Podcast with the Girls Chase Seduction A-Team: Lessons from Stockholm | Girls Chase

Podcast with the Girls Chase Seduction A-Team: Lessons from Stockholm

Chase Amante

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Welcome back to another episode of Dating Mechanics! For this podcast, I have something different and special for you. A few of us Girls Chase authors met up in Stockholm, Sweden this past summer for a few days and nights. We met up with each other (some for the first time), met plenty of women, both during the day and

Varoon RajahAbout the Author: Varoon Rajah

A New York City native, Varoon’s studied under many of the seduction industry’s leading instructors. His specialty is direct day game, where he meets girls on the street, on the subway, and in coffee shops. Varoon is the host for the Girls Chase Podcast, available on iTunes or via SoundCloud.



Vermin's picture


This was just criminal. How are you going to have all these great seducers on and only give us an hour of podcast, cmon bro? This should have been a 5-hour podcast MINIMUM! I guess I might just be selfish, I just wanted more and more.

Also, great to have the dating mechanics back. It's been too long.

Varoon Rajah's picture

I laughed out loud reading your comment, haha! It was tough even getting an hour out of these guys - all we wanted to do was get back on the street and meet more Swedish ladies ;).

Glad you enjoyed it man, it's been a while!


Dr Feelgood's picture

Hmmm...I am a big fan of what you guys are contributing here as articles, especially Alek and Hector. But I thought this was quite a "weak" podcast. Why? There was no reporting in detail for what happened in specific sets. I had the impression that this podcast was tailored to beginners. There wasn't much to learn from except for the KINO advice to gently touch with your fingertips. Funny enough that I unconsciously do that (I realize now after listening to your podcast) when I am in the zone.

What would have been interesting to know is:

a) How does Pablo's physical game look like
b) What has Hector to say about night game
c) What is Aleks method to turn yellows into greens.


Varoon Rajah's picture

Dr. Feelgood -

Yeah, we actually went over many, many details of each set the day after we went out, and we recorded the whole podcast at the end of the trip. Probably should have recorded bits every day, but that's a lesson I learned in hindsight - because we did rehash many things but in our recording did not go into as much detail.

That said, our intention was also to make listeners aware not just of techniques to learn, but also how we think and assess our nights out, and how everything gets put together. I think in that way a lot of the material isn't "new" or unheard of, but I hope it gives a good glimmer into what Deliberate Practice looks like in the world of pursuing women.

I've noted your requests and we may cover those three questions soon in the future.


Davido's picture

I was nodding my head in confirmation listening to that lay report about the girl, her friend and her mother, because having lived in Sweden for many years I just recount all the bizarre sex stories I’ve experienced and also people I know directly.

Swedes are sexually greedy, when it comes to sex nothing matters anymore and my friends have tagged Sweden as Sodom and Gomorrah. We have done several social experiments also to prove this, if you get a girl on the dance floor try to make out with her deeply and not just casual kissing, all the girls on the dance floor without guys become horny to a point you would see it clearly when they display all the signs you can think of when a woman is horny.

I think their is a social disconnect between the people here due to ego and other factors and this boredom is been replaced by sex, I’ve had girls at my house party showing me apps where they record all their sexual conquests and brag about it, this place I get female lay reports than male lay reports. If you meet a Swedish woman don’t worry about the circumstances and situations surrounding the sex location, they don’t give a shit about that, just be dominant and you are gonna be rewarded nicely. Arab guys here seem to know the secrets to a Swedish woman’s pant and wallet.

As for spitting game, I also need to say if it’s a Swedish woman you need minimal conversation, don’t take her to smoking area or sitting lounge, that can work maybe for 20% of the women, once she is hooked just lead her to the sex location immediately, the women here are not out looking to connect with you on an emotional level before sex, this is a feminist state where sex is treated as a business transaction and not some emotional construct of guy gets to know girl. I would say in a Swedish club just wait till like 1am to 2am and start repeat and rinse approach looking for the green light ones, because here we have what we call kvart till tre and all the girls know this and say it a lot (it means fifteen minutes to 3am that’s 2:45am since most clubs close by 3am), this period is like Uber surge, the rush hour where girls begin to panic because they don’t want to go back home to that loneliness they left at home.

As for day game I think it works better in other countries and not Scandinavia, since Swedes don’t date so it’s hard to bring them out after the initial approach, they freak out and becoming socially averse to meeting you for the simple reason they already find your stranger daygame approach weird and un Swedish. You should ask yourself why they don’t date, remember I wrote how fast you should move at the club scene, the reason they don’t date is because they are not interested in knowing you before sex, here sex comes first before getting to know you, if the sex is good then they give you a dating chance. That’s why majority of the people here are single for an average of 5years because you can’t keep a man or woman because of sex anywhere in the world.

Also Stockholm is good as many of the girls enjoy the animosity of coming to club in central Stockholm using tunnelbana from outskirts of Stockholm and can become loose as if they were holidaying in Cambodia or Melbourne and even be the ones to tell you directly do you want to follow me home and fuck.

I would like you guys to do a separate podcast for daygame only since night game is more like a meat market. Thanks guys and I do enjoy this podcast and got a lot to take away.

Andy's picture

I'd love to hear more about Hector's intuitive style of game. This style was also mentioned in Ruwando's podcast.

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