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When Should You Start? Right NOW

A reader writes in:

Hey Girls Chase, I'm finding these articles to be quite eye opening. You guys seem to really get what's happening as opposed to other people out there who try to help guys with this stuff.

I think I'll finally be able to put myself together for a social life with your guidance.

I have a question. I haven't left my family's house, and I'm 27 years old. I have spent a long time in my life struggling with my own self-image and trying to figure out what it takes to have a life where I'm respecting myself. I said I'd be brief. So I'll just get right to it.

Is it possible for me to be attractive to women and get a social life? I'm not looking for sympathy. I just want to know how I should feel about my circumstances. I've always been shunned in school growing up and don't really have a deep positive impression of human beings. I've only ever had one girlfriend and long story short she was ugly and entitled. I know how to be civil and polite. I know how to feel happy, I can empathize with other people, but I don't know how to make people want to be a part of my life. Thankfully, there's more to me than this sob story.

I've been working out and reading a lot of this type of stuff and it's been helping me to be better noticed and better treated by members of the opposite sex. I'm determined to change my life but the girls are looking at me NOW. I'm about more than just “nothing”. Isn't there a way I can dive into sex and relationships?

Does me currently living with my mother and father automatically disqualify me from using the stuff I learn on your website on women and possibly experience the benefits? I've seen some SEXY women eyeing me and drawing close and the battle in my head is always the same. “You don't know what to tell her.” So I say to myself, “I'll learn” but then my head pull out the ol' “mama's boy still lives with his mama and daddy”.

Does it matter? If it does, how much does it matter? I have a feeling I'll find the answer to that soon enough as I read. I tried looking on your site for an article about this and the search turned up empty. So why not tell me what you think? If I still live with my parents will it get in the way of hooking up with or starting something regular with a girl I'd really like?

Thanks for your help


when should you start

Sounds very familiar.

This is something that I ran into quite often in the past. I thought it’d always be a good idea to put off doing things until later. I’d learn how to get better with women later on. I’d wait until I finally got to the point where I felt “sexy” enough to start approaching women. I’d put off improving my fundamentals so that I could fix something else in my life.

Eventually, I ended up becoming a huge procrastinator, and only ended up working on those things when I finally got so fed up with myself that I had to do something to dull the pain of failure.

It all started with excuses popping into my head, saying that I’d be better off doing things later. But, like most things that I put off until later, they just never got done. I never became better at seduction simply by thinking to myself, “I’ll do it later”. I only got better when I took action.

Ross LeonAbout the Author: Ross Leon

Ross Leon is a member of the Girls Chase Forums and an occasional contributor to Girls Chase. His focus is on body building, relationships, and personal self-development.

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xIRONCROSSx's picture

Good stuff Ross. I really appreciate the notion of seeing 'failure' not as 'I failed and will not succeed' or 'I was wrong and should be ashamed or embarrassed by it' but rather as lessons of what wasn't the answer at that particular time. Failures are what make successes so great and are the foundation for learning - they are part of what makes life so colorful, adventurous, and rewarding; not to mention each time we learn a lesson, we become much more hardened up and more well rounded as men.

Personally one of the largest barriers I've found in taking action is that 'first hump'--that first push or leap, sometimes into the unknown. Regardless of the outcome, after overcoming that first barrier, such as being the first to say 'Hi' or approach a girl, being the one who introduces himself first, being the first to offer someone help, guidance, or encouragement...whatever it is...I find that the next time becomes a bit easier; a social momentum as I believe it has been called on GC.

One scenario that often puts the clamp on my willingness to take action is when a girl is with another female friend or friends and as much as I want to approach, I feel like I don't want to embarrass her or worse, because she is with others, put her in auto-rejection because of social pressure or fear of being judged by her friends.

Granted this idea is very reliant on the outcome, which is something I struggle with to let go of, but I was hoping to get your take?

Thanks again for taking the time to write this piece!


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Hey M, thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, busy women can feel like a bother to approach. I've started writing some tips on how to pick up girls who are busy doing something else (be it working, talking with friends, working out, etc.) that should develop into an article soon, since a lot of guys don't know how exactly to act without coming off as awkward.

It all comes down to approaching them anyways. Remember, you're the prize, and any girl would be glad to have you step into their life. Whenever I approach groups during the day I always go in with a social attitude and try to non-verbally communicate with the girl that I am interested in her. This can mean I give her a seductive grin from time to time, communicate with eye contact, etc. I also tend to use a different tone of voice with her.

All of the previous stuff is to make it feel natural that we'll talk together alone later. Other people in the group can pick up on the subtlety of a vibe between you two and she won't feel pressure or feel embarrassed for parting from her group because it just feels 'natural' to her, and her friends almost always understand.


xIRONCROSSx's picture

Thanks for the response Ross,
What you say certainly makes sense. I am most likely overthinking it from reading too many articles :) , but my concern stems from Chase Amante's articles on approaching groups (aka just approach the girl you are interested in, don't break circle first, and just the overall efforts being put end to manage 'group dynamics' being, arguably, waste of time).

