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Teasing Girls to Their Friends

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teasing a girl to her friendsIf you meet a group where the friends are receptive but the girl you want isn’t, what do you do? Simple: you win over the friends, and tease the standoffish girl.

This is more of a technique for higher intermediate to advanced seducers, though lower intermediates can toy around with it too (though expect to fail a lot).

Beginners should not attempt this... it will just blow up your face as a beginner.

However, for today, let's talk about a flirtation tactic that can be quite powerful yet requires finesse.

The tactic in question is teasing women to their friends.

This tactic is POWERFUL at achieving a few distinct things:

  • Building camaraderie with a woman's friend group, so they like you and won't cockblock you
  • Establishing yourself as a part of a woman's group, so you appear more 'friend-approved' to her
  • Creating a teasy-flirtatious vibe with the woman you like even if she's resistant to you
  • Grabbing some social rank in a woman's friend group where you position her a bit beneath you

The effect of it all is that, when executed right, the girl you want will start to chase you, no matter how closed off she was before.

Note: a lot of the basic theory behind this works exactly the same as the old school PUA neg. We're just doing slightly more fun teases, instead of using backhanded compliments.

However, because of the risks of both teasing someone you're not engaged with, and the social rank grabbing you'll be doing, this one's also a bit tricky.

You see, people don't like strangers opining about them, and they don't like you status jockeying with them, either, especially not in their own groups. Because it's her group, she has home turf advantage, too.

So, annoy her too much, and you may quickly find yourself shut out of the group, regardless how much the others laughed at your ribbing of her.

Thus, this is a tactic that is often very useful -- but with which you must be careful.

Advanced Calibration: Gleaning Information About a Girl

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girl information gatheringTo calibrate to a woman, you must be able to glean the information from her you need to make your adjustments. What information do you need, and how best can you use it?

Hey guys. Welcome back.

Today I would like to talk about calibration. Long ago, I wrote a series about calibration:

  • Part 1 – How to calibrate to a girl, her vibe, actions, and reactions to your moves (an essential part of calibration).

  • Part 2 – How to calibrate according to the context: the social and logistical setting (how isolated you are) and the logistics of her group (her friends and social circle).

  • Part 3 – How to calibrate your timings. Not all moments are ideal for making a move, setting a frame, escalating, or isolating, so hit the right timing for max success. An important difference between intermediate players and advanced guys? Advanced guys hit on the right timings and get rewarded.

I wrote two more posts for this series about personality types that could assist you (I do not consider her “personality type” a reliable factor for calibration).

Today’s post is truly essential to calibration: information.

You cannot calibrate if you go in blindly, or else you’ll make many mistakes. You need information to calibrate. Without information, you have no way of knowing whether you are making the right move, escalating fast enough, or going in too slow.

So, let’s discuss the role of information: how you acquire it and use it.

Women Have Different Rules for Attractive Men

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women rules menWomen sort regular guys into stereotyped boxes to know what to do with them. But make yourself sufficiently attractive, and these rules no longer apply to you…

For years, a war has raged in the seduction space between experienced and inexperienced seducers.

Inexperienced seducers have opined on all the reasons women are not interested in men like them.

Experienced seducers, meanwhile, have stated that women do not care at all about these things inexperienced men pin the blame for their lack of success on.

Things like looks, race, national origin, wealth, height, physique, and more get bandied about by the inexperienced as reasons women accept or reject men, yet rejected by the experienced as remotely valid at all.

Furthermore, inexperienced men will complain that women do not want to be approached, insist on men paying for dates, won't date you if you don't adopt the provider frame, and always insist on using condoms.

Experienced men will tell you women love to be approached, will often pay for dates themselves, are easiest to date for men who aren't providers, and will often be the ones suggesting you not use condoms themselves.

Why is there such a disconnect between men who aren't experienced with women and men who are?

Which of these men are living in a delusion... and which men aren't?

