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Sexuality Game, Part II: Word Wizardry

This is Part II of Drexel Scott’s series on sexuality game. You can read Part I here:

Sexuality Game: Making Her Wet with Words

Before I begin this article, I want to tell you guys about something absolutely fascinating I heard the other day. I was speaking with my coworker Brian, and he told me about this amazing book he was reading online. He was telling me that in the first paragraph, the author of the book wrote,

“As you continue to read, focus on the message and pay close attention to what I'm saying, you may… become aware of the stark contrast between the black letters and the white screen. As this contrast becomes more and more interesting, you may find yourself suddenly able to place your attention on your breathing. When you begin to pay attention to how you're breathing, notice the rise and fall of your chest as you continue to inhale and exhale. And as you notice your breath, you may begin to… feel a slight movement of your head.”

Whether you were able to notice what just happened and think about how I led you through that process, I want to make you aware of how Ericksonian language patterns work. There's a lot to them, and it can often be confusing at first. But if I were to ask you to… imagine yourself, a week from now, suddenly able to understand how they work, and looking back on this article as the beginning of that new understanding, how would it make you feel to know you had learned so much that you could begin to incorporate such patterns into the way you communicate?

weasel phrase

Let's take this chunk-by-chunk. It's the only way to begin to make sense of what can seem like a brand-new way to think about language.

The basic idea is this: you want to capture and lead the imagination of your audience.

In order to do so, as I mentioned in my article on NLP basics, you need to have a goal in mind. You need to know where you want to lead, and want to end up, so that you can take the other person there with you.

Since the goal of being able to capture and lead a person's imagination is to elicit an emotional state, you need to first choose the state you'd like them to be in.

Drexel ScottAbout the Author: Drexel Scott

Drexel overcame the stifling social difficulties of Asperger’s syndrome and fast proceeded to sleep with over 140 girls. He gets dates and gets laid almost entirely through girls he meets at work, at parties, and in social circle. He can coach you over the phone to pull of the direct, blatant sexual game he uses, or you can pick up a copy of his Casanova Key and study his method at your leisure.


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Franklin's picture

Hey Drexel,

I studied SS a while back and I got pretty good at doing exactly what you just described. I was even creating my own patterns, but the problem for me was getting live women in the field to pay attention to me long enough to spit this stuff out. I had voice tone, body language, and everything pretty good, but it was like the women couldn't focus long enough for me to finish. Sometimes they would interrupt and walk off and sometimes they appeared as if they didn't want to think enough to follow the process..

I think maybe the person you're talking to needs to already have somewhat of an interest in you before you start doing this stuff so that they will focus and go through the process with you. It was this one guy on the SS List one time that kept posting videos of him doing this with women and it was soooo cheesy because he would just walk up on women and dive right into the incredible connection pattern and sometimes the Discovery Channel one. He really didnt have his fundamentals down either though, but most SS users dont. Plus non needy energy is a must also.

And I also think that if you are going to do this type of stuff you need some serious fractionation going on maybe between this and a playful vibe with a shitload of kino. Plus you still have to be able to close. I remember I had a few women that became good friends with me using this stuff on them but i was still afraid to lead and close at the time so it didnt end up happening. The girls had boyfriends and I at the time thought they would never cheat because I put them on a moral pedestal.. lol

So my question to you would be what do you think would be the best way to transition into this type of language patterning on a female that you see walking randomly outside in the real world outside of your social circle that you are meeting for the first time?

Drexel Scott's picture

Speed Seduction, or conversational hypnosis, is an absolutely massive topic. Language patterns are a very small part...I'd put them at the bottom of the hierarchy, actually.

At the top is energy and vibe. Some call it "state." As in, a language pattern performed from a place of desperation or neediness is not going to have the intended effect.

I may go more into the whole topic; this is just a brief introduction.

For them to work, you still need to open, still need to lead the interaction, and still need to have her attention. The best way to bring them up is "innocuously," in the middle of a conversation about something related.

As in, transition to them when you guys are talking about something like romance, dating, sex, attraction, men and women, etc.