Do you often approach groups and engage everyone or do you find social/sexual success in both engaging the group, as well as, engaging the single individual (being female)?


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In Chase's article he's talking about a particular type of game - meeting groups during the night and trying to pick up a specific one. Old theory had it that you must engage everyone in her group that knows her to get permission to leave. New theory is that if you like a girl, you go straight for her, rather then waiting around.

Going in with non-verbals is more recognizable as indirect-direct game. If I run into groups of girls on a college campus and go straight direct with one girl, reputations can spread. I'd prefer to be more of a 'chill guy who happens to sleep with girls' than the guy who is known for going in directly for the hot girls all the time. Even then, I don't try and win anybody over or break circle. I simply go in acting sociable, talk with the girl, get her number.

For example, last month I saw a group of 3 girls walking down the sidewalk around lunch time. All of them were cute, but one stood out to me. I went up to the group, said, "You girls are the cutest ones I've seen all day!" they all giggled, then I asked the girl I was focusing on, "What are you girls up to today?" She explained, we talked for a bit, all the while I was giving her some sexy grins, teasing eye contact, etc. Then I got her number and said bye to the group.

This has always performed better than complimenting a specific girl and only saying bye to her, because the others feel like they were a part of the approach, even though I really only talked with one girl and only got her number.

Cold approaching during the day differs from night game because, when you approach, you're doing something different, and the entire group is focused on the situation at hand. Whereas in night game if a guy comes up and starts talking to a girl its seen as normal, and the rest of the group is engaged in their own conversations anyways.

Hope that cleared up any confusion. Different scenarios call for slightly different approaches.

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Yes that definitely does clear up the confusion, thanks for breaking that out.

Tying back to my original question, from your story about the 3 girls; when you say you got her number and said bye to the group, that's the type of thing I'm referring to about potentially embarrassing her or making her feel judged by her friends for giving out her number - "OMG you totally want that guy! You're such a slut! Haha"...that type of thing. Do you ever worry about that when approaching groups during the day?

One of the lessons (again probably my night game confusion) talked about is around singling a girl out or getting her away from 'noise' to get the situation more comfortable for the both of you. Does this same thing apply to groups of girls (3+) walking down the street in the daytime?

Most likely the girls are getting lunch, maybe shopping, but they have something to do or somewhere to be so it seems like trying to pull a girl away will send mega red flags to the entire group. For some reason my gut instinct tells me "Yeah that would just be weird, too forced, and overly obvious around intent" instead of just having fun and being social, but I've certainly been wrong before!

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


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Yes. I wish I had started earlier than I did. Like any pursuit in life, things take a little while to get things off the ground. The initial effort to do so is often what is off putting to many people, whether it be changing your diet, sports, a new career etc. Once you are off and flying but, you don't remember those initial challenging times setting things up. Great article.

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Dear Ross,

I have the same problem as Jonathan so I understand how he feel. :(

I am currently 25, recent college grad graduated from college for one yr, still trying to find an entry level job in my field. It seems like I am going to live with my parents UNTIL I find my first entry level job in my field.........Sigh. Living with parents sucks!!! ESPECIALLY I SHARE ROOM WITH MY DAD. So I guess this is even more grim than Jonathan's situations (assume he has his own room)

It is not a good feeling and this is why I said I have the same problems as Jonathan: For example, even though I bought Chase Amante's ebook (finally finish reading it) and read lots of articles on this site, I still have the mindset of "I probably can't practice Girl Chase's techniques UNTIL I find a job and move out."

A friend of mine who also read Girl Chase gave me this advice so I want to ask your opinion, Ross. *Hope this can help Jonathan as well

He said this: "Cwong, I understand you live with parents AND even share room with your dad so invite her home is definitely impossible. So why not break down into steps? Assume seduction is a 5 Steps Process: A,B,C,D,and E.

B=Deep Dive
C=Chase Frame
D=Physical Escalation
E=Invite Her Home

Since you live with mom & dad and even share room with dad, Wait till you move out to achieve Step E. HOWEVER, there is NO EXCUSE not to practice A, B, C, and even D!!!!

-> Why can't you just approach (A), get her # then don't call her? This way, you can practice Step A.

-> Why can't you approach (A), get her #, set up a date to practice B and C and D then DON'T invite her home? After one date from every girl you approached and date, cut contact for not wasting time. This way, you practice Step A to D?

So when can you practice Step E? AFTER you get a job and move out. This way, you are already good in A to E and now you can practice Step E. TREAT ALL THOSE GIRLS YOU MEET BEFORE YOU MOVE OUT FROM YOUR PARENTS HOUSE AS PRACTICE. THEY ARE JUST PRACTICE AND YOU DON"T PLAN TO SLEEP WITH THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you don't take actions, you will never be able to get good in step A,B, C, and D! "

I find this pretty inspirational....what do u think, Ross? Hope this can help Jonathan.

C. Wong

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as in, it shouldn't stop him from getting laid, getting a girlfriend, having a dating life/sex life? i'm 26 and i live with my parents, not financially stable yet, i wouldn't want to have to put my dating life/sex life on hold for a while because of this since i'm not getting any younger

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