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all women are like thatWomen debate the morality of an extramarital affair while married to a man you don’t love. Why do different women view things differently?

I had a girlfriend tell me about a hornet's nest she kicked in the comment section of some gal's blog online.

Usually this girlfriend would read economics blogs and watch university lectures on philosophy. But she was into psychology as well, and sometimes she'd read blogs written by women chronicling their messy lives and tempestuous love affairs on a women's private blogging site.

One day, the female writer of some blog she'd been following entered her latest update. This writer had a loving, devoted husband, who was much more in love with her than she was him. The guy did a lot for her. Meanwhile the writer complained about how annoying her husband was and talked about how she did not love him back. There was a man she'd known whom she'd been in-love with in the past, but he'd moved away to care for his dying parents. Eventually he returned and the writer and he met up, the writer seduced him, and they started sex. He only got a few thrusts into her before her period started though and they ended the sex, the writer deeming it 'fate'.

This kicked off a variety of opinions from the female blogger's followers in the comment section. Some women cheered her on. Some women expressed confusion over why she'd cheat on a good and loyal husband. Other women asked why she was with her husband in the first place if she didn't love him.

My girlfriend, a hothead (most of my girlfriends are), dashed off an annoyed comment explaining to one of the confused women that, "That's just how she is. She is going to keep going back to that man, and then she is going to have a full affair with him, and she will never tell her husband." Then she wrote to the writer "Just tell your husband! Just tell him, divorce him, be brave, and be with the man you want!"

Then she added a little zinger at the end implying she knew the writer would never do this and would instead continue the affair in secret behind the trusting husband's back.

This kicked the hornet's nest, and a flurry of outraged women rode to the blog writer's defense, slinging mud at my girlfriend in ferocious defense of the mercurial writer's tempestuous lifestyle, beginning a day of exasperated reading and responding by my tenacious girlfriend.


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