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Chase Amante

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Last night as I walked back from a social event, dressed in a well-tailored gray suit jacket and a dark red silk button-down shirt and jeans, I passed by a new nightclub that had been open for a couple of months but that I hadn't yet visited. I'd heard from most people that it was big, and nice, but was only "good" for the first month or so. But I figured I'd check it out anyway.

I paid the entrance fee, walked around the ground floor, and saw some stairs leading up into a roped-off VIP section that encircled the downstairs from above. I liked to survey a new environment the first time I walk in, so I know all the nooks and crannies from the very beginning and have the lay of the land down before I settle in. I walked authoritatively up to the bouncers standing guard, smiled slightly at them and nodded, and they gestured for me to go up, so I did. Upstairs I found that the VIP section was effectively closed - no one had rented anything out up here, or maybe up here was not open for renting on a weeknight.

see the room

Most of the staff cleaning up up there ignored me, but I spotted one of them locked onto me with his eyes, clearly realizing I was not supposed to be there, so I ducked into one of the bathrooms to use the facilities. When I came back out, I went to do down a flight of stairs to head back, only to find a large metal sliding door shut in the way at the bottom of them. I went back upstairs and ran into a tall, stern-looking bouncer, and he gestured in another direction. I made a graceful thank you gesture, and headed down the stairs he pointed to, back to the main floor.

Downstairs, I found a spot at the back end of a bar, in a prominent position overlooking the crowded dance floor, but not crowded itself. I took that as my spot, and leaned against the bar, ordered a drink, and looked out over the crowd.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



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