To answer this question, we must look at a simple truth of women's, and that truth is this:

Women have different rules for attractive men than they do other, more regular men.

Does Dick Size Matter When It Comes to Getting Laid?

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dick sizeHow much does dick size affect your ability to get laid? Can girls tell your dick size before you hook up with them… and what happens once the clothes come off?

Hey guys, and welcome back.

Today I want to put the nail in the coffin on an old discussion that seems to re-occur on seduction forums, on the web, and in face-to-face discussions between men.

How to Plan Out Your Day Game Logistics

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day game logisticsDay game is a lot more efficient when you know where to meet girls to approach, and where to take them after. Figuring out your day game logistics is key.

One pesky barrier holding guys back from getting better day game results is a lack of certainty when handling logistics. While tightening your fundamentals and becoming a good conversationalist are vital steps on your journey to success, it’s controlling your logistics that puts new girls in your bed.

It’s frustrating to meet a girl who’s attracted to you, only to have her slip through the cracks because you weren’t able to lead her back to your bed. Putting those days behind you is an important milestone for every student who wants to find dating success with girls during the daytime.

What’s more, compared to other aspects of seduction, which usually take a considerable amount of time and effort to master, logistics are one of the easiest things for game students to get down pat. They’ll give you a better foundation to make the most of your day game interactions.

It’s always fun to find straightforward ways to sharpen up your game. And by the time you’ve finished reading today, you’ll be equipped with a simple plan to take control of your logistics, even if you live far away from where you meet new women or if you find yourself without a bed to use.

Recovering from Interruptions When Talking to Girls

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recovering from interruptions with girlsIt’s no fun getting interrupted when you’re talking to a girl. How do you recover the right way, without looking try-hard or upset? Simple: use panspers.

Sometimes when you're talking to a woman you've recently (or not so recently) met, people will interrupt you.

This isn't always unavoidable; there are things you can do to reduce how often it happens.

For one, often if you ignore people attempting to butt into your conversation, and your conversation partner does as well, the interrupter will begin to feel awkward, then leave. So, don't break circle.

For another, use some situational awareness: don't approach women someone's likely to interrupt you with during the first three minutes of conversation.

For a third, you can use a little group theory to get a woman's friends (if she's with friends) on your side.

These three things in concert will dramatically reduce the number of interruptions you'll deal with.

Nevertheless, no matter what you do, you are still going to encounter interruptions from time to time.

It is simply a part of socializing. Sometimes the people you're talking to have other people who want to talk to them too (and who won't be content to wait idly by until you've wrapped your conversation!).

How you deal with this, and how you recover, can make all the difference in the future of your interaction with a girl.

5 Super Common Reasons Guys Get Rejected by Girls

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girls keep rejecting youIt feels bad to get rejected by girls. It feels worse when girls keep rejecting you. If girls reject you often, it’s due to one of five (5) key reasons.

Rejection stings.

Guys would ask out a lot more girls if the fear of getting rejected by girls did not hold them back.

For those of us who've figured out approaching, of course, it's a good thing this fear holds so many guys back. Just think how much more challenging it'd be to get girls if every guy could fearlessly approach!

Yet what if you're a dating novice and girls keep rejecting you?

Well, if you're a learner, and you've embarked on bringing new women into your life, that fear of being rejected by girls is one of the hurdles you must overcome.

You overcome it in part by learning how to act when a girl rejects you.

You also overcome it in part by becoming more resilient to rejection itself.

However, you additionally must overcome it by learning the reasons why women reject men, and adjusting your approach to correct for them... or, if correction can't be made (as with our first reason below), then accepting it and steeling yourself against a little rejection as an unavoidable part of 'the game' (you didn't think it would be a total cakewalk, did you?).

So here it is, our top five (5) reasons girls reject guys... plus what things you can do about it.

8 Obnoxious Female Behaviors that Are Actually Signs of Interest

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obnoxious signs of interestNot all women have class. Some women only have crass. If a girl’s signaling her interest to you in a rude, obnoxious way, it is still interest… whether you act on it or not.

