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Secrets to Getting Girls: Reward Spiderwebs

Chase Amante

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reward spiderwebPeople become hooked to things that give them specific social rewards. A good seduction follows the same principle, weaving a delicious romantic spiderweb.

What's it take to create a masterful seduction... one that pulls a woman in and magnetizes her to you, all the way to intimacy?

Talented seducers do something different from what ordinary daters do.

Well, they do many things different, but we're talking about one in particular today:

They construct a path of rewarding social/romantic experiences for women to encounter as they proceed through the course of the seduction with them.

Each step of the seduction journey reinforces to the woman how good it feels to be a part of the seduction, how much she wants to be around this man, and why she must continue.

This 'spiderweb of rewards', built well, keeps a woman hooked into the seduction, a thing that feels so good she does not want to leave.

If you can get yourself to think of seduction as a 'reward generation machine', you will begin to think of it the way all master seducers do.


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