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Approaching Girls in a Half-Assed Way

Chase Amante

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half-assed approachDo you approach girls, have it go a bit well, then eject without that great a reason? That’s a “half-assed approach” – and it’ll slow your learning curve.

A lot of my early failures as a novice seducer I reflect on now as stemming from a particular problem I had back then, one endemic to most novices but largely devoid from experts. This problem is what I’d define as making half-assed attempts.

A half-assed attempt is one in which you try to do something with a girl, but you don’t REALLY try – you just kind of try. You half-ass it.

  • “I’m going to approach that girl and try to get a conversation going,” you say. So you approach her, kind of talking to her a bit, she isn’t really receptive, so you shrug and tell yourself, “Hmm, well, I tried,” then you bail, never to see her again

  • Perhaps you’ve got a girl in a good conversation, but it’s hard to read how into you she is. “Let me test to see if she likes me,” you think to yourself. You try to escalate touch a little bit, but she just sort of ignores this. “Seems like she isn’t feeling it,” you say, so you back off and start escalating down, until eventually you leave or she does, never to meet again

  • Maybe you’ve even brought her back to your place. “I should try to kiss this girl,” you tell yourself. You try to get closer to her but the way she’s seated doesn’t really permit you to get close enough to kiss. You figure she must just not be comfortable enough for that, so you chat with her a bit until she decides to go home and you never see her again

If you’re honest, you can probably look back through many of the interactions you’ve had with women, especially early on when you were more clueless (or right now if you’ve still got your training wheels on), and catch yourself half-assing it.

You get out of it what you put in, of course, and if you’re putting a bunch of half-assed approaches in, guess what… you’ll get a bunch of half-assed results, too.


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