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Extended Seductions: Seducing a Woman Over Weeks (or Longer)

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extended seductionSex can happen fast. Yet if you prefer to draw things out, to heighten anticipation, and enjoy the seduction more, you can – so long as you’re the one in control.

Hey guys. In my two previous posts, I discussed whether you should seal the deal now or wait for later, opting for an “extended seduction.”

In the first post, I discussed if you should get her number rather than go for the kill right there. My conclusion is that it is always best to go for the pull if logistics allow. It’s a call beginners and advanced guys alike have to make often.

In the second post, I went over whether you should escalate to sex or opt for another date. This decision is trickier and is best made by advanced guys since the pitfalls of missing an escalation window when she is ready (an opportunity to escalate to sex) may ruin a future chance of having sex with her.

There will always be a higher probability of sealing the deal when going for the instant close. Overall, it is the better strategy. Generally, it is a better call, although going for the extended seduction is favorable in some situations.

The issue is that knowing when those situations occur can be hard to discern and, if misjudged, could cost you the interaction. It’s why I suggest that beginners do not opt for the “extended seduction” strategy.

I’ll be re-emphasizing this today. As you will see, it may seem easy to pull off an extended seduction, but in practice, it is tricky.

  • The longer the seduction, the more material and knowledge you need to keep her excited and hooked.

  • The longer the seduction, the more opportunities to make mistakes. It’s not an ideal strategy for beginners who may be prone to errors. Intermediate guys may make fewer mistakes; however, the longer the interaction goes, the higher the chance they get nervous and impatient, thus the higher the chance of miscalibrating and making mistakes.

  • The more time passes, the higher the chance of wildcards occurring. Factors you did not anticipate often come up and can potentially ruin the seduction. For example, she may get sick between dates, run into an ex, or something stressful comes up at work. Anything can happen. It requires good wildcard management and a great overall game to survive the damage the wildcard causes. (Note that I wrote an important piece on wildcards a while back.)

So you can see why an extended seduction is not easy. I will try to make it easier by providing hints and tips to make it work.

This post is my take on Pureevil’s original concept behind extended seductions. In my opinion, he was the founding father of extended seduction, and most techniques here should be credited to him. Pureevil was a top-tier seducer who had the guts to write posts on this subject when the trend was fast pulls. (A trend I was part of; I was very involved in that school of thought.)

Check out Pureevil’s original posts reposted by veteran seducer Skills.

First, let’s discuss why you would consider going for extended seductions.


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