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Sexual Awakening: How to Have Her Doing Almost Anything in Bed

sexual awakeningPeaceInHeart, a reader of GC, writes in with a question about a girl he is sleeping with who is fairly restricted in her sexual expression:

I want to know is there any way to open up her nasty side or change her attitude?

How can I help her to open up?

It's a pretty common problem to have when you start a sexual relationship with a girl; you're not sure how to push things in the direction of the sexual behaviours that you prefer.

Whether your preference is for missionary only, outdoor-sex or bondage, getting a girl on the same page as you sexually is something that many guys find confounding, yet mighty rewarding to pull off.

The benefits of a healthy sexual relationship can reach far further than sexual satisfaction itself. Being in a solid sexual relationship tends to permeate the whole relationship and tincture it with a positive and understanding energy.

It's not without it's downsides (depending on what you want) - a sexually awakened girl is also a sexually curious girl, and that can sometimes mean curious about things outside your relationship, too.

However, if you're doing things right, and your girl isn't a completely sex crazy maniac with a through-the-roof libido, a sexual awakening is very worth achieving, and a very good thing for both of you.

Assuming you're here because you want to learn how to kick off your girl's awakening, follow the tips in this article and you'll be on your way to one sexually fulfilling relationship.

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Andreas's picture

Hey Peter, great article!

I completely agree with the whole M/W complex with women, and that it is such a shame that women aren't "allowed" by society to flourish as the beautiful and sexual creatures that they are...

Once you have a sexual relationship with a woman and you want to try something new or experiment, I think it all comes down to trust, respect and having an open mind, which also fits in perfectly with your article.

When you get your girl to talk about her previous sexual encounters, it is extremely important not to feel jealous! If you feel jealous, sit with the feeling and you will soon be over it...

One thing though! If your girl starts to experiment outside your relationship, then that should be considered a good thing (depending on the rules in your relationship). If she isn't completely satisfied from you, then she deserves to seek that fulfillment elsewhere... AND SO DO YOU :)

I really enjoyed this article, thank you for sharing!


Peter Fontes's picture

Hey there Andreas,

You make some great points, particularly highlighting that you shouldn't react jealously to talk of your girl's past sexual encounters.

Thanks for the feedback mate.


Wallflower's picture

Hi Chase,

Just a question for the ladies ;) How would you get a guy to drop his M/W complex? Is it possible? What would be the strategy here?


Peter Fontes's picture

Hey there Wallflower,

I'm actually working on an article that will cover this in some way at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled for it as it will be up shortly.


Anonymous's picture

Could you do an article on social anxiety? Thanks Peter you the man!

Peter Fontes's picture

Hey mate,

Have a look at this article by Chase:

And this one by Colt, it's on approach anxiety but a lot of the concepts are applicable as approach anxiety falls under the umbrella of social anxiety:

If these don't cover what you want to know, feel free to send me another message and ask specifics.



Anonymous's picture

Hi Peter, love this! I was wondering if you could possibly write an article on how to deal with feminists? I've seen a lot of backlash towards Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (a song which actually heavily underlines a lot of what you've spoken about) and was wondering how to still give these girls a sexual awakening when they are already prepared with a string of feminist counter-arguments. Cheers

lucifer's picture

The M/W "complex" isn't just a complex born out of nowhere though.

For a guy it makes sense to try to bed as many "whores" as possible and get serious with the closest thing to a "Madonna" he can find.

Anonymous's picture

As a woman who considers herself a feminist, I was fully prepared to roll my eyes when I started reading this - but how wrong I was. EXCELLENT article, excellent advice! Spot on with the M/W complex analysis. This was actually very refreshing to read and I'm tempted to send it to a few people who could use reading it...

Minesh's picture

If you met a girl in a situation where you can't avoid and you just hit it off and keep in touch (uni work group). She was single when you met her, kept in touch despite distance (she emigrated after graduating) and now she's moving back to your country and is SINGLE, how can you become more sexual so to speak? She already admires my energy, and sees me as someone fun as well as a good person.

So I get trying to be more comfortable with sex in general in conversation and the vibe. I know this girl though. I wasn't a bestie, but how do you now start to hit on and get her to a state where she's totally comfortable talking about sex?

And can you compliment her mouth - e.g. she has a hot mouth?

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