I talked with a friend recently who mentioned being around a bunch of American girls after having been out of the country for a while. One of the girls obviously liked him. Then she started talking to other girls in ear-shot of him about all the guys she'd had sex with.

My friend found this a complete turnoff and lost all interest in the girl. He's no newbie; he's been with a lot of girls. He just does not like this kind of classless, crass behavior. Regardless, he knew this girl was most likely putting on this display to signal sexual availability to him.

I said yeah, I've had a bunch of girls who obviously liked that do that to me over the years... like you, I find it a turnoff. It is mostly American girls I've had do this to me too. Though come to think of it as I write this now I've had a few non-American girls who have done things like this also.

If you like classy girls, you are going to find the behavior above and many of the other behaviors we'll talk about below distasteful. Because what it is is, obviously, a lack of class; the girl has no more refined way to signal her receptiveness or availability to you, so goes for 'crassy' instead of 'classy'.

Yet if she's doing it in a situation where the other signs there are pointing to her being interested in you, then it is almost certainly a sign of interest.

So let's take a look at some of the various rude, crude, unclassy behaviors girls will engage in that are actually (much of the time) signs of interest / sexual availability signals.

Depending on your classiness preference, you may find these behaviors turnoffs... or they might be right up your alley.

How to 'Meet Smooth' in Street Game

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street game meet smoothYou can approach women on the street without it seeming awkward. Follow these few simple steps to approach women smoothly while out and about.

Meeting new girls on the street presents tough challenges.

Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced veteran, the time and effort you spend here feel like a grind since the girls you see are all going somewhere, making it hard to get consistent results.

But what if there were simple steps you could take toward a smoother street game approach?

Think about the scads of great-looking girls you’ve seen on the street. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create the kinds of first impressions that will boost your odds of successfully dating and bedding them?

Today we’ll look at how you can do just that. And by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll find yourself equipped with a fresh, potent strategy to upgrade your street game skills.

Let’s dive in.

Dating with Herpes, Pt. 1: Dating Strategies

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dating with herpesIf you get herpes, does it mean your dating life is over… or you’re condemned to “condoms forever”? In fact, you can be responsible, while still leading a good life.

Hey guys.

I will be deadly honest here. I never thought I would write this post. But I keep getting messages on forums about it. I even got emails about it, and very experienced seducers have asked me about this (I won’t mention names out of respect).

The herpes simplex virus causes herpes, a very contagious virus that gives those nasty bumps that ulcerate, and then you get those tell-tale sores. Yes, a cold sore is a herpes virus. There are two strains of herpes: herpes-1 and herpes-2. Herpes-1 is commonly seen on the lip, and herpes-2 shows up on your dick and balls.

However, you can get herpes-1 on your dick and herpes-2 on your mouth. So, the distinction between the two is not that important. What is important to remember is:

  • They both can be painful and have similar symptoms.

  • They are both very contagious.

  • They both have a pattern of flare-ups followed by periods of remission.

  • Herpes is almost not contagious during remission.

  • Herpes is very contagious during flare-ups (especially when you have a blister or an ulcer).

  • Condoms limit the odds of transmission but do not protect fully (unlike HIV and other STDs, for which condoms offer nearly 100% protection). Condoms are also not good protection against HPV (human papillomavirus), which can give you nasty warts.

  • Flare-ups usually last between one to two weeks but can last longer.

  • You are more contagious when you have ulcers and blisters.

  • Both types respond to treatment with Acyclovir or Valacyclovir.

Symptoms: Herpes usually starts with some redness, and you may feel a bit of itchiness. Then, a few large blisters form, or you may see a cluster of smaller blisters. The blisters burst and develop ulcers, which can cause scars if the sores break open.

You are most contagious during the ulceration phase, but during this entire phase, you will be contagious, too infectious in my opinion, for sexual intercourse.

In remission, the odds of transmission are minimal.