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Should You Make a Promise to Her? Things You Ought to Know

make a promiseA friend of mine has been going through some growing pains recently as he's grappled and come to grips with the fact that he makes promises all the time... and often doesn't deliver on them. I've longed been used to having people make a promise that doesn't get delivered on around me, and I've long since learned to not put much faith in people who do so.

When I was first studying relationships in my teenage years, I noticed one theme occurring over and over, wherever women were hurt in a failed relationship: they were accusing men of breaking their promises. It was so incredibly common that I started to see this as a major pattern that a number of relationships hewed to:

  1. Man makes woman a promise, either to allay her concerns or in the height of passion
  2. Woman plans her life on the basis of that promise
  3. Man later breaks the promise
  4. Woman's life is turned upside down

Now... women aren't necessarily totally innocent victims here either, and I'll explain why below. But as a man, you need to understand the impact and effect you have on a woman when you make a promise to her - and how a promise binds both you and her.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

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JFav's picture

Been in a couple situations where I've been "forced" into making promises boy could I have used this post lol! Very insightful brotha!

Put me in a whole different mindset when it comes to those commitment points now.

braveCat's picture

After a painful situation because of a promise, I suddenly came to here. Because I had already seen this topic here before. Honestly, I didn't like to read this before, but after reading this..

Why asked from my self .. ?

Why I didn't read this before...

Awesome Chase...!

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