to get this girl out, then I think about where I should take her, then I think about how she will act if I don't pay, then I think about what am I gonna say to her at the date, then how will I get her back home, then how can i sleep with her.

Then I imagine that scenario times 100. Then I feel like giving up because it seems like I'm putting so much time and effort in one girl, how the hell can I do this with 100?

Especially since I'm having a hard time now.

So I was wondering if I told myself that getting laid isn't as hard as I make it out to be, maybe I can put that energy and calm down, and chill, and start getting more lays.

Lemme know what u think.

Anon3857's picture

Hey Sz,

I think a good mindset to have is that a) getting laid is *worth* it, and b) it will get easier as you get more practice bedding women, so it's even more worth the effort you're putting in now, because of the long-term rewards.

I suggest you start visualizing positive outcomes with women, it's a lot more fun than negative ones... for example, imagine you ask a girl out, and she says yes, and then imagine you're on a date with her, and flirting and touching her, and she likes it and touches you back... imagine you're grabbing food with a girl and she offers to pay and you let her. Imagine all that x100 and you'll feel a lot better, trust me :)

John Greco's picture

Hey Chase,

Happy New Year with even more great achievements.

I guess, with this short parable you're hinting we should strive for mastery, to not compromise. Simple, but quite inspiring I'd say.

I'd also like to ask you this:

I pulled a girl from a bar the last weekend of 2017, and went for my first same-day-lay (although I've done a first-date-lay) but she was too resistant, even though I persisted a lot. In order for her no to rationalize thatshe doesn't like me I tried to frame it, that I was not pursuing sex with her particularly, I was just searching new ways to have fun with her. The goal I had in mind, was for her to think that she didn't refused me sex; since I wasn't asking for it per se. I don't know if that works. BUT, she stayed warm to me and we went on another date soon after. At the end of the date I brought her home once again, facing again resistance, so I was not very pushy, still trying to maintain the frame "We just chill, get to know each other and fool around and who knows". I deep dived her a little after, and learned some family issues with her father. (He was kinda abusive)

Anyway, we still talk and try to do date compression with her, but she'got herpes on her lips the last week and she's embarassed for me to see her so she turned me down today, when I asked her out, but we talked a lot on the phone, and we said that in a few days she will be alright and we could see each other.

I have a couple questions actually :

1) She thinks I'm a player and have a lot of girls besides her. Flattered I might say, I strive a lot for my fundamentals and my sexy vibe, but obviously she has me on boyfriend territory (at best). What should I do with that frame?Is it bad for me? I didn't answered directly to her.

2) Should I bring her home, if we go out another date, or should I break the pattern and wait for the 4th time I see her? When she resisted she said to me the usual ( I don't know you very well, I only sleep with guys I know some time blah blah).

At one point, I turned to her took a fake-pouting face and told her "I guess you don't like me :(" and she jumped over me saying : "No,no don't think that..!"
Still resistant.Choked her. Still resistant. Grab my cock. STILL resistant. I even did the thing with pre-cum Ricardus suggests, she got horny, but she kept the resistance. (Damn, although the pre-cum thing is hilarious, haha).

Sorry for the long post, looking forward to your reply.

Also my gratitude to you man, because when my first girlfriend left me couple years ago and tore my inexperienced, somewhat codependent heart, apart, I never thought that I would be someday way a way sexier man who can pull girls from bars, and have so much more to tweek and become continuously better.

Thanks man,
John Greco.

someguy's picture

A career in banking, one in enterprise software sales and one as a programmer for a tech startup. Sounds like these guys had been reading wallstreetplayboys...

kenjikojo's picture

Was smiling while reading the story.

Thanks Chase!!

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