There are ways to do them almost right off the bat, but it takes a lot of understanding and practice to get there. If you can recognize the signs that a girl is paying attention to you and slightly interested, you could launch into one quickly.

The best video I've seen which exemplifies this is if you go to Youtube and enter "Louis Theroux Hypnotic Dating." To my knowledge, it's the only in-field footage of Ross Jeffries showing off his skills on a woman he just met.

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Anonymous's picture

Drexel, another great article!

The part about noticing the great contrast of the white background and black text was like the ice pick that broke through my imagination. I'd love to hear more stories of this sort that can entrance you. Being a writer myself, this type of writing is amazing for sweet poetic imagery that you can taste on your tongue right next to the saliva you feel.

Here's a practice run.

The deep ocean waters were beginning to sharpen. Like the clear space between your eyes and the world- areas of little salt knives began to take up space. The water that would normally caress your bare arms, as you swam, began to claw as if it was trying to hang on a little longer. Any movement or even no movement at all due to the currents, brings about slow, slicing, deep cat scratches.

Okay so my attempt to get you to feel these cat scratches while swimming through the ocean. I took a hard approach to this I know, but any analyzation of this would be appreciated.

Drexel Scott's picture

Hey, it is absolutely AWESOME that you've decided to learn more and practice this type of languaging. I encourage you to look up some example patterns online to get more of the "rhythm," remembering to look for weasel phrases, commands, and how they're structured.

My feedback is two-fold:

1. Make sure you're trying to elicit a GOOD feeling, and
2. Remember that this is about FEELINGS. What you are trying to elicit is a very physical sensation. Unless the person is deeply hypnotized, this probably will not work. Instead, try to elicit an EMOTIONAL sensation.

Keep trying, you'll get better and better the more you practice!

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Hector Castillo's picture

If you can indulge me in my quick preamble, I want to ensure I understand this evocative technique via references to other techniques.

I see this imagination seduction as a subset of deep diving and, if suggestive enough, a good segue into compliance. If you're asking a girl about her dreams and aspirations, how much she feels that you genuinely understand and relate to her desires determines the close warmth she feels with you, thus her attraction to you. Say I employ this linguistic method when asking her something like

"Why do you continue to work in accounting if you find it boring?"

In response she reveals her true dreams; to capitalize on her confession and embellish it, I might ask her to picture herself in that dream profession and tell her to express how she'd live her life then, whereas following a less imagination focused technique I would just inspire her to follow the dream path.

Allow me to be concrete:

Imagine that you just opened a beautiful girl in a bar, got her compliance to sit down alone with you, and now, 10 minutes into an intimate discussion, you ask the same question above, and she responds

"I don't's safe and pays well..."

You - "Do you just want to live a secure life? You'll encounter less strife and adversity, but you might miss out on the chance to do something you can reflect on and smile at...listen, tell me what you would be doing right now if there were no limits."

Her - "Hmm...I'd like to open up my own beauty parlor...I know, it's silly, isn't it?"

You - "Alright, let us imagine this together. You walk into your beauty parlor. The smell, the decor, the employees, the happy customers...all of them are there because one day you decided to follow your dreams. You could choose to style someone's hair yourself, or chat with a customer while your employee takes excellent care of her, all the while you smile because you feel complete freedom - you've made it. Now, how does that sound compared to walking into your stuffy accounting firm every morning at 8 a.m.? I like the first option better, especially since I might get a free haircut ;)"

There's the deep dive and then after this, I'm curious about a more tentative application.

Let's suppose we continue our conversation and then I try the linguistic technique again, but this time to set up her thinking about us together, even more intimately than in the previous example.

Can I follow the question, "So, what do you think of me?"(I love asking this), with a "Imagine this..." but about me and her? I'm uncertain of how to approach this, but I feel like if executed properly, I could immediately follow the illustration with an invitation home or to "go for a walk" (something I also really like doing).

Okay, so obviously this comment was multi-layered. The first layer draws in visitors to read and, hopefully, you, Drexel. I incorporated the phrases "If you can indulge me," "I want to ensure" (build relation with you by showing that I want to understand your article), "Say I...", "allow me to be concrete," and "imagine.."

