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How to Date in a World War

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dating during warAs the world slips toward Armageddon, you’ll need to be prepared to keep meeting women during wartime. Here’s the ultimate guide to do just that.

Today, martial spirit is rising throughout the Western world.

Following Russia's entry into the 8-years-long Ukrainian civil war on the side of the Eastern Ukrainians, jingoistic anti-Russian sentiment has exploded throughout the West. 74% of Americans support a no-fly zone over Ukraine in support of Western Ukraine, which would require NATO to shoot down Russian aircraft over the country, inevitably plunging the United States, Western Europe, and much of the rest of the world into a third world war.

Once the nukes start flying and the supply lines crumble, and the draft begins to conscript soldiers to fill up the undermanned Western militaries, doubtless drawing the entire global north and perhaps much of the south into prolonged, multi-year conflict, privation, and perhaps even nuclear winter, things will change in the modern dating landscape.

Many complicating factors will impact the way you meet women. You will experience too (as always occurs in times of war) dramatic shifts in normal female mating behavior, which may at first confuse you if unexpected.

In today's article, we look at what kind of changes you can expect, and how best to continue bringing new women into your life during a time of global war.


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