How to Answer “What Do You Do?”, No Matter What You Do | Girls Chase

How to Answer “What Do You Do?”, No Matter What You Do

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what do you do‘What do you do?’

Think about how many times you’ve been asked this question in one form or another...

It’s a whole lot, isn’t it?

Behind being asked your name, this is probably the most common question you hear.

Despite its frequency though, a great many people still don’t deal with this question well.

In fact, I commonly see people stumble and answer awkwardly or give such a rote/boring answer that it gives the other conversation participant nothing to move forward with.

... though, how you address this one little question can have large implications for the way people perceive you, positively or negatively, particularly in the early stages of an interaction.

What we’ll discuss here today is how to use ‘What do you do?’ to your advantage, so that you can leverage your answer to this question as a positive source of interest, intrigue, and conversation... in any interaction.


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