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Hired Gun Game: 5 Girls on the Job & How to Approach Them

A good buddy of mine who I’ve recently taken under my wing has gotten into the swing of approaching women. Last week, he found himself going shopping for some sexy, stylish clothing, when he realized that the woman behind the counter was drop-dead gorgeous. Like most men, he smiled, took his purchase, and left.

hired gun

Afterwards, he had one big question to ask me:

“How do I talk to her when she’s busy at work?”

This is a question that pops up quite frequently over at the Girls Chase forums as well. Most men take these women and assume that they are hands-off to being picked up. A woman at work simply isn’t a sex option in their minds, because they believe that she is too busy with another task. After all – she is working.

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Ross Leon is a member of the Girls Chase Forums and an occasional contributor to Girls Chase. His focus is on body building, relationships, and personal self-development.

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Malefactoou's picture


I am following your website for almost 6 months, and i am getting laid like crazy from the last 2 months. I have one issue which i am encountering now a days again and again. I set up dates, girl agrees, on the last moment she insist to bring her best friend also with her. Sometime she says her friend come to visit her after many months, sometimes she says her friend will also be in the same area, can she join us too???....I don't know what is the matter and what reply should i give to them. Few times i agreed to bring her friend also and only 1 time out of 5 we had threesome. But i don't like the idea of bringing her friend along when meeting me. Please help me i need a solution of how to avoid such situation, how to refuse her for bringing her friend, how to tell her to meet me next time when her friend is not around. I am not a native english speaker so please excuse the typo. Please help me with this matter.


Ross Leon's picture

Hey Malefactor, glad to hear you've been having a lot of success.

This situation is certainly odd. I've only had that problem a few times.

There's two things I'd recommend you start doing if you haven't already -

1) Create a Us vs. the World Vibe.

Start talking as if you two are the only ones that matter. When conversations about other opinions/people come up, reinforce the frame that you two are the only ones that 'get it'.

Doing this sets it up so you two have a closer connection and she won't feel the need to bring others on dates. It's a preemptive strategy that makes sure that the problem never surfaces.

2) Win the Frame Battle

When she does suggest that you go on a date with her friend, and you don't want to, you need to win the frame battle. Tell her no, and if she persists begin to ask her why she should bring a friend to a date. Ask as if you're an official trying to get her to explain herself, then continue to tell her no if she's not explaining something that you want.

Tippin Point's picture

Alright, so I am a long time reader of this site and it has helped me increase my efficientcy and results with women, while having a starting base of natural confidence and charisma in social settings. However, a friend of mine has challenged me to a dual, a metaphorical boxing match, in approaching and achieving success of getting phone numbers (basic rules of it not being fake/not being a 'if you leave i give you #/not a "he seems like a nice guy who could become my next 'shopping guy'". These are number closes with her thoughts being "I want to give this guy my number because he gets me and I want him in bed"

My strategy of all the tactics and techniques and wisdom on this site (me)


Put women on pedistal, buy her drinks, etc.

Winning or losing won't matter to me because I know even though I may lose the battle, I win the war (success overal in achieving results beyond this one night of competition)...however winning will show that it doesn't take the 'nice guy' route that so many of my friends/other guys think.

The setting is a very social bar, dance floor, billards, about 400 people with most my age (18-21)...I will have other friends there who will see the results, and I know first hand the success I have, but now I have to prove it. What is the game plan to achieve results and allow them to see why their thoughts on being the nice guy is harming their chances.

This isn't for individual gain, this is to allow a new mindset into the minds of alot of friends, setting of a domino affect of people who will wantto know how I achieved success, which leads them to this site.

What's my game plan. More importantly, what's our game plan, as this boxing match is for all of us.

David Riley's picture

Hey Tip,

Chase has my helping out on comments. Anyway . . .

The game plan, work on your jab (Fundamentals). Don't let them see you sweat. Tire him out and make him play your game. This is your fight. Make sure to use your foot work to your advantage (Social Circle Game). Have the mentality of already winning. Keep your guard up, (Sexy smile, style, and walk). Make sure to slip his jabs and uppercuts. (Cock blocks or disruptive men). Rock him with body shots (Seeing you with attractive girls.) Remember to fight fair and have a great sportsman like attitude. (Closing)

Stay focused,

Just Dave

ZimmerRemmiz's picture

Let me preface this with great article Ross this is definitely a topic that I had been curious about, on a related note I'm curious about the potential of attempting anything while you are the one working, I work in a craft store and there are plenty of attractive girls around, but I'm not entirely sure if I should attempt to create any sort of connection or just focus on work and ignore any potential conquests, your thoughts?...

David Riley's picture

Hey Zimmer,

When you're the one working you have to be smooth about. You don't want to be too direct or too sexual while you're at work. Although she may be flattered, her friends or whomever she's with may not be. Always remember to choose your words carefully and be suave. IF you feel her resisting, let it go. You don't want her to file a complaint and potentially have you lose your job. Keep things light and fun, keep it casually. Drop casual hints of the two of you possibly doing things when you get off work. Find out if she has a boyfriend, you can do this by asking her who's she shopping for. Women with boyfriends will normally talk about their boyfriends without being asked. Keep things appropriate and leave the sexual comments for when you're off work.

Take care,

Just Dave

lucifer's picture

Very interesting.

However that "ask to write the # at the back of the receipt" is a classical situation that most advice against: such as taking a number without any connection won't likely lead anywhere.

I wonder if the very low chance is worth the cause if you're in a shop you'll eventually go back often to.

Unless... You've had a high hit rate.. ?

David Riley's picture

Hey Lu,

There are honestly way too many pluses to getting the girls number than not getting it all. As long as you have your fundamentals tight and you're smooth it will be easy. Even if it doesn't work out between the two of you, you'll have a positive experience. Besides things are only weird if you choose to make them weird. Also, women in the store will notice how cute cashiers respond positively to you. This is an absolute plus. Women love to see you talking to other attractive women. It shows you as a attractive man.

Take care,

Just Dave

lucifer's picture

Good reply :).

Phone numbers are "easy" though and for people who've seen many many numbers leading to only wasted time... I think there's a natural tendency to start focusing on situation that you know tend to produce more reliable results.

But ja, the logic "smt is better than nothing" might also apply, though I'm personally naturally moving away from it.

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