How to REALLY Tell If a Girl Likes You: It's Not Her Words | Girls Chase

How to REALLY Tell If a Girl Likes You: It's Not Her Words

Chase Amante

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tell a girl likes youWhat a girl says won’t tell you if she really likes you. So how to tell if a girl likes you (or not)? Read the subtext: her voice tone, body language, and compliance.

I see guys all the time talking about what a woman said and trying to decipher its meaning.

They seem to not understand this basic rule of telling how much a girl likes you: it's not what she says, it's how she says it... and what she does.

Women will say things to flirt with a guy, or comment on the environment, or for no reason at all. Then men will get in their heads trying to interpret some meaning from this.

"She said she doesn't date guys like me, does that mean I blew it?" the guy thinks.

Meanwhile she is laughing and smiling at him and has turned more of her body toward him.

Then he walks off, feeling like he shouldn't have walked off, but he can't explain to himself why not.

If you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you, that starts with tuning out most of what she is saying with words and tuning IN to what she is saying with actions, voice tone, and body language.


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