I hope these phrases worked like sweet PUA nectar.

As for the second-layer, the story layer, I feel like the story itself, a hypothetical field-report, relates well to the visitors to this site, as they are familiar with the conversation reports.

And in the third layer, the specific conversation with the girl, I utilized challenges "do you just want to..." as well as an inspirational phrase to lead into the imagination linguistics "you might miss out on..." For exploring her dream with her I used "let us" to solidify her and I together in this dream; I used scents (since women are more receptive to olfaction), decor (fashion), employees (her control), and happy customers (her affect on people), all because she "decided to follow her dreams" (inspiration, initiative, and a reference to my earlier suggestion that she should do something she could reflect on with joy). I juxtapose the freedom of this dream to the boring and sterile life as an accountant, and then for fun measure, I lighten the seriousness of the illustration by joking that I'd get something out of it (but also I put myself in her dreams).


Want to make her wet? I'll show you how.

Anonymous's picture

All I can say is: "this article and addition to your comment just made me feel high. Like I smoked pot or something." It's incredible what GC is coming up with these days.

Thanks guys.

Drexel Scott's picture

What would it be like to imagine yourself, 6 months or maybe a year from now, feeling completely fulfilled by the most incredible man you've ever met (self-point), looking back on today as the beginning of an incredible ride?

You've typed great stuff, and I love how you elicited her values, then utilized them in your languaging process. That is exactly how this works. Never do more work than you have to (law of least effort), so if there's something important to them, and you figure it out by asking questions, using their responses is the fastest and more effective way to move forward.

Also, helping someone imagine a successful future for themselves is, in my opinion, the single best way to motivate someone to take action towards that future.

I hope that helps!

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Bolt's picture

Great article series, my question is how to improve your vocabulary and how to paint pictures with your words. What I've done in the past was just read books and would look up the words that were unfamiliar to me. However, the way you describe things in your articles are almost poetic. I know women love this and I want to know how to quickly improve my vocabulary in a way that is almost poetic as well. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Drexel Scott's picture

Hey Bolt! That is literally exactly what I did when I was younger in order to improve my vocabulary; I never read a book without a dictionary nearby.

In order to take it to the next level, I encourage you to start paying attention to more detail. Of everything, all around you. When you train your mind to focus on smells, sights, sounds, feelings and sensations, you will begin to think of things in terms of their various parts, which will then come out in the way you speak and type!

Adverbs are highly important as well for describing things.

For example:

1. Normal way--"I have a blanket."

2. With adverbs--"I have the most incredible blanket."

3. With adverbs and sensory detail--"I have the most incredible fits my body perfectly, falling exactly where it should, with a texture that makes my skin feel completely relaxed and alive whenever it brushes past."


P.S.-- Have you heard of the "Instant Female Arousal Phrase?" It gets any girl soaking-wet and ready to BANG...even if you just met! Check it out right here:

Wes's picture

Drexel, this was so interesting to read while high. I was like: "what is this guy doing to me?!"
This is amazing what you have shown us.

Pablo's picture

Awesome article, I really was amazed that your commando effected me while reading. Can't imagine the effect of this with body language and voice tonality.

Would you give me feel back on this practice situation?

Imagine I were to see someone that is feeling sad because he/she feels stuck in his life. Would the process be like this:
I had a dream last night, if you were to listen to me I think it would help you with your problem. It was a really intense dream. Imagine walking through a forest, leave falling slowly from the trees. When you look at the trees you notice that it's full of birds, all just sitting there. "Even though they could fly any where in the world they choose to just sit there on a stupid tree" I was thinking in my dream. Then I suddenly woke up and asked myself the same thing.

Just wrote this real quick but what do you think? In the beginning I tried to tap into the persons imagination and then I wanted to inspire them to travel the world. To let them realise they are the birds.

Really nice article and thanks!


Ryan's picture

So this stuff actually works?

If women are masters at this aren't they going to know what you are doing?

As a guy it's difficult for me to think this actually works. I think this only works when someone is submissive to you.

Where did you learn this stuff? Do you have any recommended books/resources you're willing to share?

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