NEW VIDEO: Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Part 3 | Girls Chase

NEW VIDEO: Picking Up Girls in Your Day-to-Day Life, Part 3

Chase Amante

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Are you ready to be “always on”?

This is a subject guys have asked me about over and over again for YEARS.

As soon as guys get into game, they start realizing there are beautiful women everywhere around them. They start getting approach invitations from women in random, unexpected places. And they beat themselves up over and over for missing those wide open opportunities, all because they weren’t “on”.

“Always on” is something of the Holy Grail for pickup-lifestyle integration. If you can achieve it, you become an absolute girl-gathering machine. But HOW do you do it?

In this video, the first premium video in the “day-to-day life” series, I lay it out:

  • How close to “100% always on” can you realistically get? I discuss from a realistic perspective, then lay out the path to actually getting there

  • The secret of “social mode”, and how to use it to keep yourself in the “on” state throughout the day. Hint: once your life is set up right, this becomes almost automatic

  • Creating social momentum during an ordinary day. What sort of interactions work for this, versus which are simply momentum “dead ends”?

  • 9 powerful ways to get your social mode thrumming that apply to any lifestyle. Use these to keep your social engine running, so you can spring into action any time a random good-looking girl shows up – shooting signals at you or otherwise

This video’s premium, which means you’re going to need a GirlsChase.TV subscription to watch it. Pick that up in the next 3 days and you’ll be paying only $12.47 per month for it (it goes up to $15/month next week).

A GirlsChase.TV subscription gets you access to all the highest quality exclusive content on GirlsChase.TV, including regular new videos by me. We’ve got four more videos left in this series on picking up girls in your day-to-day life to come… then after it comes the course every guy’s been asking me to do for the last seven or eight years: Fantastic Fundamentals, a GirlsChase.TV exclusive where we look at each and every fundamental in isolation, to get your attractive persona so ridiculously sexy girls will swoon the moment you step into the room.

Here’s our video on being “always on”:


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