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Killer Reputation Management for Your Social Circle

Chase Amante

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reputation managementRep - yuh - tey - shuh n.

It's a four syllable word that you'll live and die by in social circle. Have a good one and all I talked about in my 'How to Escalate in Social Circle' article becomes a whooole lot easier. Have a bad one and you ain't goin' nowhere.

What is reputation?

Your reputation is simply what other people think of you insofar that it's reached some level of general consensus.

It can involve the recognition of a particular characteristic or ability. e.g. 'John is clever,' 'Samuel is socially awkward,' or, 'James is good with girls.'

While it's important not to fret over having everybody like you (as Chase just talked about in 'Why It’s Bad to Want to Be Liked Too Much'), knowing how to project a certain image and influence your own reputation is helpful in all kinds of endeavours, particularly in social circle approaching.


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