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Tactics Tuesdays: A2daMIR-Style Banter and Frame Control

Chase Amante

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Natural and nightclub bouncer, A2daMIR wielded a unique and masterful approach to seduction... Focused on turning the tables on girls.

One of the all-time best posters on the now-defunct mASF seduction forum was a guy named A2daMIR. A2daMIR was a Boston-based nightclub bouncer who routinely pulled off brilliant pickups... Typically with hot and bitchy girls. His ribald sexual humor was one of my inspirations for chase framing, but he has tech beyond just innuendo.

A2daMIR long claimed that his success came from having big muscles. He worked out hard for a number of years to build a ripped body, and after he reached a certain point, that’s when he noted his sexual results began to shoot up. Yet if you ask me, it was A2daMIR’s brain, not his body, that was the biggest factor in his success with girls. I’ve seen tons of extremely muscular men with dog-ugly girls, and had one of the most muscular guys I’ve ever known (this guy was absolutely HUGE) break down in tears to me about how he was never going to find a girl. A2daMIR had something these other muscle-bound guys didn’t.

Which is not to rag on muscles (muscles are great). If you have the time to build them, muscles are a real boon, although the greatest boon seems to be the intimidation factor they have on other men, and your own feeling of confidence to be ballsy and asshole-ish (when you choose to be) without having to worry about getting clobbered by some meathead who doesn’t like what you have to say. Perhaps also your sex drive; lifting hard and heavy over a sustained amount of time generates huge amounts of testosterone (and the sex drive to match). Muscles also have a certain curiosity factor for most girls, girls do find them attractive, and certain women have ‘muscle fetishes’ (the same way some guys like girls with huge breasts, or big behinds, or muscular legs, etc.). However, these are beside the point.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to what I view as A2daMIR’s most defining signature: his ability to maintain his frame with hot, bitchy, defiant girls, in a way that both turns the tables on them and draws them in at the same time.

And to illustrate this, I’m going to use excerpts from a couple of reports of his... And break down the tactics he uses.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Devin Stone's picture

Hey Chase! Great read, got a quick question for you. As I've been working on my game, I've started to become a much more understanding person. That being said, I still don't know how to really break things off with girls in a way that leaves me and her better off.

Case in point, I was dating a girl recently and found she was screwing around with some other guys. I normally would just never reply back to her but this time I was dating her for about a few months. She seemed to take it as we were just dating and not in a relationship per-say, from my understanding. However, I didn't need any STDs or anything so I just never replied. She has been pinging me still, asking things like "Hey are you mad at me?"

She doesn't know that I know she banged some other guys, but what should I do in cases like these? Should I close things up for her and tell her, "I know what you did" or go the gentlemanly route of just breaking it off without any particular reason or just go dark the rest of my life? Thanks Chase!

Chase Amante's picture


I'd just send a quick message along the lines of, "Hey yeah, no worries. I didn't realize you were shagging other dudes and that's not something I'm down with. Anyway, had a great couple of months with you, & all the best!"

She'll then protest / finagle / try to get you back, but at that point you can safely ignore. Generally it's good form to let someone know why you're stepping out if you've been seeing her a while. So you just do it in a way that highlights the reason, then ends it quickly and on an upbeat-yet-final note.

e.g., not ending in a whine, which most people will interpret as an opening to change your mind if they can just reassure you you're important enough to them. Instead you end on "had a great time with you. Good luck with everything!" note so she knows what the deal is.


Bibko's picture

Lots of amazing stuff in this article - opening up new horizons!

Troy 's picture

Hey Chase,

Troy here, it's been a long while I haven't been here. How has life been? I finally got around to buying the Mastery package and it is amazing.

I was wondering however, when it comes to going to bars and clubs I haven't read anything on how to choose drinks.

How many drinks a night, how to instruct the bartender without looking clueless on what I wanna drink, how to order drinks for a date...

I see men who either bring a bottle with them to the club or buy at the counter and they are always so skilled at impressing girls with their choice of drink?

May I ask this trend be written on?


Chase Amante's picture


Thanks for the business. Happy to hear you're enjoying Mastery!

One of the best ways to learn drinks is to go through a phase where you just order a new drink every time you go out. Grasshopper this night, White Russian the next night, Old Fashioned the night after.

Another great way is to buy a mixology book (or download an app - they have plenty of them for smart phones), buy some ingredients, and try out different mixed drinks when you have girls come over. Can also do a date where you have girls come to your place, you pick out a drink or two to make together, then go out and buy the ingredients. Then come back and mix the drinks.

You can also take a bartending class. Lots of fun, and gives you some good basic technique to work with.

For a few basic/popular drinks, Darius has an article here worth a read:

How to Mix a Drink to Make Her Taste Buds Pop

As for bringing / buying bottles. Bottles are a great way to get easy conversations with girls at nightclubs, but they're often expensive. I wouldn't worry about that unless you have money to throw around on them (or you've found some kind of bar where you can bring your own inexpensive bottle in and not be charged a lot for the privilege). But if you have one, just offering to pour drinks for girls who are passing by can be enough much of the time. Some will take the drink and keep moving, but many/most will stick around a while, and it's usually a pickup goldmine. That said, you will tend to run through cash like nobody's business doing this in most venues.

One final note: I only ever order one drink anymore at this point. Doesn't seem to hurt me any with girls though, probably since the focus is on what we are doing and not what we are drinking ;)


UrbanGamer's picture

Hey Chase, could you do more posts that go into analyses on A2damir's lay reports? The few naturals I've met (6 in total over a ten year period) tend to embody A2's wit based style of game .It usually has just a modicum of deep diving but 90% of it just seems to lean heavily on chit chat and is kinda very hard to replicate. Whenever I encounter guys with this style of game, 10 times out of 10 the girl opts to go with them. More break downs like this of Damir's brilliant lay reports would really be educational.

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