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How to Know When Women Like You

women like youYou meet a really cute girl at an event or out on the street. You know right off the bat that she’s the kind of girl who gives you butterflies in your stomach. She smiles at you. You exchange pleasantries. You vaguely reference how the two of you should get together sometime. She giggles and agrees. She gives you her number and says to contact her sometime. The two of you part ways.

You walk away with a foolish grin on your face. You feel great about the interaction. Then suddenly… the feeling starts to wear away. Doubt starts to creep into your mind.

“Wait… did she actually like me or was she just being nice. Does she know that I want to go out with her or does she just expect to meet up to talk about business stuff?”

And then you let those doubts seep into the next interaction you have with her. Maybe you come off a bit too needy when you text her. Maybe you’re too friendly and not sexy enough the next time you see her in person.

And you lose a girl who you could’ve had a great connection with… just because you didn’t know that the girl liked you. You couldn’t be sure of your ability to read the signs and you couldn’t be certain that the girl was attracted.

Has this ever happened to you before? I bet it has.

Sometimes, even when you’re pretty sure that a girl likes you, the lack of certainty can actually prevent you from making something happen. And then you end up frustrated or regretful. Maybe months or years later the girl even tells you that she liked you and was waiting for you to make the right move.

Well, I’m going to show you how to put yourself in the position to make the right move. I’m going to show you all of the things to look for so that you’ll never have to wonder whether or not she actually likes you again.

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.


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Ray's picture

Really lays everything out for beginners. As I continue to grow through my seduction career, I can see how obvious some of these signs really are. It can take a while to get away from the "well what if she doesn't like me and says no?" mentality. Thinking about being rejected will lead you to doubt that she even liked you in the first place. Next thing you know, you have managed to convince yourself not to move forward at all with the girl! It starts off with a little bit of negative thinking and spirals out of control to the point where you're frozen with fear. Once you learn how to always assume attraction, you will start to see things in a more positive frame of mind.

David Riley's picture

Hey Ray,

I actually embrace rejection because it let's me know right away if a girl is truly interested in me or not. If she truly isn't interested in me, then I can move on to the next girl. It saves tons of time and resources. It's really awesome because it keeps you from overly invested in girls who have no real interest in you. Being direct with women will keep you out of the friend zone. Rejection from a stranger doesn't hurt because you didn't invest anything in her. Now getting rejection from a girl you spent months or years on that's something way worse because it feels more personal. Once guys have truly approached a good number of girls, it seems natural to walk up to them and have a natural conversation.

Take care,

Just Dave

Sam2's picture

Great article!

I would like to add something on your comment on how hot girls treat you. Not only do they not give you strong reactions, as you correctly point out, but they do not give you some flashy kind of investment either.

Once I went on 3-4 dates with a hard-case, hot girl whom I only managed to kiss and touch, but no sex. As I started to lose my nerve with her bitchy behaviour, I decided to drop it and burn bridges with her by saying:
"You know, I think you are actually looking for a friend, not a lover". To which she responded: "I do have a male friend. I don't need another one. But if I wanted one, would I be going out with you?"

This made me think that hard-case, hot girls consider their mere presence to be investment on their parts. So, we, men, need to learn to proceed with them just because they give us the time of the day.

Is she with you on a 1-on-1 date? Ignore her bitchiness and just proceed, guys!

Next Best Thing's picture

Chase, Colt, Franco, Anyone:
Let me begin by saying I'm a huge fan, learned a lot from you guys and this site so thank you! It is because of you guys that i now consider myself to be at the intermediate level (maybe advanced) but now experiencing a whole new set of problems. My main problem right now is maintaining/keeping girls around. I have no problem meeting girls, setting up dates, hooking up, keeping them for a few problem is that doing all of these things with all these girls every time we meet it gets a little exhausting. I'm losing girls because sometimes i don't feel like creating an incredible experience, or don't feel like giving them great sex, or making them feel special! It gets exhausting trying to do that with every girl that sometimes i jus wanna chill out, get my nut, and adios lol i know you guys must understand what I'm sayin, and i can't blame for girls leaving. ... but is this normal? Is there an easier way to keep girls around without providing all of these things or is this the price to be the boss? lol An answer would be greatly appreciated guys, thanks again!
- Your #1 fan

Dilusha's picture

Hey Colt,

A great article as always. But I have something to ask. There is a girl in our IT class. She is the hottest in the class. ( comparatively with other girls in the class) But she never glances at any guy in the class, including me. (Well, Don't know exactly whether she is glancing at other guys or not, but I know for sure she never glanced me, never. Not even accidently. :D) What's her type? How should I approach?

