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Hey Chase! Great read, got a quick question for you. As I've been working on my game, I've started to become a much more understanding person. That being said, I still don't know how to really break things off with girls in a way that leaves me and her better off.

Case in point, I was dating a girl recently and found she was screwing around with some other guys. I normally would just never reply back to her but this time I was dating her for about a few months. She seemed to take it as we were just dating and not in a relationship per-say, from my understanding. However, I didn't need any STDs or anything so I just never replied. She has been pinging me still, asking things like "Hey are you mad at me?"

She doesn't know that I know she banged some other guys, but what should I do in cases like these? Should I close things up for her and tell her, "I know what you did" or go the gentlemanly route of just breaking it off without any particular reason or just go dark the rest of my life? Thanks Chase!