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Sexual Prizing

What I am about to share now is one of my own personal magic bullets, and in my opinion the strongest attraction switch there is. The concept of sexual prizing has gotten me so many lays these last years that it has revolutionized my world. I came up with this concept back in 2007, and it has basically rocked my world since then. Thanks to this concept, my life for the past seven years has become better than I have ever dreamed of.

sexual prizing

In this post I will lay down the concept and also the history behind it. Of course, this post will be an introduction, so keep in mind that there is a lot more to say about this concept (which I probably will discuss on future occasions).

If you ever wondered what was required to become perceived as a lover (and many of you have asked me such a question), then consider this post a must-read for you.

Alek RolstadAbout the Author: Alek Rolstad

Alek Rolstad launched his pickup career at age 14, an early starter and seduction savant. His unique style of game focuses on “sex talk”: a way to make sex the primary topic of conversation. Sex talk lets the user excite girls rapidly, and filter for girls open to fast, raunchy, kinky one-night stands and sex. Alek plans to offer phone coaching to students of Girls Chase soon… Just as soon as he can find somewhere to hold phone calls on sex talk and threesomes where he won’t be shocking his roommates.

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Anonymous's picture

Nice article, mind sharing that LR? :)

J.B's picture

When is your next post covering this further coming out? How can i get in touch with you for more solid advice on this?

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I really enjoyed reading through your discoveries as a high-schooler. As I'm still in highschool I could relate quite well to the stories.

(As for the report you mentioned, you should definitely post it on the boards! It'll be an enjoyable read.) Somehow I feel like I'm at a similar stage as your past self. I'll hit 16 pretty soon and I'm excited for what the next year will bring, but I digress...

Do you have any conversation examples of where you steer the conversation down to the really sexual subjects. Such as what she likes in bed, whether she like it rough and hard or etc.

The article by itself is very informative, just a couple examples that I could try out would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Alek!

I went through this... yes. Please could you explain this psychology deeper? It happens - you make some escalation, kiss a woman, make out with her, be sexual, but don't bring it to sex. Usually because of bad logistics, lack of time etc. So it means, the woman was clearly attracted and wanted sex.

However, then it turns around and she rejects you after that. It's a kind of autorejection, isn't it? How does she really feel towards you? Is it that her attraction really dissipates and turns into disgust? Or does she still want you, but doesn't let herself ant rejects you instead?

This is perhaps the most bizzarre female behavior. And it's a very good reason to make sex happen fast.

Thanks, Tom

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Thanks for the anti-slut defense advice! Did not really consider that until now. Will try to use it in the future :)

Peace and love

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Alek -

Greetings to you my friend. I hope you reply to my comment this time please and thanks.

Your journey has been quite an interesting one to read about, however i think you are sending the wrong message here for high school guys. You are telling them to look for girls in school to have sex with them. Shouldn't the focus for us high schoolers be more like:

- Learning to make female friends

- Getting great at conversation

- Learning to make male friends

- Learning lots of interesting things

- Getting comfortable being around hot girls, big groups of girls e.t.c...

- Challenge our mindsets: cutting depression, victim mentality, bitterness e.t.c.

- Handling our fundamentals becoming a sexy man

...Then when we are out of school we focus on getting laid with girls. Im in high school and that's my plan anyway. Most guys on here are not casanovas, and if so why are you reading girls chase. I think that telling us to focus on getting sexual is a little advanced. Sure, i love your emphasis on sex talk with these girls which is great.

The only fault i see here is that the guys reading this cant pull it off. The shy guy, the nerdy guy, the guy who cant talk to people - they all have one thing in common here, they would be setting their death bed, and they need a more gradual exposure to break fears.

Take for example a guy who is shy, has approach anxiety, and cant talk to girls, he wont be able to isolate and escalate with a girl because it is just too far out of reach. Instead they take the other step which is to just learn how to walk up to a hot girl before 3 seconds has passed, then learn to say "hi", then have a conversation.

What you write in this article is great advice though. I appreciate it. It's just a bit too advanced for most high school guys who dont already have a decent social status. Could you write more about high school game? Thank you. I love what you write and hope to see you on here more.



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