Troy's picture

Colt -

Hello to you sir. Its been a while now since i have commented on your articles. I appreciate this article. Its here right on time. I always wonder how to tell a girl likes me and now i know. Still, what if a girl likes you and everytime you talk to her, she excuses herself, or she doesnt show any signs of interest. Is there a way in conversation to realize that she actually likes you no matter how much she hides it?

I have a article request that i think you are the perfect man to ask to write on. its the topic of "The Gradual Exposure to Improving".

A lot of readers here, especially guys new to seduction will benefit from. Something that i am guilty of in the past is going too far too fast without social calibration. Things like going for the push to get a girl home without knowing how to connect with a girl.

Sometimes it makes sense to push to to save an interaction with a girl, other times it is detrimental. All improvement happens outside a mans comfort zone. Some people push too far too fast and burn out. some dont push and dont improve. Others push just right to improve but not burn out.

Take for example a situation i had one day when i went out to approach some girls. I peacocked my fashion, smelled great and went out. When i arrived at the main town plaza and transport centre, my plan that day was to approach 30 girls without ever going out and even approaching more than 2 girls in a outing. So as you might guess, i was so nervous by then that i had to go take a seat for feelings of fainting in public. Then i had a realization. my expectations were too high as to what i could manage. So right there and then, i decided to lessen my goal. Since i have never went out and had a conversation with more than 2 girls before, i decided to just ask 8 girls for the time. thats it. And to be honest, this felt like i was giving a public speech infront of 1 million people. Anyway, it was more manageable and guess what. In just 1 hour 30 minutes, i managed to ask 14 girls the time. thats almost double my goal. The reason is because i made it manageable. I felt really good to be honest. Something as simple as asking a girl the time was like a nightmare for me. Now my next goal is to approach 8 girls and give them a compliment. It might be small but it helps with my confidence, keeps me motivated, and helps me improve.

I think this is something a lot of guys struggling to improve are doing. They are burning out themselves then giving up and saying this thing was a sham when in reality they pushed miles past their comfort zone.

This might be similar to your article on pushing past your comfort zone, but an interesting one. In fact, it might get some guys in action. Instead of looking to approach 30 girls before you even have the strength to approach 1 girl use the gradual progress procedure:

... All the way to 30 and so on. Colt, could you write an article on this if it interests you in the slighest manner? Thank You



Anonymous's picture

I'm new at this HS and there's this girl who either is a 7 or 8, I don't think she though well of me well until we and two other girls did a video at my house,I used to not pay any attention to her, the first day we did the video she kinda used to give me some cold looks, second day it all changed she started showing different signs she liked me like: twirling with hair, looking at me then down or quickly to the side, she imitated me, said it was ok or fine when part of the video came out bad cause of my nephews. The next when we presented our video to the class she also imitated me one time, she tried getting close to me even when I pulled away, touched her lips and bitted them when she looked at me. Now when I see her in the hallway she tries not looking at me at all.i know she's talked to her friends about me.she now a days ha talked to this guy who approaches her till this past two days. I think she showed A.I. But I didn't do anything about it.i was either too slow to notice or to wimpy.i can't get her out of my head and I've dreamed about her about 5 times in a me know if I should approach her, or forget about her.shes said bad things about me but through her signs it makes me think she likes me and that's probably why I don't approach her.should I forget her or talk to her whenever possible or wait for an A.I. Again.let me know, I need to know what I can do before it's too late or what I shouldn't do to avoid humiliation.i also think she's said something like"ugh I know when he's alone he seems so good ugh me and my feelings" some days ago. I just can't tell how she feels about me.(:

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