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How I Went from Fat Guy to Lady Killer (with Pics to Prove It)

fat guyA miserable fat guy, invisible to women. That pretty much summed me up 9 years ago (on the left). Sure, I was a “good guy” at heart, but I lived my life from the sidelines.

I will never forget the god-awful rotten feeling I had inside when I saw a guy around my age (21 at the time) driving next to me with a cute young blonde girl in his car. “How the hell did he get that girl?” quickly turned into “What the heck is wrong with me?”.

I want to share with you my journey that took me from being that fat lonely guy, to teaching guys how to meet women for a living. Even more important, I changed myself into a man I am proud to be.

I learned a lot of insanely valuable lessons on my journey and did more things wrong than I did right. In these articles I’m going to tell you what worked and what didn’t so you can have an awesome life filled with options with hot girls.

I want you to be able to avoid the mistakes I made and capitalize on my good decisions so you can achieve your goals with women in the shortest amount of time possible, with the LEAST amount of work.

Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride...

Joe DucardAbout the Author: Joe Ducard

A good friend of Ricardus Domino, Joe dates back to the early days of pickup. He was a big name on Mystery's Lounge, one of the seminal seduction forums, and has trained countless dating students.

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Chet Benton's picture

Can't wait to listen to the rest of your story Joe. In a similar sense I feel as though I can empathize with how your mental model operated back then (either you're hot, or you're not). I'm 21, and I've been fighting myself out of that same exact irrational, asinine belief system for the better part of a decade. Yeah, it really sucks when you feel like you'll never get where you want in terms of women and relationships and when you feel like it's completely out of your control. I feel like your story has a whole LOT to offer to this community if you choose to tell it. I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say thank you for your time in sharing it.


- Chet

T's picture

"I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say thank you for your time in sharing it."
Ahmmm...... NO! Not for me. I prefer to speak for myself ;-)
But nevertheless, really good arcticle. Hope it reassures a lot of guys.

Joe Ducard's picture

Chet thank you very much for the kind words. It really means a lot to me. If you keep at it and are willing to do the work necessary, you can have the success you desire! You will like the second part of the article, it has the best strategies that I used.

Thanks again brother and keep in touch!

prettydecent's picture

Dude, looks awesome! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us, Joe.


Joe Ducard's picture

An avid reader's picture

Great article but seriously, Bill Cosby should not be quoted in here.

Joe Ducard's picture

Anaya 's picture

Joe guy's like you become an inspiration for many to live their lives to the fullest and be the best they can be.... Stories like these inspires guys to take action than to sit idle
Also I wear spectacle and I don't wish to wear contacts I have a oval face... As you have worn spectacles could you put some images of cool looking frames which makes a man look more manly

Joe Ducard's picture

thank you Anaya! Its an honor to help inspire other people.

99 times out of 100 I would always advise wearing contacts. If your face is very oval it may benefit you to work on lowering your bodyfat percentage. I am personally going to get Lasik surgery in the future.

Agent's picture

Hey Joe, superb article! I visited your site, looks really awesome!


Joe Ducard's picture

Much thanks brother!

T800's picture

lol @Quoting Bill Cosby in a Pick Up Article.

anyway...stories about what did not work are much more instructive than success-stories. great.

I feel related to your story. My personal biggest problem is that I do not really care about the female person (behind the body) I am talking to and need to fake being interested at best. There is no cure for being internally superficial and that hurts the game.

Joe Ducard's picture

Thanls man!

What are you looking for in your pursuit of women? Also are there non physical characteristics you are looking for in them? I suggest you screen women out for those characteristics and also commonalities. If you are looking to connect more.

SilverTongue's picture

First of, congrats. You took your life and 180'd it, that's admirable.

I think this post is great for anyone who needs to do a 180, but definitely serves as a wake up call to guys like myself who experienced some pretty solid success and got a little cocky with self-improvement and figured it's "alright" to have a little fat here and there - hell no!

Can't wait to read your part II.


Can't wait to h

Joe Ducard's picture

Hey ST thanks for the comment!! Congratulations on your success!

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