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Seeding the Pull: Plausible Deniability

Chase Amante

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plausible deniabilityInviting a woman home with you is an art of itself. One part of this art is giving her plausible deniability. And one part of THAT is in seeding the pull.

Hey guys. I hope you are doing well.

Today I’ll discuss a technique that will increase your odds of having her say yes to going somewhere with you—whether it’s back to your place, her place, or another bar or location.

We call this extraction or “pulling.” It’s when you move a girl from one place to another. This differs from isolation and getting her away from her friends, usually within the venue, often in night game. Isolation can be challenging because you want to move her away from her friends. And extraction is difficult because you want to leave the venue and go somewhere else, often to your place, which she may not be comfortable with for many reasons.

Note: Isolating a girl and get getting away from her friends by bringing her back to your place counts as isolation and extraction (you can isolate through extracting). Both are crucial to master.

What’s cool is that the technique shared here is useful for both isolation and extraction. However, due to isolation’s slightly different nature, I will elaborate on how to use the technique in a future post.

The best part: this technique is deadly efficient and easy to pull off. It isn’t complex or risky; even beginners can and should use it.

Let’s begin with a recap (to go straight to the technique, skip the first section and start at “Seeding the Pull”).

This post is suited for everyone, irrelevant of skillset.


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